Friday 22 October 2010

Dear Denise

Dear Denise Garside,

Though peddling lies to yourself and your fellow troglodytes on the Lancaster Unity forum is par for the course, please would you change your article attacking the British Freedom Party on just one issue - the party is CULTURAL NATIONALIST not civic nationalist.

If you do not know the difference, which I am sure you do not, then try and read a book or two on politics and it will enlighten you.

Its also good to know that Lancaster Unity think the Union Jack is akin to the swastika.

We will use that in our propaganda in future to reveal the true nature of your website, if any anywhere on the planet may even be faintly interested in your ramblings - which to be frank they are not unless they are a fellow trotskyite or Thatcherite troglodyte such as yourself.

Ta darling.

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