Thursday 14 October 2010

Denis McShane MP and the BNP

Yet again it appears that the corporate media are promoting Griffin to the masses, as they keep saying it was 'the BNP' who reported him to the authorities, it was Michael Barnbrook who reported him to the police.

It is worth noting that Michael Barnbrook has also issued a formal request for the police to investigate Nick Griffin.

I wonder if the media will reveal that fact !

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Anonymous said...

The media silence of the shenanigans going on in the BNP at the minute is highly suspicious to say the least.

Anonymous said...

The media role is interesting,no praise for Michael Barnbrook but Griffin-BNP reported in a different light.
Similarly I understand that Andrew Gilligan may be interested in a smear story on Richard Barnbrook but there does not appear to be such interest in an expose of J.Dowson, a far bigger fish in terms of wrong doing.
Do we know why this is?

Anonymous said...

I must admit it is a good cover for a anti nationalist mole, a bit like fido squarks and his uncovering of the little unimportant politicos and never touching on the core issues, gives them some credibility with the sheep as they wreck from within and spread disinfo.

Classic tactic, fools the morons every time.

Anonymous said...

This site is very useful for anyone who would wish to study the uses of disinformation and how government moles attack a nationalist party Sly innuendo , and continuous implanting of insidious theories. Too bad Barnes that you've now shot all your bolts, and have to resort to picking up used ones to fire again.( by the way you slipped again with that 7.5 % remark that is what Nick has been saying all along is the fee for the fund raising operation and it is about half the commercial going rate. you should have just used your past innuendo that Dowson was stealing "vast amounts", you know uncertainty works much better when you are trying to demoralize) You can be sure your columns will be kept and read and used in the future to educate people about moles and their tactics.

Defender of Liberty said...

Go away Dowson, you are a liar, a fraudster a thief and a rapist.

One day you will pay for your treason.

Remember that you vile maggot.