Saturday 3 May 2008


As part of our sEarchlight translation service we have decoded the following statement from Searchlight about the recent elections.

Here below is the Searchlight spin on the election with my translations next to it in bold italics to decipher the Searchlight spin ;

Nice report here from Nick Lowles of Searchlight

Waking up to a different London


So the BNP has one person on the London Assembly.

( oh no ! they did it. How could the masses ignore us and our lies, its a bit of luck we arent a business as we would all be sacked. Nver mind at least the cheques keep coming in from all you lefty suckers to keep us in luxury. ha ha you lefty mugs ! )

If someone had offered us this two days ago, coupled with a net gain of just ten councillors across the country, we would have jumped at it.

( OH NO THEY DID IT ! How are we gonna bullshit our way out of this !! I know lets pretend that defeat is victory and put our fingers in our ears, close our eyes and go LA LA LA LA LA LA LA until it all just goes away - dont forget to keep sending me and gerry those cheques though you suckers )

The media's one-sided obsession with immigration and migration and in particular the BBC's and Channel Four's fascination with the anniversary of Enoch Powell, together with the obvious collapse in support for Labour, meant we entered polling day fearing the worst.

( It wasnt enough for us to have EVERY newspaper in the country putting out anti-BNP propaganda, what we want is a total end to free speech, an end to any debate on immigration and the media forced to repeat ' Immigration is good for Britain and the BNP are nazis' on every channel 24/7 or be shot as racists )

Even the BNP was predicting 40 new councillors and three on the London Assembly.

(Comment from me here - DONT LIE lOWES YOU SAD SACK OF SHIT - No the BNP didnt say it would win 40 seats, I did on my PRIVATE BLOG. I was almost right. Fraud kept us getting the correct number of seats and media bullshit and lies damaged our vote elsewhere. Seeing as the BNP have gone through one of the most protracted internal splits in its history due to red and state infiltration and some activists in important areas as a result of misplaced loyalty have spent more time posting on stormfront and the Lancaster unity site and the Voice of Change site than delivering leaflets or helping the BNP campaign , we have done brilliant )

That they didn't achieve this was down to the hard work of literally thousands of activists across London and the rest of the country.

( We failed - how are we gonna spin that - I know lets pretend WE WON !! what a fucking genius idea - the people who send us the money for this shit are all tossers anyway and they will believe anything the mugs )

We have never had so many people involved in the anti-BNP campaign before.

( Never in the history of British politics have so many lies been told about a political party, so many illegal leaflets been distributed and so much bullshit been printed in the media by so many people for so little return )

Against the odds, both political and climatic, decent people took to the streets and campaigned for HOPE not hate.

( WE FAILED - regardless of all the communist scum we mobilised and dumb liberals and whatever we did the BNP still advanced, kept their support base and got a seat on the GLA - we really must be a bunch of incompetent cockheads if with the media, trades unions, churches all on our side and with so much money thrown at us to have failed so badly - anyway what the fuck does 'climatic' mean !!, if I put this in perhaps we can blame the BNP for climate change as well ha ha ha ha )

We suffered a few defeats but overall we held back the BNP, and in many areas we actually reduced their vote.

( Christ I hope they believe this , otherwise we are fucked. I hope non-one realises just how fucking useless we really are. Never mind , I made a few bob out of it, we sold a few crap t-shirts, got a few non-entity third rate celebs to come on board and I had a few days on the piss. It was alright for me ha ha ha ha - KER CHING - KER CHING - ha ha ha ha )

Even in London, their biggest prize, we succeeded.

( Fuck me - even I dont believe this crap. Those who believe this must be the biggest mugs on the planet- ha ha ha ha suckers. Keep sending the cheques )

In 2004 the BNP polled 4.8%, just missing out on a seat by 0.2%. In the same election UKIP polled over 8%. Since 2004 the BNP has grown significantly in outer East London and generally become a household brand. With the collapse of UKIP we really believed that the BNP were on course for two, if not three, seats.

( Lets just pretend that a million poles havent come to the UK and been given votes in the GLA elections - that way we can pretend the BNP vote went down when the turnout went up and more immigrants than English voted in the elections )

In the end they just got one.

