Wednesday 29 September 2010

Kriss Donald and PC Idiot Coppers

I wonder how many investigations these PC pigs have undertaken into racist violence against whites by Muslims, Dual Nationality Pakistani's etc in Scotland ?

I wonder if these PC pigs would have classified the Kriss Donald attack as a race crime and prioritised it when he was attacked ?

How many race crimes against whites are classified as hate crimes from the start in relation to crimes against non-whites by the PC pigs ?

More PC double standards by a racist, corrupt PC pig police force.

Police pledge swifter response to racism and homophobia than 'ordinary' crime
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Published Date: 29 September 2010
By Gareth Rose
POLICE are looking to drive up reporting of hate crime by promising minorities will see a swifter and tougher response to offenders, than other victims.

The new hate-crime guidance manual is aimed at instigating a cultural change in policing and, as a result, throughout Scotland.

Police will stress to officers that victims from minorities suffer more when a crime is motivated by prejudice than a member of the general public would from the same offence.

Assistant Chief Constable Mike McCormick, of Lothian and Borders Police, said: "We wanted to make sure our own staff were aware of the impact hate crime has.

"If you punch me in the nose because you don't like me because of the colour of my skin, race, sexuality or whatever, that has a longer effect because I'm thinking that not only does this person not like me, but lots of other people won't like me either.

"If someone is already struggling with a disability then a hate crime can leave them thinking not only do I have a physical problem, but I also have a social problem because people don't like me.

"It has a much more significant effect on victims and I want people to pick up on that.

"If people say 'I had not meant any harm' it was just a bit of loose language, we're saying think hard before you say something. And we want victims of hate crime to know this is how we feel."

The new manual brings together best practice from the various eight Scottish forces that was put in place following the Stephen Lawrence inquiry in 1999.

The inquiry into the murder of the black teenager in 1993 found the Metropolitan Police to be "institutionally racist", a verdict has had repercussions that continue to affect UK policing.

The manual represents a promise to protect, not only ethnic minorities, but anyone who might be prejudiced against because of age, disability, gender including transgender, race including gypsy/travellers, religion or belief, and sexual orientation.

It is backed by new powers in the Offences Aggravated by Prejudice (Scotland) Act, which was passed in Scottish Parliament earlier this year.

Sergeant Martin White, of the diversity unit at Lothian and Borders Police, one of the officers who wrote the manual, said: "(Under the act] if someone is arrested for hate crime, we must look to put them before the courts as soon as possible, if not from custody then bailed to appear as soon as possible.

"In the courts, hate crime has to be recorded and reflected in the sentence. It gives the courts the chance to give an appropriate sentence.

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Anonymous said...

What a load of bullshit that is. Marxism in action, promoted by a Commissar committing treason against the indigenous British.

Still, the masses that make up the lunatic asylum called "Great" Britain will lap up every drop of this multicultural vommit just as they have for the last 60 years.



Adrian Peirson said...

It is quite amazing how, through the use of words you can push almost any agenda you wish, clearly those new powers are aimed at whitey, but they are worded in such a way as to garner sympathy for minorities an instill shame on whites for being racist.
Let this police officer walk alone in Africa, Asia, the middle east or south America, I doubt he'd make it back alive.
Would this police officer dare walk alone through many of our city centres at night, I challenge him to do so, he's a brainwashed moron who is helping to commit Genocide against the Indigenous British people.
Any white that is attacked, stabbed 18times with a screwdriver, castrated, set alight whilst alive would be instantly shoved under the carpet, the information 'dissapeared' as effectively as Charlene Downes' body who this aledged Copper has most likely never heard of, along with most British Victims.
Maybe someone somewhere should start a sticker campaign at major thoroughfares, road crossings, tube stations.
Ron Paul ran an effective campaign at the last election because the media were ignoring him.
His campaign message was Who is Ron Paul.

Maybe as a way of bringing such matters to public attention Nationalists should do the same.
a small sticker on the handrail of every tube station in London.

Who is Charlene Downes, or Kriss Donald, maybe with a link to I am an englishman
or the fallen list, the public are not going to find this information unless we or someone puts it in front of them, sooner rather than later.

If the campaign can work for Ron Paul, why not Nationalism.

Crime in the UK

Dr Ron Paul discussed how the two party system works, it is a charade, once we are fed up with one party we throw the rascals out and are allowed to vote in the other party who are working to the same agenda, so nothing changes, sound familiar ?.

quote from Prof Carroll Quigley's book Tragedy and Hope

Adrian Peirson said...

millionaire businessman

Bankrolls EDL

Anonymous said...

I think that I have seen it all, yet everyday there seems to be something that makes my blood boil.

We must stop this government in its tracks and put things right once and for all.


Potteries Community Federation said...

Don't the police and the other establishment bodies talk a load of cack?
The law says that a racist incident is one which you consider to be racist. If that doesn't curtail your freedoms, and trample your rights, then I'm a f***ing Scotsman!

Biggest bunch of racists in this country are these politically correct, marxist, liberal tossers that have infested the establishment, courtesy of the electorates apathy.
Time to get up and kick some arse.

Craig Pond, PCF.

Adrian P said...

Summary of Swedish Election Campaign

French Blog, use googe to translate.

Unknown said...

Idiots is the word, a refusal to do things in the interests of ones people is the height of stupidity. Supports my view that the police are a parasitical, thuggish waste of space - better of without them. Crime would decrease as people become empowered. They have imasculated our communities. The first step is to decentralize then localize.
They're more or less a private force for the elites now anyway - better off without them.

Adrian Peirson said...

Ireland's 'We are Change

confronts David Rockefeller


extant said...

I know im off the subject, but have you given this any thought-

Peter Boatman the supplier of the Taser that killed Roaul Moat.

Another David Kelly !!


BGD said...

Sent you a message on BDF, cheers

Anonymous said...

What a hame we till see nick wasting time on peak oil which if anything plays strait into the globalists and eco loons hands.

Even if it were an issue it is of no great importance at this moment in time, we are running fast into a fascist global goverment, we should be exposing that and the people and methods behind it, no one gives a crap about peak oil, it means nothing to no one as we are being deliberately deindustialised and forced back into the dark ages anyway.

Its time Nick exposed the money masters and stop wasting time on stuff that does nothing for the movement, if anything it makes things worse.

This is bald men fighting over a comb.

Anonymous said...

You OK Lee?