Monday 5 May 2008

Matt Single Leadership Challenge

I was not going to mention the laughable challenge to Nick Griffin by the cabal around Sadie Graham and Matt Single but because they have decided to have a pop at me on the leadership challenge website then its retaliation time.

This whole leadership challenge is organised, run and controlled by Matt Single, Steve Blake, Sadie Graham and Kenny Smith.

Colin Autty is nothing but their puppet.

Colin Autty is probably a nice bloke, but he has about as much political savvy as a five year old compared to Nick Griffin.

But being a nice bloke is not enough to run the BNP, campaign for the BNP and expand the BNP.

In fact it is pretty obvious that the plan of the Voice of Change cabal and their puppet challenger Colin Autty is simply this ;

1) Try to get Colin elected to party leader

2) Once he is elected he will then allow Kenny Smith, Sadie Graham, Matt Single and Steve Blake back in the party.

3) He will then sack the entire present AC of the party and appoint smith, graham, blake and single to run the AC and the party.

4) Then he would step back be just a 'figurehead' leader whilst power would be handed to Sadie Graham, Smith, Single , Blake , MI5 and Searchlight.

Colin Auty is not leadership material, he may be a nice bloke but he is also a willing dupe of this Single / Smith plan to decapitate the party leadership and hand it over to the thieves and crooks who tried to derail it at Christmas.

It is obvious that the website and blog set up to assist his challenge has been set up by Matt Single and Steve Blake as most of the content on it is obviously written by Matt Single and Steve Blake, for example ;

" Griffin’s appointed Party legal advisor or ‘legal beagle’ has for many years been openly displaying serious signs of psychologically disturbed behaviour, clumsily combined with the vilest language used to attack various people and Party members. Such attacks and conduct are increasingly turning the Party into a laughing stock across the entire internet, much to the delight of a great many of our political enemies that use such buffoonery in their leaflets to attack us at election time."

lets analyse Matt Singles statement here shall we ;

1) Here we see the usual ' he is psychologically disturbed' Ad Hominem attack on me that is a feature of both the Lancaster Unity site and Stormfront. This was first started by the lunatic Sharon Ebanks and then used by the Lancaster Unity and Stormfront goons. During the attempt by the Searchlight controlled cabal of reds and cranks to take over the party by theft and subversion at Christmas 2007, the Voice of Change idiots were posting the majority of nonsense such as the statement above on both the Lancaster Unity and Stormfront site at a vast rate. Yet again the fact that the Voice of Change people are repeating the same comments as they did in their plot reinforces the fact that Colin Autty is being used by the same collection of scumbags that were kicked out at Christmas. They are not even bothering to change theur rhetoric and style of attack as they are that arrogant and stupid.

2) Perhaps Colin Autty would like to offer ANY proof that one single comment of mine appeared in a single UAF / Left leaflet that was distributed in the elections campaign we have had. Which of course he will not be able to do as the statement he has made on this issue is simply rubbish. Yet again it appears that the Voice of change cabal have to resort to lies and smears to delude their ever dwindling band of followers into supporting them. No change there then ( eg the BNP stole my computer / files/ spied on me and we will have them arrested for theft / robbery etc etc - NONE OF WHICH EVER OCCURRED AS THEY WERE ALL LIES FROM THE VERY BEGINNING ! )

3) For direct prooof of the Smith / Single plan to use Autty as their puppet in which they can get back into the party take a look at the pledge on his site where he states he wants " A review of all those expelled due to lack of a fair and proper disciplinary procedure being in place." - This is obviously the entire extent of Autty role as a puppet of the plotters.

This is further reinforced with a direct admission o the site that Autty himself intends to be nothing but a 'puppet leader ' where he states ;

" The Party Chairman should deal with the political affairs of the Party, but a separately appointed Party Manager should manage the internal affairs."

In other words if he is elected he will just sit back drawing the FULL Chairmans wage whilst he does no real work other than appointing Matt single or Sadie Graham to run the party for him.

In other words Colin Auttys prime motivation apart from getting his little band of chums back in the party IS TO ENRICH HIMSELF PERSONALLY by claiming the same wage as the Chairman but at a stroke becoming nothing more than a mobile mouthpiece, whose sole role as Chairman would be to go to meetings and give speeches.

My, My what a bargain for the party that will be. W go from a Chairman who spends all his time running the party and promoting the party, to a puppet chairman on a chairmans wage who does nothing but give the occasional speech.

