Wednesday 13 October 2010

The Bring the Boys Home - BNP SCAM EXPOSED

Do you remember when Griffin announced that the BNP would be running a 'Bring the Boys Home' campaign and I stated that it was simply an excuse for fundraising ?

Well as a result of my attacks on this disgusting and cynical attempt to make money off the back of the war, Griffin wrote an article saying that the BNP would not be fundraising as a result of the campaign.

I got the e mail below sent to me today.

Its another begging letter from Dowson asking for money to fund the campaign - so the BNP ARE USING THE CAMPAIGN TO RAISE FUNDS EXACTLY AS I SAID THEY WOULD.

This is disgusting.

The photograph used in the dowson scrounging e mail of the old soldiers in Wooton Basset is a stolen copyrighted press photograph and I expect that none of the old soldiers in the picture are either connected to the BNP or allowed their images to be used to support the scrounging campaign of the BNP.

Dowson is a disgusting rodent and Griffin an greedy opportunist.

Sent 8th October 2010.

Dear Fellow Patriot,

I wanted to share with you an interesting story from the campaign trail:

"I'm signing your petition because my best friend lost her boy out in Afghanistan in January. She's been destroyed by it, and we're all so angry because it's such a pointless waste. The Muslims are taking over this country, that's what we should be fighting against, not throwing our soldiers away trying to sort out a place that's got nothing to do with us. I'm so glad that at last someone is standing up for common sense and our boys. GET THE TRUTH OUT - AND BRING THEM HOME!"

That's what one lady who came up to me to sign our 'Bring Our Boys Home' petition in the Black Country said to me the other week. She's absolutely right. I know it, you know it, and the fantastic response to our petition stalls nationwide shows that everyone out there knows it as well.

We're on a winner with this campaign. All over the country we've been getting the best response we've ever had. Together, we're lifting our party to a new high of public sympathy - and giving many thousands of good people the chance at last to speak out in favour of our heroic soldiers and against the wicked madness of the Afghan War.

Cameron and Clegg:

BNPThese liars and con artists started and backed the illegal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was they who send our ill-equipped lads into conflicts that are nothing to do with us! Hundreds of young British soldiers are coming home in boxes or horribly mutilated and disabled, only to be told that they must rely on charity or pay out of their own pockets to watch TV in hospital!

Some of our seriously injured Boys and Girls have even suffered abuse from so-called 'British' Muslim hospital staff as they lie helpless recovering from horrific wounds inflicted by other Muslims half a world away! I AM SEETHING WITH ANGER AND I BET YOU ARE TOO!

Nine years of bloody war. £12 billion of our taxpayers' money spent. 338 (and rising) of our heroic soldiers dead. And all to make that dusty hell-hole safe for a gas pipeline to be built by Saudi Arabian and U.S. banks and oil companies, and Indian construction firms ! What a disgusting outrage and betrayal of our heroes!

Our brave soldiers have done their duty, now we must do ours. We cannot, indeed we must not, allow the corrupt politicians to use our glorious dead to promote their failed, corrupt and vile agendas. We need to expose the traitors and their lies for the entire world to see, and here's how we will do it:


With your help we will expand our immensely successful 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign, with a new wave of activism, publicity material and direct action! The impact will be truly devastating. Believe me, this will send shockwaves through the old parties and the traitors within the media.

As you know, for 4 weeks solid BNP branches nationwide were out in force in town centres as part of our 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign, and were greeted by a wildly enthusiastic public! Such was the response, our campaign teams collected over 50,000 signatures for our national petition! Yes, over 50,000 people signed up to the BNP's campaign!

This campaign, so far, has been an unparalleled success, and we must not give up on a winning formulae! With YOUR help, we can move this campaign into overdrive and achieve something truly spectacular!

How the 'Bring Our Boys Home'
campaign will run:

£5,000 - to fund the necessary software and online packages for our Communications Department to launch an ambitious campaign of online targeting of special interest groups, veterans' associations, charities, media outlets and military organisations;

£6,000 - to fund a large series of direct mail shots in the post to MPs, councillors, journalists, and other "opinion formers", with our special "Bring Our Boys Home" brochure;

£ 3,500 - to staff and finance a whirlwind tour of the United Kingdom using our own bought and paid for advertising lorry, the "Truth Truck";

£ 7,500 - to write to everyone who has already signed our petition in our target seats - especially for next year's crucial Welsh and Scottish Assembly elections and key English councils. We'll be thanking them for doing so and inviting them to local social evenings. This voter targeting will give us a head start in future elections. It's the key to building the party and winning seats.

