Friday 15 October 2010

Culture - and why it matters

There has always been a major flaw in the ideology of the BNP, that is never discussed.

This concerns the integration of naturalised British citizens into the majority British culture in order to ensure they end their traditional cultural norms that they brought with them into Britain.

One such example of this is a high birth rate amongst immigrants families compared with the low birth rates of indigenous families.

It is grossly unfair to expect indigenous families to subsidise the large families of immigrant colonists who come to this country, who refuse to integrate, who impose their culture on the rest of society and expect us to pay for it.

Whilst the Tory press howls about the tiny number of indigenous families with large families, they say nothing about the vast numbers of unintegrated immigrant families with vast broods paid for by the tax payer.

At the same time as we end immigration and deport the illegals and criminals we must also act to demand integration into British culture for all immigrants in the UK, and if they refuse they must be deported.

This is because in order to defuse the demographic timebomb whereby we become a minority in our country in less than a century, we must not just end immigration we must reduce the birthrate of immigrants in the UK

And the ONLY way to do this is to demand they adopt the same low birth rate culture of the British people.

Only when they adopt our culture, will they abandon their traditional cultures of high birth rates.

This is the issue the BNP cannot face.

The BNP stand for a perverse type of multi-culturalism whereby the immigrants allowed to live in the country will be left as they are, whilst the interests of the indigenous people are promoted.

Apart from forcible sterilisation of immigrants, this means they will never be forced to integrate into British culture - and as our birth rates remain low, their will remain high thereby causing another demographic future 'bulge'.

Therefore you need a twin track approach - ending mass immigration and deporting illegals and criminals at the same time as demanding immigrants abandon their own cultures and adopt British culture.

Failure to do this means the demographic time bomb cannot be defused.

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