Monday 18 October 2010

The BNP - a party of thieves

There are few things as despicable as stealing from friend.

I dont know if the documents put up by Eddy Butler on his blog here ;

are real documents or are a pathetic attempt by Griffin and Dowson to try and drag people into discrediting themselves by publishing them as true, but if they are real documents relating to a real threat put forward by Dowson to BNP creditors - then Griffin and Dowson are disgusting crooks.

These people have been friends of nationalism for years, this is why they gave the BNP credit in the first place.

To then threaten them with a ' you get nothing if you ask for what you are owed ' letter is the action of a fraudster - and true to form for Dowson.

You do not rip off the nationalists and small British businesses who have supported nationalism for years - it is akin to stealing from a friend.

Better the BNP collapses into insolvency with honour, rather than threatening the very people who supported the party with such a disgusting and obvious fraud.

The BNP is a sick pathetic joke.

Anyone who donates money into it is a total mug.

The fact that the BNP is now prepared to rip off its own friends to keep Dowson and Griffin is money is proof that they are crooks.

Yet again the business skill of Nick Griffin has led into bankruptcy.

The man cannot be trusted to run a bath let alone a political party.

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Anonymous said...

What a charming letter!
I am sure that the lovely Mr. Dowson even thinks in 'Readers Digest'. I love how the very special preferred creditors get the fantastic - limited time offer - once in a life time chance to seek their own shafting!

Anonymous said...

Heir Jefferson is leaning on GE candidates to cough up more money for the last election

Anonymous said...

Trust me Lee, they are true.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has a history of not paying for work done by members and telling officers to try not to make such payments even where there was a contract .So he & Dowson would have no problem of consience or integrity not paying contractors, even small family businesses dependant on those payments. Of course, family and henchmen get paid.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Griffin was prepared to go against an agreement made before a judge in order not to pay Michaela McKenzie ,( the conclusion of that matter needs to be pursued through the courts without delay) so he will not be concerned about not paying printers,etc.
Question still is if creditors dont get paid then where did all the funds raised for the General Election go to ?
This really does require a fraud squad investigation.

Anonymous said...

I think Eddy has been taken for a mug here. Given the wording of the letter, I think we can assume it is a fake and was released so that the likes of Eddy would publicise it - only for Griffin to denounce it as a fake and prove Butler a liar.

Anonymous said...

Dowson nor Griffin can denounce the letter as a fake. It is real.