( Just one ! ha ha ha ha even I dont believe I am writing this crap - thats all they needed. If we pretend that just one seat is irrelevant perhaps our idiot funders will keep shelling out the dosh to us - last week we were calling it a disaster if the BNP get a single seat, now its not a prblem. I hope nobody reads what we wrote, otherwise they will think I am a right cock )

They polled 5.4%, hardly increasing their share of the vote.


Obviously, the BNP getting anyone elected is bad but we can all be proud that we helped keep them to just that.

( oh shit they got one elected and everythign we did was a total waste of time, what cocks we are)

Indeed, for much of the day we actually thought there was a chance that we were going to stop them altogether.

( That was some good shit we were all smoking yesterday. Gerry was so off it he saw a pink elephant in hule hul skirt doing the samba on top of the GLA building - oh how we laughed, who said that only Pete Doherty is the only lefty on drugs - WE ALL FUCKING ARE HA HA HA HA ! )

The campaign against the BNP will continue.

( Keep them cheques coming in suckers - me and gerry cant get real jobs so we depend on your stupidity to keep us rich )

We will expose the incompetence of their councillors, ( In reality all we have done is we have revealed OUR incompetence in stopping them getting elected ) we will highlight the extremism of their politics ( we will continue to tell lies ) and we shall work to bring hope instead of hate to communities ( we will continue to sponge off you as we are useless tossers who cant do real jobs ).

There are several new fronts around the country where the BNP has now emerged and we have to start working.

( We have new bank accounts set up and want more money )

Next year we also have the European Elections where they will pose a serious threat in several regions. However, we feared that London would act as a springboard for future success but with just 5.4% we have shown that the vast majority of people continue to reject the politics of hate and that there is still everything to play for.

( Fuck me I hope these idiots beleve this crap - I must sound a right mug ha ha ha ha )

And in many of their heartlands, such as Sandwell, where the BNP vote has halved in two years, we have shown that we can beat them anywhere.

( Lets hope that the BNP doesnt dedicate all its time, energy and resources to winning elections in the Euros instead of fighting against our plot as they did this time )

I would like to finish be reiterating my thanks to everyone who got involved in this campaign.


There are lessons to be learnt and techniques to improve

( send me more money suckers ) but we can safely say that we did our bit to prevent the BNP making a major breakthrough ( WE DID FUCK ALL BUT CASH THE CHEQUES BUT I BEST NOT SAY THAT ) and I look forward to continuing the fight together. ( send me more money suckers )

HOPE still won out over hate.



Anonymous said...

HA HA HA HA! Brilliant stuff Lee, what a complete set of fucktards these lefties are!

May I add another translation?

"We campaign on HOPE not HATE"

"We HOPE mass-immigration continues so we can line our own pockets while Britain is reduced to a third-world dump. This is because we HATE Britain and the white indeginous British but hey, you don't expect us to tell the truth do you?"

The numpties who follow these marxist cretins possess as much nous as turkeys voting for Christmas.

No offence to Turkeys.




Anonymous said...

ha ha very good that and it just goes to show the shear incompetence of these people, reading someone's private blog and then turning it into official BNP opinion.

Anonymous said...

"Firstly my thanks to all of you for keeping us so well informed over the last few days, and sharing the laughter and the tears its been great."

By Tulip

No tears this end just laughter and shear delight. by way of a small condolense there's plenty of choice of dummies to suck on.

You're surrounded by them on LUF.

Anonymous said...

Considering the establishment are keeping our economy afloat by the skin of their (sorry, our) teeth, the fact that the BNP have GLA representation whilst we STILL bask in the luxury of financial wellbeing is absolutely amazing.

The minute our economy collapses after decades of mis-management, the really big BNP gains will come.

Watch what you say and do before we come to power, professional Commies - we're taking notes. To be used fairly and above board in a court of law, of course.

Anonymous said...

"Watch what you say and do before we come to power, professional Commies - we're taking notes. To be used fairly and above board in a court of law, of course."

Well said Strider and in some cases imagine what the mitigation will be:-

"I vos only following ze orders".

Anonymous said...

Lee can you confirm either way if it is you posting on the Oxfordshire forum?