Saturday 30 October 2010

Another 2 Jump Before They are Pushed

In less than 24 hours two more BNP councillors have resigned.

Alex Copland, Loughton Town Council in eastern region went yesterday.

And David Owens as well ;

After reading Griffins statements here, it may be very wise for them to leave ahead of the BNP imploding due to its debts -

“No matter what happens on 8 November, and no matter what financial pressures are brought to bear on this party, our pledge to the cause of Britain is this: that we will never give up,” Mr Griffin told BNP News.

“The enemies of Britain think they can break us financially. They think that if they keep us in court, the party will stop functioning if it is bled dry. I want to tell them this: our movement is stronger than that.

“Our movement will continue no matter what, because we are motivated by a noble spirit which is foreign and inexplicable to our enemies.

“Our cause comes from within us, and the strength to carry on is a fountain which their financial pressure cannot break.

“Nothing, and I repeat, nothing, not financial pressure, not legal cases, not their media-smears, will break us. We will carry on in one form or another until we have secured the right of our people to live in peace and freedom in their homeland.”
Since when did he stop refering to 'the party' and start talking about 'the movement'? Presumably a movement cannot be wound up hence his preference for the term. Apologies for recycling old news.

Note no reference to the party, just 'the movement'.

This is virtually an admission that the BNP is going to longer exist after just one of the three legal cases it faces hits it in the next few weeks.

And who is responsible for every single one of those legal cases - Griffin.

The idiot himself.

But Griffin wants you to join his new Civil Rights group, an idea he stole totally from me, which unfortunately for him he has no idea how to deploy as I never told him.

So eventually he will cock that up as well.

The BNP is like a rotting fish - and the rot always begins with the head and then moves down the body.

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Dr Shipman voted Tory said...

Cllr Alex Copeland was an ex member of ANAL and caused fellow BNP cllrs great embarrassment by turning up to council meetings with 70's ANAL badges that he had kept.
He was in my opinion a plant and he (with 2 degrees) did his job very well.
UAF should appauld him and give him a top job with their party.

Talitubbie said...

Well lets face it, with Jefferscum the crook so high up the trough then no one wants to be below him!!!

Defender of Liberty said...

Another 'red' eh

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

cant you think of a new one yet !

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

For the record, I have not jumped ship, I am still a BNP councillor and have joined the "independant group" so that they and I get a fair share of the committee seat distribution. In order to be a group the meber do not have to be in the same political party.
Re check the Boston Borough Council website for the proof.

Cllr David Owens

cllr.alex copland said...

I am a newcomer to the internet and especially the art of e'mailing. I have no idea whom "Dr Shipman" is. I have only recently discovered his anonymous culumny of me.

I stood in 5 elections for the BNP. I have had threatening telephone calls. I was invited to become the proof reader for the 'Voice'. I did leave the party in October 2010, but I have retained the 'whip' - as these were the terms under which I was elected.

As for being a plant, I should remind you that the party is a clique. You get selected for area organiser - you are not elected. It ain't what you know but who you know (and you blame the Party's lack of success on somebody who cannot even gain access to your missives - what guts?)

I have been considering joining the LRA. (I presumes, from your gutlessness, that you are local; and that you know that I have two degrees, so no explanation is necessary.) Until I saw your limpwristedly typed 'yellow' e -mail I could not decide. May I thank you from the heart of my bottom for helping me decide.