Friday 2 May 2008

More on the Left

Here is the list for Respect results ;

Local election resuls so far

In an tight contest in Preston, Town Centre, Muktar Master took 37% of the vote and was narrowly forced into second place. In Manchester Rusholme, Nahella Ashraf won 12.5%, coming third. In Birmingham, Handsworth Raghib Ashan took 11%, and third place. Our second candidate in Manchester, Gorton South, Sue McPherson, got 9.6%, also coming third. Other very creditable result in so far include:

Birmingham, Hansworth and East Lozells - 711 votes, 11%, 3rd place
Preston, Riversway, Elaine Abbott - 99 votes, 7.2%, 5th place
Preston, St Matthews, Danielle Field - 61 votes, 5%, 4th place
Preston, Fishwick, Pete Agland, 107 votes, 8.5%, 3rd place
Walsall, Pleck, Martin Lynch - 203 votes, 5.8%, 4th place
Portsmouth, Central Southsea, John Molyneux, 159 votes, 5%, 5th place
Portsmouth, Charles Dickens, Lee Sprake - 172 votes, 7.5%, 5th place

Full results and analysis as the counts come in on Friday.

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Heres the Greens from their website ;




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