Friday 22 October 2010


Just days after telling creditors to accept 20p in the £ or face the probability of getting no payment whatsoever , here is a statement that the party plans to raise £4million in the next 3 years !

Just who would the party leader think might have the relevant experience for this job ?

Bugs Bunny ?

Dr. Frankenstein ( as he can raise the dead ) ?

Notably the job description does not indicate what the remuneration might be - probably paid in peanuts for whatever nutter takes the job on.

No doubt the winner will be - hold, hold on - JIM DOWSON TADAA !

Finances are clearly going to flourish so all those creditors sent the recent 'we are gonna rip you off letter ' would be foolish to accept 20p in the £ now wouldnt they !

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Anonymous said...

Christ almighty if that doesn't show how unfit for purpose the BNP are then I don't know what does.

It's absolutely farcical, the incompetence staggering.

All while our nation continues to die. The BNP are a joke.



Anonymous said...

Griffin is just like all the other Westminster lot...

He has his snout in the trough and cares not a jot about nationalism and the greater cause.

he had his chance to step down, the man is a clueless drain on Nationalism, a utterly dislikeable man, who is showing us all why the gerneral public will never vote for the BNP with him at the helm.

Anonymous said...

It is getting a bit mainstream, I'd have thought a populist party wouldn't need the hard corporate sell, that's exactly what caused the problems we face, corpratism.
The BNP or any nationalist pparty should be aiming for voluntary donations, not through hard sales.

Ade said...

Brian Gerrish, state of the nation