Autty must think we are all mugs if we are going to allow him to do that.

As Smith / Single / Blake and Graham are not BNP members then the only thing they can do to destabilise the party internally is to get a puppet to stand as a proxy leader for them.

This challenge by Autty is nothing but a disgusting attempt to decieve the membership, abuse their trust and abuse the right to stand for a leadership challenge.

The ONLY intention of a decent and honoruable person who stands for the leadership of the BNP should simply to stand for the benefit of THE PARTY, and not for the benefit of thieves, liars and crooks who have been expelled from the party.

Last year Chris Jackson stood, and whilst I may disagree with his ideas and policies, I knew that his sole intention for standing was to benefit for the party as he saw it. That I can respect and applaud.

But this fake leadership challenge by Autty and his puppet masters is nothing but an attempt to manipulate the entire party and membership for the benefit of handful of crooks, thieves, liars and spies.

This is NOT a legitimate leadership challenge, it is an abuse of the right to stand for leadership as the sole intention of Autty is to benefit his backers, himself personally and not the party.

Note that the people backing him as well are all the main supporters of the Autty challenge are the main supporters of the Voice of Change cabal. Chris Beverely and his wife were the most senior backers of the Voice of Change cbal, and they are the main backes of Colin Autty.

They must think BNP members are mugs. It is embarrsingly obvious what their pathetic little plan is.

This is an absolutely disgusting attempt by Autty and his backers to decieve and manipulate the entire BNP membership, and Autty as a willing puppet of the Voice of Change Cabal should be ashamed of himself.

Now lets take a look at some of Auttys policies such as this one " A Working Party to be set up to scrutinise and re-draft the BNP Constitution which at present gives sole power and control to the Party Chairman."

In other words the BNP constitution will be redrafted by Sadie, Matt , Blake and Smith for THEIR benefit and not the benefit of the party.

The idea that the Voice of Change cabal, a group who hacked into the private e mails of their BNP colleagues, who stole money from the BNP, who stole the BNP membership and then used it to try and scrounge money from the BNP membership could EVER be trusted with changing the BNP constitution is absurd - these people do not even trust each other let alone us having trust in them to change the party constitution for the benefit of the members, when we all know they will merely change the constitution to benefit themselves and their band of pygmy supporters.

Here is another example of how the eventual aim is to purge the party of those the voice of change cabal do not want in it - they will first change the constitution as they admit they intend to do and will then undermine the constitutional rights of the members as existing at the moment.

Then they will set up little cliques of their supporters to rubber stamp the expulsions of everyone they dislike - as they admit here ;

" The establishment of an Executive, Judiciary and Political Wing of the Party " - in other words they will change the constitution, change the constitutional rights of the members and then set up fascist kangaroo courts under their control to rubber stamp those they want expelled.

Oh dear Autty, surely this crypto-fascist nonsense should have been explained to you before you allowed them to pull your puppet strings and got you to present this rubbish to the public.

Heres another interesting one - " Total financial overhaul of the Party, reallocating the power of the National Treasurer to a professional chartered accountant." - I wonder if this 'professional chartered accountant ' could be Mike Newland who is a friend of Adrian Davis who is represening the voice of change cabal in the courts at the moment.

That wold be interesting wouldnt it - not only would they have created a classic crypto-fascist control structure inside the party to minimise democratic accountability they would at the same time with this 'outside accountant plan' which would alow them to be able to have complete confidentiality and control over the party accounts by getting them to be audited by an external accountant, rather than internally as they are at the moment.

This would mean that the Single/ Graham/ Smith/ Blake cabal would not just be in charge of the party constitution, the party internal disciplinary structures but also have total control over the party money by their appointment of a non-party auditor.

Christ, you couldnt make this up. These people must think the BNP are mugs.


alanorei said...

The rebel faction must have reckoned on the Party achieving some notable success in the recent elections.

That would explain why they are still being disruptive.

If they had any integrity or real potential or genuine, substantial following worthy of the name, they would surely go off and form another party.

That they have not done so further indicates that they are establishment-diven and probably hand-in-glove with the anti-BNP elements of the GLA.

(It is somewhat ironic they are accusing you of bad language, given the text of the email conversation disclosed last year.)

I note that, to the best of my knowledge, one of the gang has yet to deny any association with Special Branch.

Anonymous said...

Auty as you rightly say is a pawn in a game being played by Graham, Smith and co, who in turn are pawns in a game being played by the state.

