Saturday 17 May 2008

Harvard University and Globalisation

Harvard University are printing a book on globalisation to be published in 2009 and ask for the BNP's views on globalisation, so I sent them this response ;

A) The BNP regard the struggle against Globalism as the defining conflict of the 21st Century. The struggle for the survival of indigenous peoples, cultures and nation states against the behemoth of globalism (and its lackeys Consumerism and Political Correctness) is the struggle for the survival of all human, cultural, environmental and biological diversity. The victory of Globalism would represent the transformation of the planet, the global environment, all living things and all human beings into economic abstractions, to be used, exploited and destroyed simply in pursuit of profits and the illusion of progress.

Globalism is in fact International Corporate Fascism, where global corporations are set free around the planet to invade, rape and pillage all the nations of the world and strip them of all their natural resources in order to profit simply the corporations and the corrupt elites the corporations appoint and enrich in those nation states.

Whilst the puppet politicians and businessmen who are controlled by the global corporations in every nation of the planet are bribed and rewarded into becoming willing whores of the global corporations, the average person is robbed of their country, culture, identity, history, environment, natural resources and their ancestral identity and is given Coca Cola, burgers, cancer, depression and a slow death as their reward.

Globalism represents the triumph of Consumerism in the Private Sphere and the replacement of individualism with brand fascism, and the imposition of Political Correctness in the Public Sphere and the removal of our ancestral rights, liberties and culture. It represents the worst of all possible worlds, one where human beings are forced to abandon their individual identities, national identies and ancestral rights and liberties and become atomised consumers connected to each other only by the economic nexus.

It is a state of living death, where individuals are no longer individuals, instead they are conditioned by the media into perpetualy wanting 'false needs' and whose unhappy existence is sustained solely by drugs for depression due to anomie and ennui. The reason why so many people in advanced Western nations suffer from so much depression, drug addiction, acoholism and family breakdowns is because of the destruction of all natural forms of existence. The artificial existence of Consumerism is a toxic lifestyle.

2) Capitalism has become Consumerism, but both Capitalism and Consumerism are dependent upon cheap oil. Capitalism, and all forms of advanced modern economics and all forms of advanced modern social organisations depend upon cheap oil. This dependence has led us into the Iraq War and alliances with fundamentalist Middle Eastern regimes, and has thereby comprised our National Security and Energy Security.

Capitalism and Consumerism do not live within the natural limits of the planets environment, they are insane and vampiric in that they destroy what belongs to future generations so that criminals may get rich today. What they steal from tomorrow, they steal from the mouths of our future descendants.

The earth is a closed system with finite resources and Man must live within sustainable environmental limits if the planet, and humanity, are to survive. All economic systems that do not live within the sustainable limits of the national and global environment must be replaced by Eco-Nationalist ideologies based on Bio-Regionalism and sustainable environmental development. Capitalism must either go Green or be smashed.

Peak Oil will destroy Consumerism, but the question is will it also destroy the planet and Man. Only by creating sustainable economic systems and a Green Renewable Energy System to replace our dependence on oil will mankind survive the next century.

Eco-Nationalism is the new nationalism that states in line with Malthus that the wars, imperialism and expansionist economics of previous historical nationalist ideologies occured only because those nations and their populations lived beyond their national environmental carrying capacities. This then forced them to seek new living space, new resources and new markets to expand into in order to sustain their growing populations and the demands for higher living standards from those new populations.

Eco-Nationalism states that the duty of a eco-nationalist government is to limit population numbers, end immigration, preserve the national environment, preserve indigenous cultures and traditions and control economic development to ensure they all exist within sustainable limits.

3) The anti-Globalisation movement has been hijacked by the Far Left and as such has abandoned any sense or logic for ideological nonsense. The only solution to globalisation is Eco-Nationalisation. The Far Left want to replace global capitalism with global socialism. That is like changing the bullets in a gun from explosive bullets to dum dum bullets. The end result is still the same nasty mess when you pull the trigger.

The struggle against globalisation has to be at the level of local peoples, local cultures and nation states. Only by each of erecting our own barriers and organising our own national resistance movements against the process of globalisation, can we each cease the progression of the disease. Each of us must develop our own natural immunity to the process, as any mass ideological innoculation will merely replace the disease of globalism with another mutated variant of the same disease.

The solution is natural, organic resistance in every nation to the process and not the replacement of one international ideology with another international ideology.

That means the struggle against globalisation must be Eco-Nationalist,

If the anti-globalisation movement either respected or realised that the only solution to the spread of globalisation is Green Nationalism, or Eco-Nationalism as it is otherwise known, then the process of resisting globalisation would be a lot further advanced.

Whilst they wave their Red Flags of the old Communist empire at anti-globalisation demonstrations and talk about creating an international socialist state, then all they are doing is empowering the global corporations and the media machinery they own and use to discredit the anti-globalisation movement.


alanorei said...

