Friday 2 May 2008

Onwards and Upwards !

It appears that for the idiots of Lancaster Unity, they expected (in their delusional states) that the BNP vote would sky rocket and also that the BNP would be dissapointed today if the BNP did not win dozens or hundreds of new council seats.

This is proof of their utter imbecility - as that sort of thing doesnt happen in a corrupt Banana Republic characterised by massive fraud and a corrupt media, such as Browns Britain.

Neither is that what the BNP wants, as the end result of any bubble of mass growth is that the bubble always bursts.

A firework goes up and then collapses - what the bnp wants is slow, organic growth.

What we want, and what we have gained is continual slow organic growth, and we have achieved the most important thing of all - which is that communities have got used to us being in their midst and that they are taking tentative steps to voting for us.

In spite of the media lies, the Searchlight pro-Labour anti-BNP leafets, the trade union lie leaflets and the postal votes farce - the BNP stabilised and has achieved a national support base of around 10-14 %.

We are now a fixture in all communities across the country and in all the communities we stand we are now coming second or third in almost all seats.

In those areas we dont do so well at the moment, then all we need to do is do more work in the future.

As the New Stateman has written ;

"The party's vote has grown exponentially at general elections, too. In 1992, it won 7,005 votes; in 1997 it won 35,832; in 2001 it won 47,129; in 2005 it won 192,746. What is behind the growth of the BNP? How has it managed to gain a toehold in local politics?"

The New Statesman, unlike the thick as pig shit trotskyite Bed Sit Bolsheviks in Lancaster Unity and the rest of the retarded Red sections of the internet, have realised that for a true anti-establishment party to come to power in the country then its rise must be slow and predicated on gaining experience at all stages of the electoral process, not just getting voted straight into power.

We have to train our people in all aspects of electioneering, community work, practical politics and how the system operates.

The moment we have scores of people thrown in the deep end of the corrupt sewer of British politics with no experience of how British politics works, then success would destroy us and them.

Our people have to first understand the corrupt political system and then acclimatise to the toxic swamp of British politics that they are forced to swim in.

One of the main benefits of the slow growth process is that it is now impossible for the media, and the red morons, to call us extremists as we now have the support of about 10-15 % of the British public.

That is the community base upon which we will build our future support bases, as the present political and economic system begins to choke and collapse on its vomit and corruption.

In fact the only extremists are the media (who have NO electoral mandate) and the reds (who also have no electoral mandate) who ARE the only extremists in the UK.

The problem with idiots on sites like Lancaster Unity is that because they and the politics they support have NEVER been supported by the British public, they no longer understand British politics.

They see the world through the same myopic glasses that they have always done, and as a result they see nothing clearly.

UKIP will today see their last London representatives wiped away.

They have almost no councillors anymore and their support has collapsed.

The UKIP parrot is now deceased.

At the next Euro elections their final MEP's will be wiped away.

UKIP are the perfect example of the Bubble and Burst scenario - they expanded because of Kilroy and then Kilroy was the big prick that burst their bubble.

UKIP are like a punctured ballon with the last of the air hissing out of it like a deflating wind bag.

The Greens and the BNP are now almost neck and neck for support - even though the Greens are the beneficiaries of mainstream media support.

In modern British politics what matters is not the sprint, but the long game.

Only the parties that put in place the preparations at the community level can grow from the communities into Parliament.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Lee. I used to have many a tussle with Garside when she was brave enough to debate on an open forum but she soon used to scuttle off as her mask slipped so often.

Can never unsterstand how people are so gullible to be led by an unelected unaccountable mouthpiece such as she.