Wednesday 7 May 2008

Searchlight Rats Involved In Leadership Challenge

This morning I was sent the bogus e mail below by people who been sent the e mail by Sharon Ebanks and Steve Blake.

The mail is a forgery, the e mail address is fake and the contents penned either by Blake or Ebanks.

Ebanks it appears has stop taking her medicine for her frequent psychotic episodes (such as when she thinks she is white and not the half black child of a Jamaican immigrant) and is back to being her usual insane idiot.

It appears that the malcontents behind the leadership challenge have now proved the direct involvement of the insane harridan Ebanks in the leadership challenge and also the involvement of Searchlight.

We long sustpected that Steve Blake was working for either Searchlight or the Police since his arrest in 2006 when he was arrested in Scotland when drunk for calling a white woman with an asian man in the pub who had rebuffed his advances ' a nigger loving slut'.

Blake was arrested and went to court and was convicted - and the result was simply a fine.

Even though other people who had been arrested and convicted of the same offence and who were not members of the BNP or the BNP webmaster were sent to prison - Blake was merely fined.

We suspected that this was because he had made a deal with the authorities, and seeing as his work on the BNP site was so incompetent and his activities so disruptive, we had him on our 'watch list'.

This suspicion was of course proved correct when we discovered that he had sent confidential internal e mails from the BNP AC to Sharon Ebanks who then out them on Stormfront and when he was later discovered to be hacking into internal BNP e mails between the BNP staff and outside contractors.

This latest escapade of Blake and Ebanks comes straight from the Searchlight book of ' How to cause internal disruption' and is a tactic used by MI5 and Special Branch in Northern Ireland during the Troubles.

I advise anyone who is still stupid enough to be in contact with Blake and Ebanks to be aware that all the information they post them both is probably going straight to either the police or searchlight.

Please remember that it was Sharon Ebanks who sent an e mail to Scott McLean which he passed on to me where she said that she would be taking a 'Chief Constable' from the police with her to her BNP disciplinary panel.

Just for the record ;

1) Ebanks is not a nationalist

2) Ebanks is black and not white

3) The idea that I would be stupid enough to send that demented whore Ebanks an email is about as likely as Klingons invading Milton Keynes

4) Any e mails I wish to send out about the leadership challenge will be my BNP address - as were the ones I sent out about the plotters at Christmas

5) Ebanks is a spy working for Searchlight

6) Blake is run either by the police or Special Branch

Dont say you werent warned

For those stupid enough to think the Colin Auty leadership challenge is legitimate here is the proof that Ebanks is involved, that Blake is involved and that they are so desperate they have to resort to this type of rubbish.

Blake and Ebanks - The BNP that the Police and Searchlight want.

And finally - the idea that I would first write such a trite cliche and state we must offer 'unquestionable obedience and loyalty to the commander in the field must come first' - is total bollocks.

Anyone who knows me will know that if I think Nick has made a cock up then I dont kiss his arse - I TELL HIM.

Nick is not God, and Nick makes mistakes and bad decisions like we all do at times - and when he does I tell him that he has made a bad decision and demand he changes it. I dont stay silent because it is Nick. Fuck that. I dont back down to anyone when I think I am right.

I am primarily loyal to the party and to my people, and I am not a Nick arse kisser and that means that if I think Nick has made a bad decision then I tell him face to face.

I am always straight up and honest with people I meet and if I think you are an idiot, what you have said is wrong and that you are talking bollocks I will tell you face to face.

Thats why I cant internet keybord warrior bitches who slag people off on Stormfront behind a fake name. They are cowards who aint got the balls to face me and say it to my face as they know what would happen if they did.

No party can run and survivae if we are a bunch of arse kissing weasels who offer unconditonal loyalty to a leader - I am loyal to the right ideas and the best path forward, I never have and NEVER will support stupid ideas just because they come from ze leader.

Zat is vat ze Nazis did - and look at how unconditional loyalty led to Hitler destroying Germany.

I am a NATIONALIST and therefore ze fuhrer principle is not what I follow - I am primarily a techinician whose primary loyalties to the party and my people and this means I only follow what is best for both of them.

