Friday 2 May 2008

UKIP Results

The UK Independence Party gained its second councillor in Hartlepool when Martyn Aiken was elected to the Unitary Authority by an eight-vote majority. Labour lost its majority on the council, which moved to no overall control when the Conservatives also won an additional seat.

Martyn Aiken polled 396 votes against Labour’s 388 and pushed the sitting Liberal Democrat councillor into third place with 321 votes.

The result was a testament to hard, prolonged work in the Foggy Furze ward by Mr Aiken and the Hartlepool UKIP team under Chairman Eric Wilson who have repeatedly leafleted and canvassed the ward over the past two years.

UKIP’s existing Hartlepool Councillor, Stephen Allison (elected 2006), says having another seat in the chamber will make quite a difference to the effectiveness of Hartlepool UKIP because it can now propose and second motions.

There were some disappointments for UKIP Hartlepool. The party’s second target seat was held by the Liberal Democrats on 419 votes with UKIP second on 417. The third target seat was Rossmere, held by the sitting Labour councillor with 488 votes, while UKIP again came second with 373.

Hartlepool Conservatives fielded “spoiler” candidates in several wards, where they split the vote sufficiently to ensure sitting Labour councillors were re-elected. Will Hartlepool Council become a Labour/Tory alliance? Politics can make strange bedfellows.


They have spent more than 7 MILLION POUNDS since 2000 and today they win 2 seats.



That money could have got the BNP into Parliament instead it keeps you in luxury and lap dancers you stooge.

UKIP = System Safety Valve

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