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The Second Coming of Christ

It appears that some people like some of my more esoteric writing, so here is one on The Second Coming of Christos.

The Second Coming of Christos.

The creed of the Gnostics “ I am a son from the Father - the Father who is pre-existent…… I derive being from Him who is pre-existent, and I come again to my own place whence I came forth “.

“ My Druid is Christ, the son of God, Christ, Son of Mary, the Great Abbot, the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit “ - St. Columba

There is occurring a change in the psychic situation of the world and humanity at the present moment which mirrors the astrological conception of the Platonic month and the procession of the equinoxes.

The Christian Era began in the spring equinox around 1 A.D with the birth of Christ in 7 BC when the Star of Bethlehem appeared at the Spring point of Pisces. The Star of Bethlehem was in fact an unusual triple conjunction of the planets Jupiter and Saturn at the Spring Point in the region of the star Al Rischa or the Knot where the cord links the two fishes of the Piscean constellation and where the first fish of Pisces 1 begins. The triple sighting of the ’star’ at that period became personified as the Three Wise Men for whom it represented the coming of the King (Jupiter) of the Jews (Saturn). Christ is symbolised by Pisces 1, the Fish of Spirit, the Messiah who announces the new age of Pisces.

The fact that Star of Bethlehem appeared at the Spring point of Pisces is important as Christ himself was represented and symbolised as a Fish. Christ himself referred to himself as ’The fisher of Men ’ and had disciples who were fishermen. He fed the multitude with bread and fishes. Even Christs followers were called ’Pisiculi ’ the little fishes. Christ himself hints at the future Aquarian age that is coming. Both Mark and Luke state that Christ told his disciples to make preparations for the Last Supper and said to them “ Go into the city and you will meet a man carrying a pitcher of water. Follow him “ (Mark 14;13 and Luke 22;10). Christ was also seen as a water bearer and water dispenser. To the Samartian women at the well he said that if she had asked him for a drink, he would have dispensed eternal living waters for her (John 4;10) In the Gnostic gospels such as the Apocalypse of Peter Christ frequently calls the religious teachers of his time, and those who he says will preach in his name in the future as ’waterless canals’ meaning they are devoid of spiritual wisdom.

As the Spring Point moved along the ecliptic in alignment with the stars in Pisces 1, the Christian Church is formed, grows in power and begins to develop its image of the all good Christ as Pantokrator. In AD 380 the Roman Empire under Constantine adopts Christianity and the power of the Church begins to impose its own theological interpretation of Christ and his teachings and begins to suppress the Gnostic teachings of Christ.

Then as the Spring point of the ecliptic passes along the cord uniting the two fishes, then the notion of ’heretical’ doctrines was created by the masters of the Church to clamp down on those Christian sects that dared defy the Roman Church and its teachings. This dynamic unfolding of the psychic process in individuals and society led eventually to those who challenged the authority of the Church as heretics, such as Copernicus born in 1473, Luther who was born in 1483 and Calvin in 1509, challenging the power of the Church. In the Reformation violent theological conflicts began to cause not just schisms in the Church but also caused civil and religious wars in Europe. The era of scientific discovery was a direct challenge to the power of the Church, and eventually this process led to Newton being born in 1642, the French Revolution in 1776, Karl Marx in 1818 and Darwin in 1809. The Fish of Sprit had moved into the Fish of matter and the doctrine of materialism began to challenge the Church and dominate the world.

