Thursday 14 October 2010

The British Freedom Party

No doubt many people will now be aware that a new party has been formed, The British Freedom Party.

Over the next few days I will be posting articles on the new party explaining our ideological and political position.

The first relates to our stance on Cultural Nationalism.

Most nationalists are aware of the three traditional strands of Nationalism - Civic Nationalism, Racial Nationalism and Ethno-nationalism.

We reject all of these ideologies as the model for a populist, mainstream political party and movement in favour the ideology of Cultural Nationalism.

The primary aim of any new British Nationalist political party is to promote an inclusive and integrationist British Cultural Nationalism, at the same time as empowering a new form and consciousness of Cultural and Folk Nationalism in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland which replaces the civil nationalist political parties presently in power in those regions of Great Britain.

British Cultural Nationalism stands for an Integrationist ideology which opposes Multi-culturalism, mass immigration and colonisation.

We do not stand for Assimilation, where the aim is to blend all the racial groups in the nation into one homogenous whole as to do would destroy the internal ethnic and cultural diversity of our nation.

We aim to allow English Cultural and Ethnic Nationalists, and all other indigenous British ethnic and cultural communities, the legal and social space in our society to organise their own community structures.

Only via a Cultural Nationalist government can the English Revolution take place.

At present Scotland and Wales have civic nationalist parties in power or in parliament, or parties who are seeking to establish an English Parliament, and not single one of these Parliaments or parties operates according to a Cultural Nationalist position.

In fact in England, Wales and Scotland any Cultural Nationalist parties or Nationalist parties that seek to promote the interests of the indigenous folk and cultures of those nations and also their own indigenous ethnic groups, are regarded as ’extremist’ and ’racist’ by the political and media elite.

This is absurd.

The indigenous English in England, the indigenous Welsh in Wales and the indigenous Scots in Scotland have the inalienable right, and duty, to organise and have political representation within their own nations.

So too the Anglo-Irish community in Northern Ireland.

Yet in the present polis, the very concept of Culturally Nationalist and Ethno-Nationalist political parties even participating in the democratic political process is regarded as almost of an equivalence to racism or Nazism.

This is due to the pollution of the contemporary political environment by the toxin of Cultural Marxism.

The triumph of Cultural Marxism is that it managed to subvert the moral and political foundations of nationalism in the West, ironically enough at the exact same time as the gulags and death camps of the Marxist Dialectic were busy slaughtering tens of millions of people in Eastern Europe and around the world who dared defy its dictates.

Using the Orwellian methodologies of ;

a) Gramscianism to undertake a ‘cultural struggle’ that infiltrated and subverted the institutions of the church, media, academia, judiciary and politics within British society,

b) The psychological terrorism of the Frankfurt School to wage war upon the social and communal cohesion of the West,

c) The imposition of the ‘Marxist Terrorism of the Word’ via political correctness in order to silence free speech

d) And the mechanism of mass immigration to dilute ethno-nationalism.

Through these mechanisms Cultural Marxism managed to transform the ’image’ of Nationalism amongst the masses from something sublime and noble into something sinister and untrustworthy.

Whilst the Marxists lost the economic, ideological and military struggles of the 20th Century against global capitalism, they managed to win the ‘perceptual’ war amongst the masses of the West.

With this victory they ‘delegitimised’ the concepts of British Nationalism, Cultural Nationalism, racial nationalism and Ethno-Nationalism.

Marxism then infected the mainstream and morphed into repressive state liberalism, welfare capitalism and political correctness, which in turn became more repressive, violent and militaristic, culminating in the creation of the totalitarian surveillance state.

As the sovereignty of our country was subverted by globalist supra-national institutions and corporations, at the exact same time the British constitution, and our ancestral rights and liberties, were being removed and repressed by our own politicians.

We were simultaneously betrayed and disarmed.

Now the time has come to take up arms again and wage a new nationalist cultural struggle to take back our country, our nations, our cultures and our liberty.

We the people, will it.

Therefore British Nationalists, Cultural Nationalists and Ethno-Nationalists must initiate a counter revolution of Cultural Nationalism.

This requires the promotion and formation of an integrated British Cultural Nationalist, indigenous Cultural Nationalist and Ethno-Nationalist political party.

