Thursday 28 October 2010

The Tragic Irony

Take a look at the name of the person who pushed this top liberal lawyer under the tube train.

No doubt it was one of the very same group of people - an immigrant - that he had spent his entire career defending.

Here was see what can only be described as a liberal tragic irony.

In the name of liberalism the liberal elite have imported in people into this country who despise liberalism.

Now they are reaping what they sowed.

Transvestite, 63, who died under Tube train was top human rights lawyer

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 4:05 PM on 28th October 2010

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A transvestite killed after allegedly being pushed under a tube train was a top human rights lawyer, it was revealed today.

David Burgess, 63, who died on Monday evening at King's Cross station, worked for a leading firm of immigration law experts.

It comes as a 34-year-old woman was today appearing in court charged with Mr Burgess's murder.

Death: The scene at King's Cross Tube station, where a 63-year-old man was on the tracks. The Piccadilly Line was closed for hours

Death: The scene at King's Cross Tube station, where the 63-year-old was on the tracks. The Piccadilly Line was closed for hours

Nina Kanagasingham, from Cricklewood in north west London, appeared at City of Westimister Magistrates Court.

Wearing a dark blue sweater and dark trousers, she spoke only to confirm her name and date of birth at the brief hearing.

There was no application for bail and she was remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey.

Mr Burgess had worked for law firm Luqmani Thompson and Partners in Wood Green, north London, having previously been senior partner at the renowned immigration firm, Winstanley Burgess Solicitors.

His work since the 1970s had led to significant judgments in the House of Lords, the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg and the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

A citation on his employer's website said his abilities 'bring an added depth to our firm'.

He had been involved in cases regarding fair trials in foreign countries, people facing exclusion from the Refugee Convention, civil claims against the Ministry of Defence for unlawful detention, as well as country guidance casework on North Korea.
King's Cross Station: The victim died around 6.30pm on Monday. His companion has now been charged with murder

King's Cross Station: The victim died around 6.30pm on Monday. His companion has now been charged with murder

A commendation by London barrister Raza Hussain Q.C. reads: 'David Burgess was a partner in the firm Winstanley Burgess Solicitors, the gold standard immigration law firm in the 1990s.

'He was responsible for what was described by Professor Sir William Wade as the most important constitutional case for centuries (M v. Home Office), which began with David's attendance out of hours before a Duty Judge challenging the unlawful removal of his client to Zaire.

'M Orders' have entered the lexicon of public law. David had personal conduct of the evidential aspect of the argument in Chahal v UK, perhaps the most important European immigration law case of the last few decades.

'David has superb analytical skills, and total commitment to his cases. It is tremendous news for the immigration law community that he is working with Luqmani Thompson & Partners, one of the leading immigration law firms which has continued in the Winstanley Burgess tradition of offering top quality service to its clients.'

King's Cross station had to be evacuated and the Piccadilly line closed as police recovered Mr Burgess's body after the incident at around 6.30pm on Monday.

It was initially reported that a woman had died, with witnesses reporting how they saw two women sharing a joke before the victim was killed.

However, it since emerged the victim was a man.

A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesman said emergency services were called to the Underground station following reports of 'a person under a Piccadilly line train'.

Detective Superintendent Ashley Croft, BTP's senior investigating officer, said earlier this week that 'early indications from witnesses are that the victim and the suspect knew each other'.

Several witnesses had come forward, he said, and CCTV from the station was being reviewed.

The Piccadilly line was suspended through King's Cross until late into Monday evening, causing rush-hour chaos for thousands.

Scores of passengers were forced to abandon their train and walk along tracks to Caledonian Road station after the line was closed.

A TfL spokesman said: 'The Piccadilly line was suspended between Hyde Park and Arnos Grove in both directions following an incident at King's Cross.

'Due to this investigation a following train was stopped in the tunnel and the 172 passengers were taken off and walked back to Caledonian Road station safely.

'Ambulances were sent to Caledonian Road station as a precaution but were not required.'

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Anonymous said...

"You reap what you sow" was the first thing that popped into my head when I read this article too, Lee. The same could be said of the Labour MP who was recently stabbed by a vibrant arrival at his surgery in east London recently.

Anonymous said...

"His companion has now been charged with murder"? This story is odd. Was it his/hers/it's lover? or a client or someone the transvestite had previous meetings/liasions with? or did the Sri Lankan not know of her companions/lovers transvesitism and sickened when she found out she killed him/her/it?
Possibly this was a culture shock killing, ie a perversion in Sri Lanka and his/her/it's companion was horrified to find out that he/she/it was a man who dressed himself/herself/it up as a female, albeit a badly dressed one.

all in all it is very ironic that a human rights lawyer, a champion of the refugees and ultra transvestite liberal, murdered by a refugee who didn't share his liberal idealogy and therefore killed him, in front of hundreds of other people on a packed tube station.

which shows that western liberalism is incompatible with many third world cultures and practices.

though of course the independent and the BBC will twist this and still show the murdering sri lankan in a good light.

Andraste said...

Ahh, shame!

Anonymous said...

burgess was also an "escort" ie a prostitute degenerate.
the sri lankan had a relationship with him/her/it found out her lovers sick habits and got rid of it/her/him in the most highly spectacular yet horrific way.
maybe the sri lankan woman caught an incurable STD/virus from burgess?

Anonymous said...

This person was truly special in many, many ways. She died because she tried to help a person who was tragically unhappy. None of us here should try to judge such a tragic event.

Defender of Liberty said...

The day that liberals cease judging us, is the day that we need no longer judge the liberals.