It is during this era that the Church contended that the Antichrist would be born. The Spring Point of the ecliptic reached the first star in the tail of Pisces 2 in 1818. This was the enantiodromian (mirror image) of the power and teachings of the Jehovan Christian Church and the epoch of the era of Materialsm, which is the shadow of Jehovah. The birth of the Antichrist occurs with the French Revolution when the Goddess of Reason was enthroned in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris. Karl Marx and Darwin were the first prophets of Materialism born in this time and rejected entirely the theological teachings of the Church. During this era of Materialism that commenced with Newtons espousal of the scientific method the reality and the presence of the divine in Man and the universe was denied. The mythopoeic imagination in Man was denied and suppressed and just like Faust mankind had unlocked the material powers of science but at the same time the presence of the Soul was denied and lost. The scientific methodology of the rationalists and materialists rejected any divine presence in Man and the universe for the divine, the soul and spirit failed the empirical cause and effect test of science. The era of Communist dictators such as Stalin was the shadow cast by Jehovah. Separated from any awareness of his own inner divinity, and also of the nature of the soul, Man saw himself as god in the mirror image of Jehovah and began to mimic the murderous actions of Jehovah himself. Man began to mimic Jehovahs evil and saw himself as master of the world and also rejected entirely the notion of the divine soul within Man or that Man had a divine role in the universe.

Today we have militant atheist authors like Richard Dawkins with his The God Delusion and Christoper Hitchins with his ‘God is not Great’ book, who espouse the belief that science has proved that God does not exist and that faith in the divine is a false consciousness. They deny even the existence of the Soul and reject the reality of the Spirit. At the same time we have the armies of Islamic extremism attacking the West and the world. All three of the religions Islam, Christianity and Judaism at war with each other are semitic and rooted in the Middle East.

The Apocalypse is the war that ends all three, and allows new spiritual growth. All three are Jehovan religions of the demiurge. They must destroy each other in order to allow Novalis and the Second Coming of Christ.

The Apocalypse has already begun.

When the Second Coming of Christ Will Occur.

The Second Coming of Christ has also already begun, and this was the revelation of the teachings of Christos as contained in the Gnostic Gospels that were discovered in December 1945 near the town of Naj 'Hammádì at the Jabal al-Tárif, a mountain honeycombed with more than 150 caves.

This was the Second Coming of the true Christos, when the true spiritual teachings of Christos as opposed to the fake teachings of the Churches and the Bible were rediscovered and disseminated into the world.

If you want to know Christos, then tear out the Old Testament and throw it away, as the only god in that is Jehovah / Yahweh, the demiurge and enemy of Abba the true spiritual God.

Then read the Gnostic teachings and find the ones that you find most appealing - and begin the search for the Inner Christos.

The Era of Christos, the Gnostic Christ begins though on Deceber 21st 2012.

Just as the yearly drama of the winter equinox represents the Crucifixion and rising of Christ, when for three days the sun sinks below the horizon and rises at its lowest point, then on December 21st 2012 a Galactic Crucifixion occurs on that day.

It is not just christ who is being Crucified at this time it is the god of the Old estament Jehovah / Yahweh, who also suffers Crucifixion on this day and as a result the era of the true God Abba , and the Christos, will arise. This will be the risen Christos, and the era of the Second Coming, the era of the Holy Spirit. This is the end of the Age of Pisces.

The ecliptic is the path along which the sun, the moon, and the planets travel through the sky in the course of a single year. The twelve constellations of the Zodiac lie along the ecliptic, and in the course of one year the sun will travel past all twelve constellations. What we call a Platonic Great Year is the Precession of the Equinoxes and is the measurement of the motion of the Earths axis in relation to the inertial space reference of the twelve constellations themselves. Every 25,765 years a full cycle of the Equinoxes occurs and the Great Year is the moment when the Earth has completed the course a full precession of the equinoxes. During any Equinox the sun can be seen to be directly above the Equator. On December 21st 2012 the ecliptic will cross over the Milky Way at a 60 degree angle in the region of the constellation Sagittarius and form into a cross shape. The centre of this cosmic cross, is right where the ecliptic crosses over the Milky Way and is exactly where the winter solstice sun will be on December 21st 2012. This will be in the dark rift of the Milky Way.