Interesting that today's 'Common Purpose' strategy is virtually Arnold Toynbee's strategy for abolition of nation states, which he espoused in the 1920s and 30s while he was the Chatham House Director of Studies.

He is also the ancestor of Polly.

Nation-wrecking is a family business.

Anonymous said...

One of the best syntheses of globalism I have read. Apart from defining it in a succinct and elegant manner that is also academically viable, it also defines what should be the true nationalist approach to the threat of globalism and why the Left has hijacked it.

It remains to be seen if nationalist parties are able to incorporate such insight into both their pprogrammes and in tactical efforts. That requires a visionary leadership that must transcend European boundaries, if not thwe world.

It also requires the public perception to wake up and see the fallacy of the Left's hijacking of the anti-globalist counter-culture.

One could posit the conpsiracy idea that the globalist enginneers have also hijacked the anti-globalist movement. Such manipulation is not the first time that powerful governments and organisations have done so.

At least it is conceivable that the globalist enginneers are encouraging the Left-dominated anti-globalist movements for their own ends, offering a safe alternative to the increasing disillionment of the world community.

Your next step from this excellent definition and synthesis is to attempt a radical spiritual synthesis of how and why the globalist movement is occurring.

But I would hope that intelligent and self-aware readers of your blog who are not so base and craven to beleive that they are only mere flesh without a spiritual identity, will perceive that your earlier articles on the gnostic understanding of the material universe and higher spiritual universes are actually in co-existence with this article.

Those with eyes to see will see with their soul.

Mr Potter

Anonymous said...

Pure dynamite! You should be on the lecture circuit putting this across to the students on American campuses. These kids are the business leaders of the future and need to be informed of eco-nationalism as a construct for living in harmony with the planet while maintaining a responsibility to all stakeholders involved in business; shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers.

Rebecca Smith said...

Thats the solution, so tell me when are the people going to grasp it?
Your article is 100% Lee and it is so frustrating that the best the Government can do is add £5 - £10 on domestic flights. The green issue, as you say has been hijacked by the left and Labour's only answer to the issue is lets find another way to tax the people.

I feel sick now......

Anonymous said...

Youve had a very creative spell these past few weeks and your material gets better and better - fore me this is the best article yet, pure distilled genius. Ive taken the liberty of copying and pasting the article to an anquaintance of mine who has had an article published recently in The Ecologist. This must get to a wider readership. Move over Zac, you've had your time and it's clear that there are others who can do the whole environmentalist movement a great service. Come on down Lee Barnes, you might think you are just a humble writer but Im not alone in recognising your potential for much greater things. You will be the inspiration for an intellectual revolution - the students of today are looking for a cause to champion and are 100% sick of party politics. This cause of eco-nationalism is the clincher. Its time the student generation had that 1968 feeling but this time directed at the destroyers of culture, those that would chop down the last mahogany tree in Brazil as equally as plow over the last English meadow to make way for another golf course or supermarket.

Save the planet - eco-nationalism is the answer.

Anonymous said...

The simple answer to how we get the people to grasp these matters is simple (in principle):

The message must be deconstructed to a set of simple definitions, causes, conseqences and solutions that the ordinary man and woman, student, business leader, academic, housewife, labourer and pensioner can take on board and then act upon.

This article establihes the blueprint for that by adoptinga synthesis of the problem and its solution.

It must be transmiteed via conventional and radical methods of communication.

DVDs are one method.

It should be done without the baggage of a political party. But it should be communicated in a way that any individual receiving the message would be able to know what to do, who to vote for etc.

the best propaganda is when people as individuals make the connection themslves and solve the problem through their own mental functioning.

Anonymous said...

Only by each of erecting our own barriers and organising our own national resistance movements against the process of globalisation, can we each cease the progression of the disease.

I'm interested but I'd like you to expand on the above a bit. How high and for what are these barriers.

I've slowly become far more Nationalist over the last few years but the one area I'm still far from sure about is economics. I think you're right about consumerism overtaking capitalism. But, if capitalism is just another word for free trade and trade makes us richer how is it to be rescued from the death grip of the globalists? I enjoy reading Devil's Kitchen's blog. He's recently joined a newly formed Libertarian party. I'm drawn to their general philosophy of freedom and responsibility but not their approach to immigration. Their economic policy seems to be no holds barred free trade. If someone, anyone, in the world can make the goods you need cheaper than you then you (and the nation) become wealthier. They don't seem too concerned about peak oil and not at all concerned about AGW. The market and science will come to the rescue with some form of renewable energy. Instinctively it seems wrong to me if for no other reason than it means trading with communist dictatorships with appalling employee working conditions and subsequently low manufacturing costs, which makes a mockery of the idea of free trade.

