Wednesday 13 October 2010

Dowson Attacks Chris Bev and Andrew Brons

I dont know if the Reverend Rapist Dowson, the degenerate in a dog collar, was pissed up last night but his appearance on the British Democracy Forum was the source of much mirth.

But between the mocking of the poisonous midget and Jim ' I am from Ulster so I must be well hard' Dowson's usual threats to attack people, the idiot dwarf Dowson made some interesting attacks on Chris Bev and Andrew Brons.

Now anyone who knows Chris Bev will know that he is a true and dedicated British Nationalist.

The same applies to Andrew Brons.

Dowson though is not a British Nationalist, he is a crook, a pervert, a rapist and a fraudster.

He is involved with the BNP to make Griffin rich and to rip off the BNP member mugs that give the party money.

On the BDF Forum last night Dowson was busy issuing threats to Andrew Brons to get rid of Eddy Butler and Chris Bev.

This attack was co-ordinated by Griffin as it was also copied by articles posted on the British Resistance site run by the moron Green Arrow and his cabal of braindead Griffinite sycophants.

So we know that whenever the poison dwarf Dowson and his fat oaf chum Paul Morris both go online and attack the same people at the same time, then the clammy and crooked hand of Griffin is behind the attack.

Andrew Brons is now in the position that he he knew he would be, in that his failure to obey Griffin, and disobey employment law, and sack Eddy Butler means he is now a target for the next purge.

Griffin wants Andrew Brons, Chris Bev and Eddy Butler out of the way - as he fears them and their popularity in the party, and Griffin knows that Andrew Brons is the only leadership challenger who can challenge his position.

So the next purge has already begun, just that this one will be a slow one rather then the usual Griffinite moronic purge of ordinary members - but when Griffins attack rats Paul Morris and Dowson both go online at the same time to attack the same people then the plan is clear - Brons either obeys Griffin and sacks Butler and Chris Bev or he is under threat of expulsion.

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Anonymous said...

Was in Leicester on saturday and it was good to see so many former BNP activists in attendence especially a very high profile one.The BNP is now like a mouldy old lettuce well passed its sell by date and only the ones with the I.Q. of a ping pong ball remain and show loyality to griffin/dowson plc.I am now at the point to even deabating and agreeing with the loony left in my local boozer when griffins name comes up and they are loving every minute of watching griffin self destruct nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Dowson as we know is a fake "Loyalist". They would not piss on him if he was on fire. He is a complete and utter FANNY. In fact, a fanny is a useful thing. The posts on the BDF are pathetic. But he and cyclops have destroyed our party.