The Winter Solstice Sun will conjunct at the crossing point of the Galactic Equator ( the Equator of the Milky Way) at the exact same time as the sun ‘dies‘ in the Southern sky beneath the Southern Cross. On this day the 21st December 2012 the winter solstice sun at 11.11 am will be located at the exact centre of the cross that is formed when the Ecliptic and the Galactic Centre meet. This space where they meet is the dark rift of the Milky Way. At the exact centre of the cross formed by the conjunction between the ecliptic and the Galactic Centre will be a super massive black hole that sits in the centre of the Milky Way, called Sagr A. This is the Black Sun. This is the birth canal from which the new age will be born, and from where will ascend the Christos. This conjunction between the sun and the black hole ( the black sun ) is the moment when the old Platonic Year dies and a new Platonic Year begins. The cycle of the Precession of the Equinoxes will begin anew. From December 22nd 2012 until the morning of December 24th the Sun lies still beneath the Southern Cross. Then on December 25 2012 at dawn the new Sun will arise and then begin to move North by one degree.

It is Jehovah / Yahweh who is 'killed' when the Great Year ends and the Age of Abba begins.

On December 21st 2012 the Age of Pisces ends with the celestial crucifixion of the Old God Sun in the Galactic Equator and the dark rift of the Milky Way, thus symbolising the end of the Platonic Year and the birth of a new Platonic Year and the birth of a New God Sun. The dark rift in the Milky Way is symbolic of the womb of Barbelo, the female creative emanation of Abba in the Gnostic texts. The black hole that sits at the Galactic centre is the womb of Barbelo that brings forth the New God Sun. The Old God Sun (Jehovah - also created by Barbelo) returns to the womb of Barbelo on December 21st 2012 to die. As the black hole is in direct conjunction with the Old God Sun as it enters the dark rift (womb) of the Milky Way it then symbolically ‘swallows’ the Old God Sun. Then the black hole gives forth a New God Sun (Abba) that is then given birth too from the womb of the Milky Way (the dark rift) three days later on December 25th. as the new solar year also begins.

On December 25th 2012 a New Platonic Year begins that coincides with the start of a new solar year and the birth of a New God Sun from the black hole at the Galactic Centre. The old solar sun as it sets on December 21st is about to die.

On December 22nd the old solar sun dies and for three days is dead and hung on the Southern Cross. This is the final solar crucifixion of the old solar sun - a symbolic representation of the Biblical christ - symbolising the end of the era of the Church and the false christ who has been used by the Church during the second half of the age of Pisces ( the age of matter, secular power and the Church). The false god that ruled over the old Platonic Year is dead ( Yaldabroath-Jehovah is dead ) and also the old solar sun god representation of that god dies as well ( the biblical false christ ).

As the old sun sets on December 21st 2012 then it will not be reborn again until December 25th 2012. On December 25th 2012 the new solar sun of Christos arises and a new day and new precession of the Equinoxes begins. This is the first new solar year of the era of the spiritual Christos, the time of the Second Coming of the Gnostic Christos and the start of the Age of the Holy Spirit.

The sun that is born on December 25th is the New God Sun of Abba, the God of Spiritual Love ( Amor and Christos who oppose Roma and Jehovah) who is the God of the new Platonic Year and the New Sun God. The solar Christos who is then crucified every December 22nd from 2012 onwards and who is reborn on December 25 th after stepping down from the Southern Cross is the solar sun representation of the Christos of the New Platonic Year of Abba.

The new sun is the New Sun God who rules the Era of Christos in the Age of Aquarius, that being the Father - Abba. The star constellation of Aquarius in the new Platonic Year of Abba symbolises the son of Abba, Christos. The Sun is both Abba and Christos, as they are both Father and the Son. The Sun is itself Abba (whose is numinous spiritual love) but it is his son, the visible solar Christos (visible light and heat), who we will see being crucified on December 25 th upon the Southern Cross from then on. The star constellation of Aquarius represents the celestial figure of Christos. The constellation of Aquarius is also symbolic of Allogenes, the celestial male /female Christos.