Christ - Ebanks and Blake must think the BNP are right mugs if they thought they could get away with this crap.

The bogus E mail is below ;

Tell me Sir Steve, should I spread this around a little?
----- Original Message -----
From: Head of BNP Legal Unite
Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2008 8:36 PM
Subject: Warning?

Don't know why I have received this rubbish from Barmy Barnes, I thought I had blocked this deranged nutter's email address but I see he is using his old Yahoo account instead of his official BNP address - he has probably forgotten the password in a purple haze of chemically induced euphoria (apparently).

If this warning is genuine (as in approved by Griffin) then the Party is in very dire straits. If just the fanciful work of Barnes who gets told one thing by Nick and assumes it means something completely different, then Griffin really must do the decent thing and jettison Barnes once and for all and do so very publicly. He must have outgrown whatever use he may have had. Barnes is making the BNP and by consequence the entire nationalist cause a laughing stock on the Internet by his outbursts - am I the only one thinking he has some kind of Net induced Torret's syndrome?

What a cheek he has to address me as a "Fellow Nationalist Activist" - I've stood as a candidate on numerous occasions and consequently had my name in the papers, have had some of my business clients phoned up by the tabloids and been doorstepped by scumbags working for the Trinity Mirror Group. If anyone knows and can convince me that Barnes has had his own life turned upside down by making such a sacrifice then I'm all ears and pleased to accept him as a fellow "activist". Until then.....I'll remain decidely sceptical about his irrational edicts - not that I am subject to such an edict being on the "outside" (for the time being) and his delusional boasts.

best wishes


Dear Fellow Nationalist Activist

Following a senior high level conference between senior high level BNP officials earlier today to discuss among other issues the security of our new MP Richard Barnbrook in the wake of serious threats to his person by far leftist cowards as he travels to and from the London Assembly I have been instructed to inform you of a bogus and illegal leadership challenge and the disciplinary measures we are now putting in place to squash this diversionary and divisive activity in the bud. This is a deceitful and cynical attempt to divert the party’s attention away from the historical victory last week in London and to derail the activist’s attention away from the all important European Elections next June.

This is a sham nothing and more than a forged challenge devised by the liars, thieves and splitters who tried to wreck the party in December 2007 before their unsuccessful coup was successfully thwarted by quick action from the Party’s own security, legal and intelligence departments. The challenger claims is to be Councilor Colin Autty from Kirkless in Yorkshire, a decent man who is known to many of you but he is being used as a puupet by the gang of malcontents who stole party emails, stole party property, stole thousand of pounds of party monies, spread malicious rumours about the Chairman, myself and other senior party officers on bogus Blogs and through a series of bogus bulletins which they prepared using stolen membership lists which they then passed on to our enemies in MI5, The Special Branch, The Labour Party and the Searchlight organisation. They then tried unsuccessfully to set up a rival political party. It is a cylical attempt by our enemies to try and derail the Party and to stop activities to get BNP members electd to the European Parliament.

The Party is on the edge of a historical victory in Europe next year. Nothing must stand in the way of getting the democractically elected Chairman and others elected to the European Parliament in Europe next year.

Aiding and abeting these people is an offence under the Party Constitution 10th edition.

Anyone who has already signed or is thinking of signing or intending to sign the nomination forms for Colin Autty will be suspended from Party membership pending an internal dispclinary tribunal where members will be tried for conspiracy and treason as per the Constitutition Section 6. (3) Section 7 – failure to use the correct channels to express concerns, 8 - spreading false and malicious rumours about Party officials and members, and behaviour likely to bring the Party into disrepute. Those found guilty of conspiracy and treason will be expelled from the Party and proscibred for life.

The laugable attempt to portray themselves as trying to 'save the party' is directly contradicted by the fact that they have spent since Christmas undermining the party, attacking the party, spreading lies about the Chairman, myself and other party activists, inciting dissent in the party and actively encouraging party activists not to stand in elections or assist party candidates in the elections.

This is not a game we are playing, this is a war and in times of war unquestionable obedience and loyalty to the commander in the field must come first, The 'First Law Of Nationalism' is - If you work with the enemy, then you are the enemy.

Yours for the greater good

Lee John Barnes (LLB Hons)

Director of BNP Legal Department


Anonymous said...

