Friday 2 May 2008

Results So Far

The good news is that we on the way to the 40 seats I forecast.
The total number of councillors elected last night and the total number of councillors elected unopposed to parish and town councils should push our numbers up to the near 40 mark by the end of the day.

The most important thing though is that we have retained our percentage of the vote nationally, even though we are fighting in many different wards and areas from the last round of elections.

This shows that the BNP core support around the country AT THE MOMENT is about 10-14 %.

This our community base, and the one we will build on.

What is interesting is that so far the Greens have won less councillors than the BNP, which considering the endless way the media allow them to promote themselves in the papers, at the hustings and on the news shows us that if the BNP were allowed the same level of media exposure then our vote would probably double.

News just in from Richard Barnbrook in London.

Apparently over 40 %of the ballot boxes so far returned to the count in the GLA have had their seals removed and holes cut into the sides of the boxes to enable people to remove votes.

Add to this the laughable so called 70 % turnout which is just a joke, the hundreds of thousands of fake postal votes applied for and tellers in Lambeth and other areas under investigation for spoiling ballot papers - then it appears the New Labour Zimbabwe elections of Browns Banana Republic are up to a new level of corruption.

If only Richard gets elected then this is evidence of corruption, if Richard does not get elected then we no longer live in a democracy.

Take note - if our democracy is now so corrupt that the ballot box and voting can be used to subvert free and fair elections then sooner or later our democracy will fall.

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