December 25th 2012 is Year 1 EA (the Era of Abba) and is the time of the Second Coming of Christos (The Age of Aquarius). This is also the start of the Age of Aquarius that begins to exert its full influence around 2150 and that will continue until around 4300 EC when the Age of Aquarius (Age of Christos) enters the constellation of Capricorn.

On December 25th 2012 a new sun is born, the new Age of Aquarius starts ( the age of Christos) and a new great Platonic Year commences (the reign of Abba).

December the 25th was the day of conception of Christos, who is then born on September the 21st which is the Autumn Equinox, and this is the 9 months from the date of conception and the birth in the star sign of Virgo.

Abba is the spiritual father of the new Platonic Year, and Christos is the celestial son of Abba who rules over the Age of Aquarius.

Christos is represented by the constellation of Aquarius, the water carrier. The Holy Grail of the Celestial Christos is the water bucket of the Aquarian Man. The water that flows from the Grail in the arms of Christos is divine spiritual wisdom (Grace) that begins to flow when the sacred union of the Soul, the Self Consciousness and the divine Spirit of Love (Abba) occurs. The water container is also symbolic of the clay amphora containing the Dead Sea Scrolls that were discovered in Upper Egypt in December 1945. The amphora contained knowledge of the lost Gnosis, and also dispensed new / old Wisdom.

The era of Abba is the era of the Perfecti, the Pneumaticos, the start of the time when Man is able to creatively self evolve and to start to repair the physical body that has been damaged through the actions of the demiurge Jehovah during the era of his reign.

The four corners of the solar cross are then Abba (North-Spiritual Love-Amor), the Self (South-self consciousness), the Soul (West-the unconscious) and Christos (East-Grace-coming down off the cross).

The Father - Abba - The New Sun God of the new Platonic Year - the spiritual father of Christos

The Son - Christos - The Aquarian Man - water carrier - the star constellation of Aquarius - the celestial Christos - the guide at night - Allogenes

The Sun - Christos - The New Solar Sun God - reborn each year on December 25th - the sun/son of Abba - the Solar Christos

The Milky Way = Barbelo - the female creative emanation of Abba - the Mother-Father - Holy Spirit = Tree of Life = Cygnus is the bird above the Milky Way, the Eagle perched on the Tree of Life = Epinoia

This new god Abba is the God of the new platonic year and also the god who rules over the Age of Aquarius through his son Christos. Abba is the New God, The Sun God. The era of the christian christ will be replaced by the archetype of Christos the water carrier. He is the son of Abba, the water carrier of wisdom, the son of Sophia, the bearer of the Holy Grail who dispenses the ever flowing waters of the Grace of the Gnosis so that each Soul may be set free from the containers of the Christian Church, the Koran or the Judaic laws of Moses that once held them in thrall.

The symbolism of the crucifixion is present at all endings of the Great Year. The time of the last equinox crucifixion was the moment of the psychic birth of mankind. This is symbolised by the Fall of man, or the Great Flood archetypes. The unleashing of the flood was amniotic fluid, released during the birth of the era of the precession equinox we are in now.

The purpose of the Creation of the universe by the divine immanent consciousness was the creation of human self consciousness. The spark of ego intelligence implanted into man is threatened at all times by the primal unconscious. The era of Christos is when the Self is merged with the Soul and access to the Spirit is achieved. There will be no more Shadows being projected in the Age of Aquarius, for the darkness will no longer exist. The unconscious will be open to the Self and the Soul will be illuminated by the light of the spirit.

This era that begins will be the Era of the Spirit.

On December 2012 we all are set free from the cross.

