Sunday 24 October 2010

King Rat and his gopher flee sinking BNP ship

It appears that Dowson and his gopher Paul Golding have both quit the BNP.

That means the BNP is now down another councillor.

Thats two in a week.

It appears that a falling out has occurred between King Rat Dowson and Golding on one side and Pat Harrington and the Walker brothers on the other side.

Harrington Being an old hand at nationalist inner circle plots, it was obvious what side would win eventually.

But that doesnt mean Dowson is gone.

Oh no no - King Rat Dowson and Griffin are the only ones who know where the money is, so expect Dowson to remain on the fringes doing as Griffin demands as Dowson is Griffins Gollum, guarding the gold for him.

But so what if Dowson and Golding have gone.

They are a symptom of the real problem, and that problem is Griffin.

The biggest idiot of all is the idiot who keeps appointing idiots into their positions in the party.

Until Griffin goes, then nothing changes.

Everyone is expendable according to Griffin - except himself.

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