The fact that The Scottish Nationalist Party for instance is a civic nationalist party, that regards anyone who enters the borders as ’Scottish’ and seeks to promote multi-culturalism, as opposed to indigenous solely Scottish culture, is a disgrace.

Not only are the indigenous Scottish people being displaced as the demographic majority in their own country by immigration from all nations of the world, at the same time their own government is promoting the ideology of multi-culturalism - which is simply the mechanism of colonisation and the displacement and replacement of the indigenous Scottish people.

When Scottish Nationalists vote for the SNP, they are in fact voting for the destruction of their own indigenous Scottish culture, the ethnic cleansing of their own kin by mass immigration and colonisation via multi-culturalism.

The SNP is not a ‘nationalist’ party, it is a GLOBALIST party, a political party that postures as being nationalist in order to delude people into voting for it, whilst at the same time it actively assists the national destruction of Scotland and the betrayal of the indigenous Scottish people.

As for the idea that there can ever be such a thing as ‘Scottish Independence‘, that sort of Nationalism is as idiotic as the idea that the swastika flag should replace the Union Jack and National Socialism should replace Democracy.

Anyone whose idea of Scottish Nationalism involves a border post being erected on the English and Scottish border patrolled by kilted Scottish border police who refuse the Sassenachs entrance to Scottish national territory should be sectioned.

That also applies to Welsh Nationalists who ‘think’ the same.

The idea of Scottish and Welsh Independence is for delusional nutters.

As for the idea of Scottish Independence under a civic nationalist party like the SNP, then that is simply insanity.

The SNP are not a cultural nationalist party, they are not an ethno-nationalist party and they support mass immigration, political correctness and multi-culturalism.

If the SNP ever managed to gain a mandate for Scottish Independence, then they would destroy Scotland, the Scottish people and Scottish culture forever.

Only a fool or a traitor votes for the SNP or the Welsh Nationalists.

The SNP and the Welsh Nationalists are not ‘nationalist’ parties, at all, they are merely peddled as ‘nationalists’ by the corporate media and their ranks are filled with liberals whose loyalty is to Cultural Marxism, not the people and culture of their nations.

In order to defeat the pernicious effects of Cultural Marxism, we must empower its antidote which is Cultural Nationalism.

Any new political party of British Cultural Nationalism and indigenous Ethno-communalism, must stand candidates as British Cultural Nationalists in elections in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

We must stand for a new mythos of Britishness, a fusion of cultural nationalism and ethno-nationalism that seeks to integrate all legitimate British citizens into our British culture and that also allows individuals the right to form communities and bodies that organise around their indigenous Folk Cultures.

In England the real English Nationalists will then vote for the British Cultural Nationalist party simply as the party programme includes a pledge to create an English Parliament and to pass legislation to enable English cultural and ethno-communal structures and organisations to be established in England.

The aim of the new nationalist party candidates in this British Cultural Nationalism party who stand in elections in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is to undermine the civic nationalist parties and create a new Cultural and Ethno-nationalist political power bases in those nations.

Thereby we co-ordinate the re-nationalisation process at both the level of the individual nations state and the British State.

In Northern Ireland the aim of the candidates will be to unify the Anglo-Irish community around defending Northern Irish culture and the Northern Irish people as an cultural and ethnic group, instead of perpetuating division based on political and communal sectarianism.

The division of Northern Ireland into various Loyalist feuding factions has ensured they are unable to defend their communal interests both from the traitors in the Westminster Parliaments and from the Cultural Marxist ‘Irish nationalist’ political parties like Sinn Fein.

Whilst the loyalists have splintered into ever smaller factions, who then waged war against themselves and stood against each other in elections and split the loyalist vote, the Cultural Marxist Irish Nationalists like Sinn Fein ( who are not nationalists at all ) have grown into a real political threat to the loyalist community in Northern Ireland.

Unless a new British Cultural Nationalist political party arises that unifies the entire loyalist community in Northern Ireland then loyalist culture, the loyalist ethnic community and the very existence of the Northern Irish state is at risk.

A similar political party that seeks to create a new nationalist movement in Southern Ireland and that works to promote indigenous Irish culture and the rights of the indigenous Irish people, that seeks to end sectarianism, that opposes mass immigration, that rejects multi-culturalism and that promotes the interests of the indigenous Irish people and Irish culture would also be a welcome antidote to the poisonous pseudo-nationalism of Sinn Fein.