The old religions (containers) that once sought to hold the Soul in captive ignorance of its own divinity, will all eventually be smashed and destroyed and their power wane. In the Age of Aquarius the minds of Men will have direct access to the Spirit via the soul. In the age of Pisces the Soul was a captive of the demiurge and its religions, as two goldfish are held captive in a single goldfish bowl. The Soul was symbolised by the one of the fish symbols of Pisces, the two fishes being the self conscious and the unconscious, the soul. The two fish represented the conscious and unconscious, the eidolon and the daemon, the soul and the spirit both separated from each other and from God and the Spiritual Amor, each trapped in their own respective containers depending upon what lies the individual had been taught to believe as the basis of their respective religious belief structures. The Self and the Soul were both separated and constrained. Man was taught that his flesh was impure and that Spirit and Man were divided and union between the two was only allowed as taught by the Church, the Imam or the Priest.

The End of the Age of Pisces is the end of the division of the psyche. The Age of Aquarius is the era when the Soul and Self Consciousness will reunite within Man and the pure waters of wisdom will then flow directly from the divine spirit of Love forever into the Self. The individual Christos will discover their own inner revelation, and by so doing unlock the Kingdom of Heaven within themselves. The spirit of Wisdom and Love will flow from the Soul through the Self and out into the world.

In the era of Christos the soul of Man will commune with the divine spiritual love of Abba. Man will be able to commune directly with God via the Soul. For the Pneumatics in this era the unconscious will become open to the Ego-Self Consciousness. The memories of millions of years of human evolution stored as inherited neurones in the brain and that form the unconscious, will be accessible to conscious recall and the entire lives, experiences and deaths of our ancestors will be open to our minds. We will become immortal in our minds, experience the thoughts and actions of all our ancestors far back to the very beginning of life itself. The ‘I’ mind will be linked to the ’WE’ via the unconscious at the level where we were all once as one with all life. At the very start of all Life there Man will discover God waiting for him. Man will once more experience what it was to be a primate, a tree, a fish and an amphibian. And then when and where the first spark of life flashed into being in some primal rock pool of chemical sludge, there the mind will discover the presence of the divine and the portal into infinity.

This experience I believe has been experienced by certain shaman and mystics in the past. The poems of Taliesin state ;

I have been a blue salmon,
I have been a dog, a stag, a roebuck on the mountain,
A stock, a spade, an axe in the hand,
A stallion, a bull, a buck ………

I was with my Lord in the heavens,
When Lucifer fell into the depths of hell,
I carried a banner before Alexander;
I know the stars names from the north to the south,

The poem Cad Goddeu talks about such a transformation ;

I was in many shapes before I was released,
I was a slender, enchanted sword,
I was rain drops in the air, I was a stars beam,
I was a word in letter, I was a book in origin,
I was lanterns of light for a year and a half ;
I was a bridge that stretched over sixty estuaries;
I was a path, I was an eagle, I was a coracle in seas ;

Then later it says ;

Not from father or mother was I made ;
As for creation, I was created from nine forms of elements :
From the fruit of fruits, from the fruit of God at the beginning ;
From the primroses nd flowers of the hill, from the blooms of woods and trees ;
From the essence of the soils I was made,
From the bloom of nettles, from water of the ninth wave ‘.

These suggest that the ability to experience memories within the unconscious is a latent ability in all humans, and that moments exist when the human mind is capable of unlocking ancestral memories that exist as inherited neurones in the brain.

2012 is the moment, the exact moment to the minute, when the old god of this era dies and the old christ of the church dies. Then a new cycle of the precession of the Equinoxes begins, and a New Age begins and Christos is born and rules instead of the church and their false christ. This is also the age of Isa in Islam.

In Islam it states that Isa will be born and will replace the Koran - as will Christos replace the Bible.

The Age of Aquarius does not truly begin until around 2150 though, as the Astrological equinox and the celestial equinox are not in direct synchronisation. This means the next one hundred years from 2012 onwards will see the slow but inexorable collapse of the Christian churches and the power of the Popes, the end of all global orientated politicised versions of Islam and the power of Imams and an end to the politicisation and nationalism of Judaism and the power of the Priests.

