Friday 22 October 2010

A question for the Butlerites

The latest party organisers bulletin states that anyone associated with the reform group, anyone visiting the reform group website and anyone contacting anyone linked with the reform group vill be expelled JA !

So then chaps - how are you gonna take back the BNP when ;

1) Eddie is expelled

2) anyone talking to you will be expelled

3) you cannot communicate with your supporters as they vill be expelled

You cant can you.

I am beginning to think that Eddies whole 'strategy' is based simply on him keeping his job in the EU - as by supporting a new party that would be grounds for his sacking from his job.

So - are you going to keep hanging on for change - when nothing can and will change ?

And will Nick now expel Andrew Brons for keeping Eddy Butler employed ?

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Anonymous said...

No pleasure in saying this, but Eddie your beginning to come across as a hypocrite.

You can not stay in the party if Griffin is at the helm, cut the bull and stop trying to excuse yourself and be a mna of honour. Don't be a Griffin, you are better than him.

bonkers said...

Eddie's ego 'I am the golden child of nationalism' is insufferable, even if it were deserved he will surely put off good minds for the future with his arrogance, when it comes to attracting the middle class.I hope he stays in reform.