That is why it is vital that you lend your support to the 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign. The lies about the war, both from the political elite and their cronies in the media, must be challenged, exposed and defeated. That task starts now!


That's why I implore you to send your urgent financial help to the BNP as we engage in this enormous and hugely popular offensive, the outcome of which will affect the lives of every serviceman and women, and their families, for years to come. I urge you to be generous. We cannot defend our defenders without YOUR help!

Imagine, just for a moment, the impact that this major BNP direct action and media offensive will have on this country. The amazingly supportive reception that all our activists have enjoyed on 'Bring Our Boys Home' stalls all over Britain tells me that people are ready for our message!

All this is possible if we can raise the
£22,000 to finance the campaign costs.

That is why, when you contribute to the 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign with a gift of £20, £50, £100 or even £500 or £1,000 it will spread the message of true British Nationalism and give our ignored and victimised armed forces a great lift in this battle to ensure our servicemen and women and their families are properly cared for and respected. I am ready for the fight...ARE YOU WITH ME?

I am depending on you to dig deep and make the biggest sacrifice you can. I am counting on a few special gifts but I am also depending on multiple gifts of £25, £35, £50, £100 and £200. Please send whatever you can straight away.

It's not just good politics to
Support our's our duty!

The British people are now ready for change. When you support the 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign you will be laying the foundation stone for our election campaigns. That's why it's ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you give your full and most generous support to this project right now, today if possible.

I need you to respond urgently to this letter. Nobody else is going to defend our troops - there is no 'Plan B'! It's up to us to stand shoulder to shoulder in defence of the guardians of our Nation, and I want you to stand with me in this campaign. They defended us, now we must defend them by telling their story to the public. The truth will finish Labour for a generation!

Please send your most generous gift in the next 7 days. It is really crucial to set the wheels in motion immediately.

Donate Button

Yours sincerely,
Nick Griffin
Nick Griffin, MEP
Leader, British National Party

PS: When you give to the 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign you are taking a bold stand against the disloyal, dishonourable traitors who have left our troops so vulnerable on the battlefield and utterly deserted at home.

Please don't set this letter aside, every day lost in expanding the 'Bring Our Boys Home' campaign, hampers our ability to effectively assist our soldiers by bringing their plight before the British public.

How many more mothers' sons need to die before Cameron and Clegg are shamed into supporting our troops by bringing them home?

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Anonymous said...

I did not get this email yet I am helping out with the campaign.

I will be annoyed if Dowson gets his grubby hands on the names so that he can send out beggin letters.

Red Squirrel said...

Well Lee, I have left the party altogether and I am using my time to help raise money for the Help for Heroes charity, and I feel that at last I'm doing something really useful!
I am still a Nationalist, and I'm not here to slag anyone off, I just got sick of all the shenanigans and bullshit. So I won't be joining any more political parties, just doing what I can in my own way.

Anonymous said...

There is no hole that is too low for low-lifes such as Griffin and Dowson. They are disgusting individuals. I am going to the National Front.

Anonymous said...

I'm just totally fed up with the BNP. Since getting 2 MEP's they've managed to not just go backwards, but to get wiped out at every level in a GE. To follow that up with a complete inability to conduct a professional leadership contest without resorting to the gutter and catastrophically divide the party really does take the biscuit.

EDL for me. They're the only ones who are fighting for Britain against the global jihad.

Will still visit here regularly of course. Keep fighting the good fight Lee.



Anonymous said...

Had the Get Our Troops Out campaign simply been about collecting verifiable signatures to present as a petition to Her Majesty I would have actively supported it .
However this begging email and the latest Organisers Bulletin make it clear that this data will form the basis of finding unwitting fodder for the next round of fundraising activity, necessary for Dowson/Griffin having rid themselves of those members who ask questions.
To seek illgotten gains out of the suffering of our servicemen and women proves Dowson is possibly about as low as it gets.

Anonymous said...

EDL for me. They're the only ones who are fighting for Britain against the global jihad.

Same here Chris unlike the BNP the EDL doesnt cost you a penny to join and is run by proper nationalists who really do care about our country and not there to make a few quid in the process.The only money appeal the EDL has made to date was for the two lads arrested for the rooftop demo in Dudley and this was to pay for top lawyers.No wonder griffin and the top table of the BNP despise the EDL as its taking a lot of members and members = cash.