The age we are living through now is the death of god. The mono-theistic desert god of the semite tribes that spread delusion and death across the world in all its religious guises will be dead. Jehovah, Allah and Yahweh will be dead. In their place Man will achieve union with the Spirit via the Soul and through knowledge of the Self each individual will discover within themselves the one true path to God.

Islam, Christianity and Judaism are all manifestations, according to an interpretation of the teachings of the Gnostic Christos, as all forms of the false creator god Yaldabroath. They can even be compared to a trinity, Saklas, Samael and Yaldabroath.

It is no coincidence that the three are at war with each other, as each seeks to survive the Crucifixion to come. Their hatred and the wars between them are a foreknowledge of the totality of their own destruction. In their insanity the scions of the same semitic God fight each other to the death without each realising that they all doomed to hang on the Cross with their god at The End of Days.

On December 21st 2012 as the ecliptic christ hangs on the Cross at the End of Days, the false god Jehovah that used both the Pharisees and the Romans to get him crucified, is crucified alongside him, but only Christos is reborn. Abba returns and banishes Jehovah and his legions forever.

2012 is the end of the rule of Popes, Imams and Priests. Man will learn that the Soul within is the sole key to the Kingdom of Heaven and that the Self itself is divine, and that the reunion of the Soul with the Spirit of God is the meaning of Life. The politicisation of Islam as in contemporary Islamism and the global Jihad prefigures the death of Islam, the secularisation of orthodox Christianity as in Western Christianity prefigures the death of Christianity and the nationalisation of Judaism as represented by Israel is the prefiguration of the death of Judaism. The wars we see in the Middle East are the final death struggles of the old god Yaldabroath and the slave religions he spawned. With Urizenic rage they bite and seize at each other like gripping beasts, tearing bloody rents in the earth and from each other as they struggle pitilessly against themselves.

The Islamic Jihadis blow up buses in Tel Aviv filled with Jews, the Israeli air force bombs Palestinian refugee camps filled with Arabs whilst the Christians sell both the Arabs and the Jews the guns and bullets they use to kill each other. Each wages war against the other, as a parallax of pain unfolds as they implode together.

For the next 150 years the death throes Jehovah / Yahweh / Allah/ Yaldaboath will drown the world in blood. Each will persecute the Perfecti and Pneumaticos that will be the bearers of the new Gnosis.

After 2150 then the true followers of the Christos will replace them all, and mankind will enter in a new era of spiritual communion with God.


Anonymous said...

Lee's column rises ever further... who can touch this piece?

The church?
The 'anti-fascists' (sic)?
The 'professional academics'?

Only those with the ability to reach for the stars could even begin to comprehend the subject material herein.

Anonymous said...

Personally, one of the best pieces that you have written on the spiritual.

On a slightly divergent note the prophecies of Nostradamus have been extensively quoted and abused by countless authors and commentators over the last few hundred years.

As you know Nostradamus makes various prophecies concerning the future (whether these are prophcies relating to his own time-frame of the 16th-century or much later no-one really knows).

I am open-minded about the so-called prophecies despite years studying them, and tend towards scepiticism of their relevence to today.

However, it is interesting to note that there are refernces in his quatrians to a mass 'Mongol' invasion of Europe. Some commentators believe this refers to the fears at the time of Muslim Turkish armies as these forces had been threatening Europe for centuries, culminating in the decisive Battle of Vienna in 1683 which saw the final vanquishment of the Ottoman Turkish empire from Europe.

However, if you look at the prophecies in a different perception it is possible to marry the two up in a sense in that since the 1960s Muslim migration into Europe has developed so much so that with mass migration and high birth-rates Muslims are dominating many European city areas and even creating no-go zones and even Sharia Law.

Whether prophecy or coincidental, this massive wave of Muslim immigrants certainly represents a Muslim invasion of Europe.

It doesn't have to occur as a military assualt on Europe. As this historic phase has shown mass immigration over 40 years has completely created transformation within many European societies and if it isn't checked it will lead to undoubted civil strife and civil war.

Then the Muslim invasion of Europe will have been completed.