At the moment I'm in Spain putting together the sales system for a product. The main markets are the UK and Spain but any system set up to service the two may as well do the whole of Europe. The best producer is in Sweden. The creator of the thing to be produced is English living in Spain. The area they live in is still essentially Spanish but with a mixture of mainly European and some Southern Americans. At the moment it's a great place to visit. If only multiculturism in the UK were like that it wouldn't seem so bad. None of the other cultures are making any demands on the host Spanish culture. At the same time Spain places more or less no restrictions on their visitors. It just leaves them to get on with things. The question I'm stumbling towards is how does my situation square with 'Eco-Nationalism'? I've decided to remain in the UK and fight the good fight. If I put this together I earn well and I don't mind Spain getting something. I like Spain despite their Socialist government. Every Swede I've met I've liked so I don't mind them earning something as well. Surely we English would want to trade with our fellow Europeans. Would we also want to trade with the Anglosphere where appropriate?

Mr Potter, I was drawn to Gnosticism after reading the book 'The Jesus Mysteries' by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.I'm particularly drawn to the Gnostic symbol of the wheel. In simple terms, the centre represents God, the mystery, and the spokes are all human life. The outer rim of the wheel is the world and where the spokes touch is where we interact with it. Freke and Gandy focus on the 'oneness' of all life. But what seems equally important about that symbol to me is that while we may in essence be all one but we are also each and every one of us unique individuals on the earthly plane. We may well be souls from the same source but I also have to face the fact that there are many of the Islamic faith in the world who would happily kill or subjugate me given half the chance.

A Christianity that embraced it's Gnostic roots could well prosper in this country.

Guessedworker said...

The anti-Globalisation movement was not hijacked by the far left. It was created by the far left in the aftermath of the fall of communism in 89 and 90.

It has to be understood that Globalisation as a whole is politically complex, and at its beginnings had at least four roots (one of which - the far left's - can be understood only somewhat counter-intuitively).

First, obviously, it was and is an expression of the interests of "international dateline" corporations, and on this Lee does a generally nice job here. Perhaps he overlooks the political context. It is almost impossible for cash-dependent political parties to resist the demands of their paymasters. The solution is state funding of parties.

Second, it is the expression of our power elite's abiding interest in internationalism and the destruction of nation in the West - the latter being achieved in large part through the mass population transfer we know so very, very well.

Large corporation CEOs and senior officers are, of course, highly prominent in the more managerialist end of the elite structure.

Third, until 2001 Globalisation was a vehicle for American hegemonic interests. Clinton was the champion of the mainstream left interest in Globality, with Blair offering his hand in marriage just as he did to Bush after 9/11 (and for the same reasons of maintaining Britain's role on the international stage). This root withered and died.

Fourth, Globalisation was a vehicle for the post-soviet radical Trotskyist left to express its anti-capitalist leanings, and to press the case for global justice. This root is still alive but much weakened, and is mutating into "Alter-Globality".

Both the mainstream left and the radical left were attracted to Globalisation because it permitted them to maintain their faith in social justice and human progress. That NEVER withers, it seems.

I blogged on some of the history of leftist Globality here, two days ago:-

Anonymous said...

Interesting post 'Guessedworker'and you make some good points on the radical Left's trajectory into the cause of Globalisation.
It does seem that the international finaciers are striving for profit at the same time as the far Left have jumped on the shibboleth bandwagon with the view to drive it towartds some utopian based on "social justice" and international progress".

The far Left are the Globaliser's 'Useful Idiots'.

'Guessedworker' also says

It is almost impossible for cash-dependent political parties to resist the demands of their paymasters. The solution is state funding of parties.

Indeed. The corruptibility of national political parties lies at the root cause of the failure to confront Globalism and in preserving ancestral rights and the global environment. This is another article in itself.

I would put forward the proposal that political aprties should only be allowed to receive membership fees and that each party is capped. I don't see why political parties should be paid for by the taxpayer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said

Mr Potter, I was drawn to Gnosticism after reading the book 'The Jesus Mysteries' by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy.I'm particularly drawn to the Gnostic symbol of the wheel.

The book you mention is a great book and any Gnostic or seeker of the spiritual truth should read that book. It's part opf a triology byFreke and gandy by the way. 'The Laughing Jesus', the latest in the triology, is a manual in how to live in a gnostic manner.

I agree that we are all from the same souce and we should embrace our humanity and oneness in spirit.

The Islamic faith has become perverted and corrupted by its own teachers and hierarchies and has degnerated into a medieval form of a warrior religion, a spiritual fascism that forms the triangle(though in a much greater and violent extent) with Orthodox Christianity and Judasim.

Even Islam has its gnostic component, the Sufis who express a beautiful spirituality (again, as is common with hierachical forms of religion they have been sadly persecuted).

We must resist all forms of tyranny and attempts to impose fascism, be it worldly or spiritual. we must strive to embrace our own spiritual identities and transcend our egos to reach oneness with God, without the chains of dogma and priest.

Within the 21st-century gnosticism will be the new spirituality.

It will return from its persecuted past and be embraced by millions.

Anonymous said...

Great article Mr.Barnes. More and more people are seeing the truth and articles like this one do a great deal to show them the way.

Thank you.