Tuesday 26 October 2010

EDL Rally for Israel

Well done to the EDL for their latest rally supporting Israel in London at the weekend.

For far too long the anti-semites in Nationalism have attacked Israel as a way of attacking Jews.

The simple fact is that Israel is not the enemy of British Nationalism.

Israel is a country.

The enemies of British Nationalism are those Zionists, of all races and religions, who put the interests of their racist, imperialist, fascist ideology before the interests of Israel, Britain and the British people.

The problem is that many Nationalists are either too thick or too brainwashed with anti-semitism to understand that being a Zionist does not equate to being either Jewish or with Israel.

The most dangerous and psychotic zionists in the world are not Israeli's they are Americans - and they are mainly the born again Christian fundamentalist lunatics who dominate the Republican Party.

Both George Bush and Tony Blair are Zionists and they started the wars we are fighting.

Zionism is not just a political project for Jewish lunatics, it is a fundamentalist Christian, left wing and right wing political project for lunatics all across the world for many reasons - and who are primarily not even Jewish.

Israel is a nation state and as nationalists we support the right of all peoples on the planet to national self determination - from Israel, to Palestine to Iran.

What we do not support are insane Zionists and Islamists that think they have the right to rule the world or the Middle East for the benefit of their own warped and perverted ideologies.

We as British Nationalists should support all Israeli Nationalists and resist all Zionists and Islamists.

I am sure that in the EDL there are some who do not understand the difference between Zionism and Israeli Nationalism, but then again there are far more in the nationalist movement who also do not understand the difference as well.

Our aim is to educate people that supporting Zionism is to undermine the very basis of Israel and Israeli Nationalism, as Zionism is not a nationalist ideology - it is an imperialist, expansionist and racist political ideology more akin to Nazism than Nationalism.

Zionists, Islamists and Nazis are all variants of anti-nationalist, racist and globalist ideologies.

The irony being of course that the Zionists, being Nazis politically and active Nazi collaborators during the Second World War, have far more in common with the Nazis on sites like Stormfront than they have with any nationalists.

The Zionists and Nazis are mirror images of each other.

Israeli Nationalists are those who want to see an Israel that integrates all its citizens, that fights Islamist and Zionist extremism, that stays within its own borders and takes care of all its people.

Thats why we must support Israel and Israeli Nationalists and resist both Zionism and Islamism.

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Andraste said...

Video: Rabbi Nachum Shifren at EDL Demo in London

Andraste said...

EDL to protest at towns that ban the word "Christmas" - click here

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Lee ive been banging my head for ages about the difference between the israeli's and the zionists.There are too many so called keyboard nationalists out there calling the EDL state and zionist operatives and why ? Because the EDL is doing something and is out of the streets and picking up massive support and not sitting in a back street boozer where the most important event of of the evening is the collection bucket.

As one former active BNP member said to me the other week after his first ever EDL rally in Leicester " This one day has been far better and more prouctive than the ten years i pounded the streets for the BNP "