Tuesday 12 October 2010

You Know The Liberals Are Desperate

... when they say that the IQ gap between the West and Developing Nations is due to disease.

One problem with this thesis - the Africans in Africa have the same IQ as Africans born and raised, and who have not been infected with diseases, in the West.

Note that Africans are not African Americans, most of whom have some white ancestry and hence have far higher IQ's than other 'blacks'such as in Africa.

It is simply a fact that Africans are below whites in the IQ level, whilst both Jews and Orientals are usually rated as more intelligent than whites.

This truly pathetic liberal rubbish.

You know they are desperate when they peddle this rubbish to the gullible masses.


Global differences in intelligence is a sensitive topic, long fraught with controversy and still tinged by the disgraceful taint of pseudosciences such as craniometry that strove to prove the white “race” as the most clever of them all. But recent data, perplexingly, has indeed shown cognitive ability to be higher in some countries than in others. What’s more, IQ scores have risen as nations develop—a phenomenon known as the “Flynn effect.” Many causes have been proposed for both the intelligence gap and the Flynn effect, including education, income, and even nonagricultural labor. Now, a new study from researchers at the University of New Mexico offers another intriguing theory: intelligence may be linked to infectious-disease rates.

The Idea

The brain, say author Christopher Eppig and his colleagues, is the “most costly organ in the human body.” Brainpower gobbles up close to 90 percent of a newborn’s energy. It stands to reason, then, that if something interferes with energy intake while the brain is growing, the impact could be serious and longlasting. And for vast swaths of the globe, the biggest threat to a child’s body—and hence brain—is parasitic infection. These illnesses threaten brain development in several ways. They can directly attack live tissue, which the body must then strain to replace. They can invade the digestive tract and block nutritional uptake. They can hijack the body’s cells for their own reproduction. And then there’s the energy diverted to the immune system to fight the infection. Out of all the parasites, the diarrheal ones may be the gravest threat—they can prevent the body from getting any nutrients at all.

The Evidence

Using data on national “disease burdens” (life years lost due to infectious diseases) and average intelligence scores, the authors found a striking inverse correlation—around 67 percent. The countries with the lowest average IQ scores—Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Mozambique, Gabon—have among the highest disease burdens. In contrast, nations with low disease burdens top the IQ list, with Singapore, South Korea, China, Japan, and Italy in the lead.

The study controlled for other potential causes of the IQ gap, such as the aforementioned education, agricultural labor, and income levels, as well as climate (colder lands tend to have higher IQ scores, and some theorists have proposed that lower temperatures may evolutionarily select for higher intelligence) and distance from humanity’s African cradle, which is the notion that unfamiliar lands might have forced migrating humans to become smarter. However, with the exception of this last theory—which has in any case been challenged—it turns out that “infectious disease remains the most powerful predictor of average national IQ.” The study’s findings may also help explain the Flynn effect, which can’t be accounted for by evolution (the IQ gains occur over time spans too short for natural selection). So what’s going on instead? As nations develop, they improve their population’s access to safe drinking water and to vaccines and medicine—all of which lower parasitic infection rates.

The Conclusion

If the study holds up, it could be revolutionary for our understanding of the still-bewildering variation in national intelligence scores—and also a pressing injunction to continue the fight against malaria and other developing-world diseases, which some global-health watchers have recently declared unbeatable.

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Anonymous said...

from many sources i have seen intelligence appears to be a virtual colour scale, with whites and orientals too close to separate while the rest going from the charts is a clear scale of great divide and even from statements made by DNA experts underline this as the case, this appears to be why in most if not all countries where there is race mixing and many races we see the higher classes to the lower classes perform this colour scale, from brasil to india to any other counbtry likewise.

while we can talk about the greatness of physical charicturistics of certain groups it is taboo to talk of failings that are broadly incompatible and lead to poverty and resentment (immigration being a form of abuse of immigrant groups given the realities and the discontent, in short the marxists have not set up a multi ethnic paridise but a neo marxist experiment that fails its victims whom they claim to be helping, it fails everyone and as the rug and methodone of welfare is pulled from the experimented upon groups the victims of the marxists and liberal goons the reality hits home, but only after enough have been imported to fragment the nation enough so it no longer represents a cohesive nation but a multitude of separation and discontent) and in this way the issues get papered over, all in a claim to end rascism, what the liberals are actually creating is a caste system which will be far more rascist and destructive than the system of homelands and separation.

It is the welfare state that has proped the system up artificially and even then it falls flat on its face.

once the welfare system is stripped away there will be no room for bullshit and the caste system will impliment itself along with initially false claims of oppression.

such is nature and such is the liberals always trying to deny nature and then having it all go to shit.

the only other way round it is a system which drops everyone to the bottom class other than the globalist elites, in a totalitarian communist/fascist (not marist) style of world wide gulag prison camp.

How the liberal elite claim to be intellectuals when the evidence is plain to see whenever it have been tried as an experiment, the do gooders were duped buy the elites to sell their children into the slavery system of disposession and borderless cultureless fragmented (the end goal) states.


and they call us evil and racist, we are the real multiculturalists and the real anti racists and anti fascists.

the goons of the left and the liberal fools are the real racists and fascists, total knuckle dragging brainwashed sheep, the same type of sheep that blindly followed Hitler.

When will the penny drop? when the BBC tells them? or when their children are suffering, even then they will not see what they have done!

Anonymous said...

What is being ignored deliberately is how warmer climates discourages frontal and neo cortex development and cold climates encourage it. The outer layers of the brain use the most calories of any region of the brain and the inner , older layers the most. Even the cortex can be understood in this way.

The outer regions and frontal regions of the brain are active at a higher frequency than that innner regions. There is a good book on brain electric activity called "Spikes", that does discuss the difference in oscillation firing of different brain regions, but it does not go into racial differences. In hot climates the outer, greater heat prodicing regions, of the brain are a liability since at temps greater than 106F neurons denature severely. As a resuly it is an evolutionary advantage in hot climates to have less active neo cortex, so that inner areas can dissipate heat without hitting a thermal wall at the outside and thereby denaturing the neurons themselves. Those outer layesr of the cortex, called the neo -cortex, which can be 6 or 7 layers in Europeans, though may be as few as 4 in Africans, are also the newest and therefore highest evolved levels of cotical activity. In addition to mitigating impulses from deeper , more instinctual regions, executive and abstract though causes these areas to be very active.

It is also the case that frontal regions of the cortex are more developed in Europeans and that is even obvious from skull morphology. Some may balk at using skull morphiology to determine such things and it is not a 100% determinant, but they have no problem at all in doing just that in physical anthropology of hominds pre H S sapiens, in other words you can be honest about the ones that are that old. Regardless, the brains of Europeans have much larger and more active frontal cotexes than those of Africans or others from tropical environments. It has to do with heat and the inability neurons to withstand severely hot temps. The newest areas of the brain are favored in cold climates over hot ones.