They have no realistic hope of winning a leadership contest and this isn't their intention. The gameplan in to derail our European election drive and divert our energies instead into fighting them.

In my opinion the result of the last leadership challenge gives the leadership a clear mandate to act against this disruption attempt and to do so decisively, and quickly.

Indeed I would go so far as to say that Nick and the rest of the leadership have a duty to the loyal majority to thwart this attempt at subversion right now by taking out the ringleaders, some of whom as still in the party.

Dave Jones in particular is up to his neck in this, as is speccy twat Chadfield. Let's be rid of them, who is going to argue?

Anonymous said...

I love the razor sharp timing of this lot.

You couldn't make it up could you?

Anonymous said...

As someone who is relatively new to the BNP, I would like to say from an outsiders point of view that NG is the biggest asset the BNP have. If he was replaced, the BNP would return to being just a small group of people even further on the fringe!

Anonymous said...

Anyone supporting them has to be blind, stupid or both.

Anyone that cannot see how Steve Blake mis-managed the party website to such a horrifying degree has also to be blind.

Steve Blake had in his hands a golden egg. The site was successful, not due to his efforts, but due to public interest. He managed to take that golden egg and fry it!

The website had an average of 5,500 unique visitors per day for the six months prior to his overdue sacking. It now has an average of 20,000 per day since his dismissal.

Even if you ignored the fact that he refused help from many good and knowledgable people to take the site forward, and that he was prying into personal email. His sheer incompetence to expand upon such a great asset in his control is a clear case of gross incompetence and a sackable offence in any employers book!

The ironic fact that anyone who is dumb enough to want such an incompetent, theiving, distrustful moron within a million miles of the British National Party has to be equally blind and / or stupid.

I do not know Colin, so I will not comment on him personally, other than to say there is no-one remotely close to Nick Griffin in terms of leadership ability, political savvy and personality.

Nick may have faults - we all do! But rating his faults against his ability to do the job in hand would to mind mind still give him a resounding 9.5 out of ten in favour of being the right man for the job.

If that makes me a Griffinite, the so be it. I will be a proud Griffinite as I know he is the right man - and the only man for the job.

Anonymous said...

Jones and Chadfield heads already above the parapet. These are the state scum undermining our movement. When are they leaving the BNP?

Anonymous said...

Nick gets my full support, I want nothing to do with the EIE cabal.

Anonymous said...

I"ll post my vote now;100% behind Nick Griffin.

bill pugh

Peter said...

Same for me I'm right behind Auty......Had you all going then admit it, sorry Nick I have to give you my vote as well, so you wont be going anywhere else soon also taking into account the other comments from other voters.

Anonymous said...

Bill Puke, you are dumb and as thick as pig-shit. It'll take cunts like you and barnes to keep gri££in in.

Anonymous said...

My name is Dave Jones and I was the Northants BNP candidate for Daventry Drayton ward that secured a 31% vote defeating the labour candidate for second place in Thursday's local election.

For the purpose of clarity so that there can be no misunderstanding I wish to make a clear and unambiguous statement declaring that I am not, nor am I in anyway linked to or associated with the Dave Jones referred to in the list of supporters of the Matt Single British National Party leadership challenge.
I am 100% behind Nick Griffin all the way.

Dave Jones.

Anonymous said...

Nick is the BNP! Get rid of them now & lets get on with the job in hand.

Jack Africa said...

As an expat essex lad and a proud Dagenham bloke I believe it is time to strike the so called VOC out for good. Even when we were fighting an election they were denigrating the leadership on their website. Nick you were elected to be in charge, do what is necessary and close lancaster ans Morecombe down unless they are prepared to clean out their own house. I am sure the good folk of Lancaster and Morecombe can see what a bunch of traitors are doing to their good name so act like true English folk and do your housekeeping before the membership on the whole do it for you.
Jack Africa English born and English bred pleads with you Lancaster and Morecombe do your duty or sink with the other traitors.

Anonymous said...
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Defender of Liberty said...

Dear Dave Jones of Northants,

the treacherous scroat whose name you have the misfortune to share is the Anthony Jones, cuckold husband of Bev Jones.

Your loyalty and support is greatefully recieved.

Anonymous said...

rumour going round by someone that has been there is that Sadie Graham has an untrimmed Vagina that smells of fish.
rumour also has it that big fat bev jones - wife of cuckold dave jones used to work for a bdsm fetish shop called lady beware.