Saturday 17 May 2008

How to Tell the Spiritual from the Profane

The easiest way to measure the true divinity of your god is to see whether your god demands submission, obedience and condones murder, violence and torture in his / her / its name.

The one thing that unites all religions and their deities is the belief of each of them that their particular diety created the world, life and human life.

Therefore if your diety or holy book allows you to kill human beings in the name of your god or to destroy the planet and other living creatures - then you are worshipping a demon, not a diety.

If all life is holy and created by god, then no man may take another mans life in the name of god.

If your Priest, Rabbi, Bishop, Imam, Teacher or Guru says that your holy book allows or condones murder or that those not of your faith are inferior - then they are the voice of a demon, they are not the voice of god.

Any religion that allows murder, that calls others infidels or kuffar or that says those who are not of that religion may be killed or that they are not human - is not a religion.

It is pure evil and hate.

It is only ever morally acceptable to defend oneself and ones family, community and country if you are physically attacked - to kill in the name of god is an act of evil.

Turning the other cheek to evil, is to become an accomplice to evil.

Those that do not confront evil, assist in the victory and conquest of evil.

Those religions that do this or that condone killing in the name of god as a 'moral act' should be banned from our society.

True religion is not about sin, obedience or submission - it solely about guiding individuals and individual souls towards inner enlightenment.

As Christos said " The Kingdom of Heaven is within ".

Each man carries within himself, the seed of his own spiritual birth.

Spiritual birth is not the product of submission to the teachings of a false god, obedience to a religious hierarchy, the acceptance of ones own sinful nature or the slavish memorisation of the pages in a book - spiritual birth is an inner journey.

The aim of all true religions is simply to assist man in the effloresecence of his own spiritual awakening, and to help him discover and awaken the inner divinity that exists within each of us.

Any religion that is based on the subjugation of the inner spirit of individual humans, that is imperialist, that seeks to create a global empire on this earth or that uses war to spread across the planet is an agent of the demiurge.

Such a religion is the enemy of the spirit.

Such religions keep their followers in ignorance, so as to keep them enslaved to the demiurge.

Ignorance, and not sin, is the cause of the suffering associated with the human condition, as the Gnostic Christos asserted. Ignorance is the basis of incorrect thoughts, words, and deeds and ignorance is the delusion of the mind that keeps one from attaining gnosis or illumination.

Belief in false religions or ideologies is the basis of ignorance.

Ignorance leads to confusion and anger.

Confusion and anger lead to incorrect thoughts, words and deeds.

Incorrect thoughts, words and deeds lead to war, murder and hate.

Only those who have achieved inner illumination are capable of confronting and destroying the mishapen creations of the demiurge.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it refreshing to see a nationalist, indeed any political activist, attempting a spiritual analysis?

This superb spiritual polemic is not just applicable to the 'custodial' religion of Islam - a globalist spiritual fascism - but equally to Christianity and the way the Church has subverted the original teachings of Jesus.

In fact, all religions on this planet have become subverted by the forces of materialism and Dark forces.

Religion is the property of the State, of social elites, of hierarchies.

True spirituality is the essence of what it is to be human who is in touch with the Creator God.