Only a true nationalist party that seeks to integrate the fundamental forces of British Cultural Nationalism, Cultural Nationalism and Ethno-nationalism all across the United Kingdom into a cohesive and dynamic whole, can create the new political order that our country, nations, cultures and peoples, demand and deserve.

In order to resist the onslaught of the juggernaut of Globalism, each of these fundamental forces of Nationalism must merge to forge a political movement and a political party designed specifically to wrest power from the fools, traitors and crooks that presently misrule us and our country.

Below are some of the Political Objects of the new party. There have been a few slight revisions, but this gives you an idea of where we stand ;

The British Freedom Party when in power will introduce laws directly empowering the British Constitution and establishing as an absolute the right of all British people to effective freedom of speech, assembly and worship. The undemocratic power of the corporate media and other vested interest groups will be curbed by the introduction of a statutory right of reply and tougher penalties for corruption in public affairs. The media will be prohibited from promoting individual political parties and individual candidates, or attacking political parties and individual candidates, during election times.

We aim to create a devolved, democratic system of regional government in which political decisions are made by ordinary citizens at the most local level of government possible.

We support the establishment of an English Parliament.

We are pledged to extend and rejuvenate democratic government by means of electronic media and Citizens’ Initiative referenda, and by returning to Parliament the powers that have been appropriated by the EU, supra-national bodies and globalist institutions, to take democratic control of the British economy, British nation state and Parliament.

We will pass laws that will require the consent of the majority of British citizens via a national referendum before the government may annul, remove or abridge any rights or liberties established in the British Constitution.

We will establish Citizenship Courts to hear legal cases relating to the status of Naturalised citizens who have been convicted of serious crimes, terrorism or any other areas of legal competence as directed by any British Freedom Party government. Naturalised citizens convicted of serious crimes will have their citizenship status revoked.

To require that all British Citizens must be able to speak English in order to allow them to integrate into the British National Community. Failure to speak English may be regarded by a Citizenship Court as grounds for removal of British naturalised citizenship status.

To end all immigration and economic migration and reverse the colonisation of Britain under multi-culturalism and political correctness by deporting all those given naturalised citizenship status who have not fully integrated into British society. Such a decision will be made by a Citizenship Court.

To promote the rights of British workers above foreign workers. All vacancies for all British jobs must be prioritised for British citizens. No British jobs may be offered to any non-British citizen without first being offered, advertised and refused by any and all suitably qualified British citizens that may wish to apply for the job.

The British Freedom Party stand for a society based solely on the principle of meritocracy and we will ban all forms of class discrimination, political correctness, affirmative action plans and positive discrimination plans. Employment Law will be predicated solely on the legal basis that the best qualified British citizen must get the job regardless of any other factors. Those who fail to appoint the best qualified candidate for any employment position will be liable for legal actions in an Employment Tribunal.

We will abolish student fees for students in higher education. The educational system of Britain will be changed to promote British culture, British history and identity, integration into British society, to create skilled workers who will be employed in British industries essential for the rejuvenation of the British national economy and to promote the British Constitution and our ancestral rights and liberties.

We will pass laws to prohibit all illegal immigrants, failed asylum seekers, illegal entrants, health tourists and other illegal residents within the United Kingdom accessing the National Health Service, educational opportunities, council property, welfare benefits or any other benefits either from the state or private bodies in receipt of state funds. Those that assist those classified as ‘Illegal Entrants or Residents’ from accessing any public services will be guilty of a criminal offence and liable to a period of imprisonment to be imposed by a court of law.

To end the British state funding of all legal, state, private or charitable organisations that fund the legal appeals or offer legal assistance that assists, or seeks to assist, those illegally resident within the United Kingdom.

To end the British state funding, council funding or registered legal or charitable status of all organisations that are deemed by the British Freedom Party government to be promoting objects that contradict our policies of national integration.

To end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to repatriate British Armed Services back to the United Kingdom in order to ensure the national security interests of Britain are protected from all internal and external terrorist threats. The British Freedom Party stands for a policy of armed neutrality in international affairs. We are pledged to ensure that the lives of British servicemen are not risked in international quarrels in which no national interest of our own is at stake.

