Monday 12 May 2008

The Saxon Code

The Saxon Code.

No crown but ours shall govern here,
No strangers rule with gold or fear,
No plow but ours may slough the loam,
No prow but ours slash the spume,
No hand but ours may bind our kin,
No gods but ours proclaim a sin,
No law but ours may stay a blow,
No hand but ours may draw a bow,
No men but ours may hunt the land,
No sons but ours bear sword in hand,
No word but ours shall we trust,
No flags be flown except of us,
No land but ours do we demand,
No more than what we have farmed,
No strangers slaving on our soil,
No man unpaid or forced to toil
No heroes priased but ours alone,
No other kin but our blood and bone
No strangers to tell us who we are,
No obedience to any foreign laws.


Anonymous said...

Ciao Padania Libera!

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Anonymous said...

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Butlers mislead
And so are you

Any good?