Sunday 31 October 2010

Tha Gween Arwow Speeks To Anadrew Bronz

If you want to have a laugh then listen to the recording of Andrew Brons MEP on the Green Arrow site ;

Here we see the BNP and its greatest supporters in all their glorious incomptence.

And as for Andrew Brons - what the hell is he doing going on a site run by Paul Morris anyway, a man who threatened to put the names and addresses of BNP members on the internet if they dared support the reform group.

The only thing gained from sitting on the fence all the time is a sore arse.

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Seegar said...

Oh goodness me.
Paul can't even turn down the tv or radio when on mike.(don't wanna miss X factor)

What an utter embarassment to mankind.

Andrew must be shaking his head in exasperation.

I'm not gloating, it's just even if I don't particularly warm to this brand of lunacy, it at least needs to be professional as far as possible.
British Freedom needs to avoid the same thing.Video/audio needs to be of a certain standard and if it falls below that standard it is destroyed and never used.
The web site is the standard to be achieved in all forms of communication in my belief.

I am a member of British Freedom, just before anyone has a go at me, so any comments are meant to be constructive.

Defender of Liberty said...

Spot on mate, 100 % agreement.

The Freedom Party must lead the way forward in internet activism and audio-visual communication via the net.

The future is internet politics,



Anonymous said...

They are calling you a plant now Lee.

Defender of Liberty said...

Crikey, thats progress compared to their usual ' hes a red'.

I do hope its a nice plant though, like a violet.

I like them, they smell nice.

seegar said...

After this disastrous start,they did get it going and apart from people taking 10 mns to ask a simple question and the annoyance that is green sparrow's voice (like a big girl), Andrew came across very well and spoke brilliantly.
He has a voice that you CAN listen to. In saying that,I switched off mid way through part two because the questions were a bit crap really.

Yeah,violets are nice.