Monday 25 October 2010

BNP Loses another councillor

Another BNP councillor goees, thats three in a week.

It looks like the entire structure of Nick 'Ponzi Scheme' Grffin's BNP is falling apart.

As for the truly mad Dowson, presently posting under another new name on the BDF forum when drunk at night, I suspect his 'exile' from the court of Ponzi Nick is more to do with the imminent court case dates and protecting the money siphoned off out of the BNP and into Dowsons front companies.

By Dowson walking away now I suspect they think they will protect the money diverted from the BNP into Dowsons companies, a plan probably endorsed by Jane Phillips who is advising Nick.

It is a shame that Jane Phillips has got involve with the BNP as she has done some sterling work for the Steadfast Trust.

From the blog of Michael Simpkins "Confessions of a taxi driver"

Important announcement

Cash flow is the life blood of any business. Of course cash flow doesn’t have to be cash. It can be money in a bank account in credit or form of an overdraft. It can be available credit on a credit card or simply cash in hand. When it runs out the business cannot operate.

I have been in that situation too often. It is not because the business is not performing, it is because most businesses to business transactions are done on a buy now pay later basis. In other words I do the work and send out an invoice. There is a large element of trust involved that the invoiced business will pay on time; if they don’t I still have to pay my bills on time and that is when the cash flow dries up.

When the cash flow dries up you have to go cap in hand to the bank to increase your own borrowing at a cost to you or not pay your own bills on time, leaving you with a history of tardy payments to your own creditors. Worst of all you cannot pay yourself a wage out of your own business and your family goes without.

Therefore I am disappointed to hear that The British National Party is not paying its bills. I know from personal experience of two local printers who had to wait six months for payment and that was only after a lot of badgering to Head Office by myself and other officials to get them paid. These are small family businesses like my own who take a risk doing any work for the BNP. It is also personally embarrassing when you walk into that business and get told that they still haven’t been paid.

It has been confirmed to me that the Party has attempted to enter into a voluntary payment agreement with its creditors of 20% of all money owed in final settlement. These are businesses like the two mentioned before that risked all doing business with the BNP and supplied the goods or services on trust that they would be paid. More importantly they will undoubtedly be British businesses, the kind of business we claim to support and encourage.

These businesses may well suffer financial hardship because the BNP has dried up their cash flow and their families will go without. They may even go out of business and certainly won’t do business with us again. It is not the way I do business.

As an honourable businessman I cannot stay with any organisation that puts other businessmen out of business or their families in financial hardship. More importantly it is a breach of trust and may even be criminal if the intent to pay was never there in the first place.

For these reasons I am resigning my membership of the British National Party with immediate effect. I will retain my place on Corsham Town Council until the end of the current term in 2013 and reconsider my options then.

About me

Elected to Corsham Town Council in 2007 as a BNP councillor, it caused quite a fuss at the time. I have my own taxi business specialising in transport for the disabled in wheelchairs. I campaign locally on road safety issues and the rights of easy access to buildings by people in wheelchairs. I am no longer a member of The British National Party.

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mathress said...

Simpkins is a twat and we never completely trusted him as well you know.

The bottom line is the BNP goes on. You so called "reformers" have split into at least two camps and are bickering amongst yourselves, the BNP has now rid itself of some troublesome people at the time and in the manner of our choosing.

Having scores of councillors was great fun but it doesn't advance the party one iota and it doesn't bring the financial benefits that having MEPs brings to us.

The BNP is roughly where it wants to be, refreshed, invigorated and purged of the limp wristed liberals, the eccentrics and the nutters. Yes we need more money but we are bringing that in with the campaign and our creditors will be paid a fair rate at a time and in a manner determined by us.

The fact is Barnes you thought you were jumping a sinking ship but the ship sailed on and you were left floundering in the water, drowning like the cunt you are while we looked back from the boat and laughed lol.

Treason is still an offence in this country and when the BNP is in power you and your deformist friends in the Buttler camp will be united once more - on the gallows lol.

Defender of Liberty said...

Here we see the lunatics in the BNP.

I bet simpkins was a red - lol ha ha ha ha

you are a nutter.

haeyonat said...

I am a nutter am I you cunt, you are the king nutter what is why you are called Bonkers Barnes!

Simpkins was a wrong 'un, don't know whether he was a red but I never trusted him and nor did the leadership.

The BNP has done some spring cleaning lately and your going to see some magnificent things happening very shortly, things that you won't be part of, shame lol.

Defender of Liberty said...

Care in the community worked well for many mentally challenged people, you though, need locking up.



free_englishman said...

"The BNP has done some spring cleaning lately and your going to see some magnificent things happening very shortly ... "

ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha !!!!!!!!

docyc said...

Problem is councillors get comfortable but when their with the BNP they get hassle from the establishment and its so easy for them to turn their backs on the BNP and betray the sweat and toil of the loyal activists who put them their in the hope for a quiet life.

They are weak and fickle like most of the members to be honest, but people like you who encourage them Barnes are dirty filthy scum sucking bastards who should be hung for treason to the party and to the leader. You are nothing but Searchlight gutter filth.

You can take the piss out of me now from the safety of your shit blog but youll have your political day of recknoning day pal you just wait and see. If your so smart why have you named your new party after a 1930's fascist movement you prick lol.

Anonymous said...

The leadership trusted simpkins enough to be the trusted individual that was picked to hear the collettgate tape that apparently heard collett say he was going to have griffin and dowson assasinated.(Nuneaton holiday inn) The tape was of course a pile of shite that didn't stand up to testing by the police. This crock of shit is what led to my resignation. Leadership=liars