Friday 22 October 2010

Griffin Lets Cat out of the Bag

Griffin has let the cat out of the bag as regards the reasons behind the campaign to get names and addresses from people on the pretext of stopping the Afghanistan war.

Note in Griffins twitter statement he mentions that the secret of fundraising is 'databasing'.

Note below a post put up on the BDF forum concerning a meeting in Carlisle last night.

Note that the BNP members are now being told to use the new database of names and addresses gathered from the public to get them to donate to the party.

So Griffin admits that the new methodology of the BNP to get new peoples money is to create a database of names and addresses to hit them with begging letters.

The Griffins lap dogs admit that the names and addresses of the people who signed the BNP petition are the basis of a brand new database to send new begging letters too , as the old donors are now skint, pissed off or unwilling to give the crooks in the BNP anymore money.

Thats downsons legacy in the BNP, transforming it into a political party that now prostitutes itself for money.

So much for not using the names gathered in the petition for fundraising - the entire reason for the campaign was to gather names for the database that is being collated for fundraising.

The BNP is a party with no honour that is run as a business by a cabal of incompetent pathetic crooks.

Thats the real BNP, a sickness in the body politic of Britain.

My spy in the party in Carlisle was at the very sparsely attended meeting last night and passed on the meeting details to me.
Christopher Davidson whom was Penrith & the Borders ppc , was stood down as the short lived Carlisle organiser was stood down from his post as organiser on the orders of Clive Jefferson, this is because Christopher won't pay for his election for the party to the sum of £440 which is supposed to be paid by the party.
The meeting was Chaired by small time crook Paul Stafford from Wigton and whom ruined the Carlisle Elections this time round by putting himself up for it.
Mr Stafford Announced that The Party will no longer be fighting for Elections and now that we have the help for heroes databases, We need to get out and push for donations for the party by whatever means possible from the names on the newly gleaned database.
Chris Davidson asked a sensible question, If we are no longer fighting for elections then why do we need to contact these people whom only signed the petition to get our troops out of the needless war, And try to get money out of them by false pretence.
Paul Stafford only repeated reply was "Because" until things got somewhat heated he then changed the answer to "Because i am telling you to"

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Anonymous said...

"this is shocking i used to get begging letters becuse i got a few cds from the bnp i just throw them in the bin as im not bnp i just vote for them if they brother to stand round here its al money money in the bnp nowdays i feel sorry for the members youre forever haveing to put youre hand in youre pocket for what ive got my groups i surport so i stick to them the latest scam letter is lee send money or nick wil go to jail he wont becuse thats what the bnp want more money rolling in the enemy dosent have to do nothing the bnp is doing it all its selfe white eagle

Anonymous said...
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