To secure the borders and national security of Britain with the assistance of the British Armed Services.

To remove from Britain by all lawful means all foreign criminals, illegal immigrants, economically inactive migrants, bogus asylum seekers, visa over stayers and other illegal entrants and unlawful residents within the United Kingdom regardless of their race, religion, nationality, sexuality, colour or any other factors.

To derogate from or annul all laws, either national or international, that prohibit or prevent the British government from protecting its national borders and which prevent the United Kingdom regulating who may, or may not, enter and reside within our sovereign territory.

To derogate from all international treaties on offering asylum to foreign citizens.

To remove British citizenship from any naturalised British citizens who have committed any serious criminal offence or offences after being granted naturalised citizenship status in the United Kingdom or who had been found guilty in any recognised court of law of criminal offences that had not been disclosed prior to being granted naturalised citizenship status. Such cases will be heard by a Citizenship Court.

To require all British citizens with Dual Nationality status over the age of eighteen to swear an oath of loyalty to Britain, the British Constitution and the British people. Refusal to do this will trigger removal of British citizenship status by a Citizenship Court.

To restore the death penalty for convicted terrorists, those convicted of assisting, funding or attempting terrorism within the United Kingdom, convicted paedophile rapists, those convicted of multiple serious sexual offences, convicted producers and suppliers of child pornography, those convicted of First Degree Murder, those convicted of treason, convicted Class A drugs importers and those convicted of dealing or supplying Class A drugs.

To abolish the Equality and Human Rights Commission and all other politically correct emanations of the Servile State that promote and enforce political correctness or Multi-culturalism. We will scrap the Equality Acts and all other legislation that imposes political correctness and that empowers the Servile State.

To end the Servile State enforced principle of Multi-culturalism and to promote full integration of all British citizens into British culture.

To ban all manifestations of religious, legal, political, social and cultural separatism within the United Kingdom.

We will ban all manifestations of Sharia Law and all other separatist legal or religious courts, either formally structured or used informally, within the territory of the United Kingdom.

We will ban the burkha and other outward manifestations of Multi-culturalism which we regard as manifestations of political and social separatism within the United Kingdom.

We will enact laws to prohibit the building of any more mosques or other religious buildings funded directly by foreign nations or funded by foreign capital transferred from abroad into the United Kingdom. Mosques or other religious facilities that have been built in the United Kingdom with money from nation states or private donors from abroad without a majority vote of the local population agreeing to such a facility by a referendum prior to it being built, may be closed down if a majority of the local population agree to such a proposal which is introduced by a local referendum.

We will ban all cruel forms of animal slaughter in the United kingdom. Such products may only be imported into the United Kingdom only by certified importers. All such costs of certification and compliance will be borne by the producers of such products before being allowed to import such products into the United Kingdom.

We will work to maintain a private-enterprise economy that operates within the broad framework of a British national economic policy that is designed to benefit British businesses, British workers, British consumers and the British economy.

We support the National Health Service and the Welfare State. We stand for a society that offers all our citizens a decent living standard and income. Unemployed British workers, the elderly and the disabled have been betrayed by the globalisation of our national economy. Cheap imported foreign labour take British jobs, throw British workers into unemployment and undercut wages and working conditions. Those who run British companies that employ illegal foreign workers will be prosecuted and imprisoned. Those corporations who have profited from illegal labour, off shoring or the inshoring of foreign workers will be fined and the money obtained used to provide funds for British workers to establish their own small businesses

We oppose international monopoly capitalism and international socialism. We oppose globalisation and its laissez-faire free trade, and its associated demands for global free movement of workers, plant, goods and capital, which regard British workers and British industry as mere economic units to be used solely to maximise corporate profits in the global economy. We believe that our national, social, environmental and community stability and contentment is best achieved by the many enjoying a personal stake in our society. Accordingly, we believe that private property and wealth should be encouraged and spread to as many individual members of our nation as possible. We recognise that the government, the state and finance exists to serve the interests of the nation, British citizens and British industries, rather than the other way around.

The British Freedom Party is opposed to Cultural Marxism, Marxist Liberalism, Socialist Internationalism, Multi-Culturalism, political correctness and liberal-capitalist Globalism, which undermine our British national culture and our standard of living, human and ecological welfare, freedom and national identity.

