Wednesday 13 October 2010

The Financial Scrutiny Committee

I know Brian Mahoney very well and I can say he is a true Nationalist, a great bloke, a superb activist and credit to British Nationalism in every way.

But he aint no accountant.

Having Brian Mahoney pass judgment on the BNP accounts makes as much sense as me passing judgment on the BNP accounts.

In other words, it means nothing.

To be frank I am shocked that after the treatment of Jenny Noble at the hands of Griffin, that Brian would have anything to do with Griffin - and especially to allow himself to be used by Griffin in order to bolster Griffins position by allowing himself to be roped into such a farce.

A bent set of accounts based on bent documents provided by bent BNP officers working to a bent agenda and presented to someone who is not an accountant does not equate to a clean bill of health for the party.

It equates to a rather pathetic and pitiful whitewash.

If Griffin wanted to truly satisfy the party he should have allowed John Savage, a forensic accountant, to investigate the accounts by allowing him full access to all the accounts.

But instead Griffin ropes in a couple of popular and decent BNP members, tasks them with a task they have zero suitability for and then peddles this farce as a clean bill of health for the party.

If the accounts are so correct one has to wonder why they still havent been presented to the Electoral Commission or written off by the parties own alleged 'accountant'.

To be frank you must be mugs if you believe this pantomime means the party has been operating properly.

Next week Paul Golding and another Griffinite sock puppet are given the job of studying the constitution to protect the interests of the members.

Get the picture yet ?

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