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Cameron urged to get a grip on immigration

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October 23rd, 2010 by Martin Fellowes

Tory MP Nick Boles, a member of PM David Cameron’s ‘Notting Hill Set’, has advised the PM that he needs to either control immigration or face the social breakdown of the country.

A media-based opinion poll revealed that more than 50 per cent consider unchecked immigration the UK’s main problem after the economy. Boles, founder of the Policy Exchange think tank,is calling for robust measures to lessen the flow of migrants entering the UK. New and tougher policies, he said, would cut the influx of migrants and help unite the country.

Measures suggested include axing translation services to save million of pounds, a focus on the teaching of English history, a pledge of allegiance to the country taken in primary school and the expulsion of unemployed migrant nationals of EU countries.

Another recent poll showed the Labour Party with a .three point lead on the Conservatives and Lib-Dem supporters defecting in droves to Ed Millband.

The concern over immigration were at their most prevalent in Wales and the Midlands and in the age group of 55 plus. Boles’s opinions stem from his time as a councillor in London’s inner city, where he gained first-hand knowledge of the downside of mass immigration. Housing for the young adult children of residents was a major problem, with most being forced to move away from their parents and the areas where they had grown up.

According to Boles, the July 7 London bombings showed that attempts to integrate new arrivals in to the existing communities had been a total failure and that local authorities no longer had control over the numbers of incomers. He added that drastic measures needed to be taken to avoid social meltdown, especially in large cities with their concentration of immigrants.

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seegar said...

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How do i go about joining?

Anonymous said...

A "pledge of allegiance" to the Aryan folk or a "pledge of allegiance" to the zionist elite who control this country?