The British Freedom Party supports a Productive Economy based on the ideal of a Producer Society, where the productive classes within the United Kingdom of the British Workers, the British Business community and the British Entrepreneur are actively supported by the government and unhindered by unnecessary regulation and red tape.

We will seek to establish a new Industrial Revolution within the United Kingdom based on supplying our own national needs in agricultural production, nuclear and coal energy production, Green Energy and renewable energy projects, national infra-structure renewal projects, national defence projects and other national work projects. Our aim is to achieve national self sufficiency in as many sectors of the British national economy as possible.


Red Squirrel said...

This is indeed excellent!!

spiv said...

Go to to register your interest.

John Savage - Treasurer British Freedom Party

Anonymous said...

But no place in it for Butler or any other gobshites and trouble makers.

Anonymous said...


Seegar said...


Anonymous said...

Big sigh of relief as I now have something to fight for again.

Anonymous said...

Very impressed, excellent. Lets Go.

Anonymous said...

Who is the chairman? Who's in charge?

Defender of Liberty said...

Peter Mullins is chairman.

The party is run by an Executive Council of 11 officers.

Anonymous said...

Who's running the new party?
Who is on the Executive Council?

Defender of Liberty said...
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Anonymous said...


What is the position of Jonathan Bowden, Michael and Richard Banbrook, Nick Cass, Michael Wood, etc. with regard to this new party? Are they in or out?

Defender of Liberty said...

No idea.

Ask them.

Anonymous said...

How about Mark Collett, Shelly Rose, Emma Colgate et al? And I dont think its right to have a go at Eddy Butler, I have nothing but respect for the man. Even so, I'm not convinced of the wisdom of trying to wrestle the BNP from Griffin. I look forward to recieving more information about the new party. Cygnus.

Anonymous said...

"To restore the death penalty for... convicted paedophile rapists, those convicted of multiple serious sexual offences, convicted producers and suppliers of child pornography, those convicted of First Degree Murder, those convicted of treason, convicted Class A drugs importers and those convicted of dealing or supplying Class A drugs."

NO, NO, NO!!! You cannot give the death penalty to a criminal who has NOT killed anyone! They have only harmed someone, so they deserve corporal punishment instead.
What about those who deal with guns? Guns are intended to kill people, not drugs. So you want to give the death penalty to someone who caresses a child, not someone who wacks a child with a fist? Pure hypocrisy here!

Anonymous said...

If you guys get it right (need any help let me know) you will have done what was obvious to the masses but for one reason or another escaped Mr Griffin. There are several points to note (1) global warming though tempting to dismiss is backed by the vast majority of climate scientists, this issue will grow with time and it would be devisive to play politics with this issue. (2)If the aim is to gain power becareful of the mindset capital and or corporal punishment puts forward. Inch the public along by starting for instance with crimes of gross depravity invoking corporal punishment along side penal measures. (3)To avoid the Nick Griffin syndrome the constitution must allow democratic ousting of the leader, but a fine line must be trodden between anarchy and stability. This means campaigns only permitted at certain intervals.
Any way food for thought
Chris Cambridge

Michael Wood said...

Anon @ 15 OCTOBER 2010 05:21

I can't speak for the others, but I'm in. Searchlight themselves acknowledged that there is space on the spectrum for a party such as British Freedom. A party that doesn't proscribe the Defence Leagues in a fit of jealousy.

There is a large ideological thread on the British Democracy Forum, where Lee (and to a lesser extent myself) battled it out with racial nationalist naysayers. The major sticking point for them is not policy or personnel, it's ideological.

The idea with British Freedom, is to be ahead of the curve. The thrust is the recognition that overt racial/ethno themes don't work. We have 80 years of electoral failure to back up this assertion. It's my belief that the indigenous cause needs to be taken up by a lobby group, a non-partisan group. Far less threatening because it doesn't seek power for itself, only the furtherance of a very worthy cause - preserving the ethnic integrity of the British Isles, and ensuring a national legacy for future ethnic Britons.

I would urge interested parties to read British Freedom's policies. It's probably worth remembering that most voters and party rank and file aren't ideologues, they're policy-orientated. Ideological issues, unless expressed via policy clashes, shouldn't present too big an issue.

Michael Wood