Saturday 17 May 2008

This song is pure class - it reminds me of the early Manic Street Preachers.

Sleipnir - rocking out.

This band has real talent.

Auch Das Bist Du.


Anonymous said...


What a band.

What a concept.

What talent.

These boys encapsulate what is best about the Northern Folk Soul.

Principled in remaining true to their roots.

Uncorrupted by the pressures of money and fame.

Close to their ancestral heritage.

And proud.

This is how nationalist politicians should emulate. Nationalist politicians need to encourage such creativity of their kin and begin feeling those roots within the Northern Soul of which all us indigenous Europeans are a part of.

Nationalists should listen to such music and the pride and honour manifested within it to reflect on their own attitudes and behaviour.

Individual egos and selfish power games must be subordinated to the collective interests of the Northern Folk Soul.

The individual ego itself is at the mercy of the Jehovah/Demiurge spiritual powers that seek to destroy our Northern Folk Soul, and our race and culture.

It is up to nationalists to discipline themselves and abide by the code of honour and not allow their egos to be subverted by money and power.

Until nationalists realise that the individual ego must be sacrificed to the greater good and serve it with honour, will nationalism remain an impotent force.

Everything is really secondary.

Listen to Sleipnir and wake up to who you are.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sleipnir show the way forward for the nationalist music scene.

Our German brothers have demonstrated that music doesn't necessarily have to be loud, violent, aggressive.

It doesn't have to contain lyrics of hate or alienation, bearing contempt for other races.

It shows that nationalism, if properly understood and channelled by creative individuals and through visionary leadership,can be a force for good.

That it belongs to the future, not the past.

That it can breath pride and love of one's identity and past, of the nation's glories and acheivements.

That it can recognise and honour the ancestors of that nation and its fallen from wars.

That those who listen can be changed from the inside by the power of rich music and beautiful lyrics.

If only British nationalist musicians could emulate this. Instead of the rancid hate-filled aggression of Oi which celebrates negativity and despair, essentialy a cry of defeat in adversity, this is music to inspire, to create, to rise to new heights and music to celebrate.

Come on British nationalist musicians. We need less Oi and folk and more original material.