I see the great unwashed have fallen for this hook line and sinker.

The fools.

Anonymous said...

'so incompetent and his activities so disruptive, we had him on our 'watch list'.

That's all well and good but who is keeping a check on the 'watchers' Lee?

Anonymous said...

"Even though other people who had been arrested and convicted of the same offence and who were not members of the BNP or the BNP webmaster were sent to prison - Blake was merely fined."

The Magistrates' Courts are well known for varying sentences depending on the location and the particulars of the offence.

Just look at the conviction rates for certain crimes by around the country for yourself!

That said, Nick is the clearly the right guy until someone as good as or better comes along. Colin and these shady hugger muggers are not.

Anonymous said...

Clearly a fake! Why would you inform blake of anything the Party was planning.
"sesame street anyone?"

Anonymous said...

I still think you have missed out the link between Blake and CSIS the Canadian Intell Service. You missed the point that he was working for the SBs BEFORE he was arrested. That creepy Appleby is still raking in a small fortune from his well placed security contacts in the Scottish government and his niece is in regaulr contact with Blake - she sometimes writes to me ex-partner who she befriended a while back when we and Appleby were on speaking terms. I never trusted him but we did BNP work together nor did the Glasgow lot who quicklly ignored his offers of help but there were paranoid that ZOG was monitoring them, as they called it. Perhaps Blake did get a deal with Scottish Special Branch at a time when the BNP was growing - if he had been recruited by CSIS by Appleby in 2004-5 that would fit. Thats when the actress Noelle Labby turned up and Blake was paid by Appleby/CSIS to take her on a tour of the country. In 2004 Blake was exposed by the Daily Record when he stood as a candidate - I went out leafleting for him and he said the exposee hadnt dented his business one bit and he said he had worked for some judges and senior Labour people in Edinburgh and he thought it hilarious that these establishment people were getting their computers seviced by the number one BNP candidate and they told him that they thought he was a great bloke and wouldnt sack him. All fits, there's your NUMBER ONE spy - recruited by CSIS to screw up the BNP in Scotland doing work for the Labour establishment in Scotland, protected when he was exposed in the papers and protected when he was arrested for his drunken brawl over a bird in a Stirling pub in 2005 not 2006. Check the papers - no dont bother it was never reported in the papers! What a scumbag traitor. I tried to warn you and Mr Griffin about this in December but you didnt think I was telling the truth. YEs some of it is just guesswork but Scott Mclean can confirm a lot of this - he didnt trust Appleby and thought he was security. The creep turns up from nowhere, claims he USED to work for CSIS and was a special protection expert, offered his services to the BNP and even offered to do work for Mr Griffin but he was turned down. He starts his own business which in a year was getting contracts with Scottish government and to do stuff like guarding consols and embassies abroad. He turns up in Stirling of all places, why not Edinburgh or Glasgow? Well thats Where Blake was living - the tiny town of Stirling. He befriends Blake who is proving to be a mover and shaker in BNP in Scotland who has already been identifed as working for bigwigs in Edinburgh establishment and approchable- maybe even vulnerable - if he doesnt cooperate he will lose his contracts with them. He cocks up by getting involved in a pub fight but has protection from above to get a fine as a 2 year prison sentence would be a problem for the whole setup. Jigsaw complete.

Anonymous said...

They are attention seeking as usual Lee. Don't give them what they want 'Free Publicity'

Like most things that float in the pond they eventually end up at the bottom in the end.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Clearly the plotters would love to provoke a "repressive action" from the party - they could then crow:"Help!Help! I'm being repressed. You all saw them repressing me didn't you? Nice Blakey bad Griffin"

Anonymous said...

The machinations of this bunch of losers is annoying and time consuming, it doesn't even qualify as a pin prick on the BNP body politic, however the extent to which searchlight (M15/M16) have penetrated our party is interesting because it shows clearly they cannot recruit intelligent people, they have to retort to those of low IQ, foul mouthed cretins useful fools to be used and disposed of.
Regards ED.

Anonymous said...

It was obviously to everyone that this was a fake from the moment it went out. What do Ebanks/Garside/Single take people for?