Thursday 14 October 2010

Who Can Join the British Freedom Party

Anyone with British citizenship who agrees with and supports our political objects and policies can join the British Freedom Party regardless of their race or religion.

The aim of the BFP is to end the processes of mass immigration and multi-culturalism which leads to colonisation.

Those who are British citizens must integrate into British culture and society, it is not for us to surrender our country and culture, and re-engineer our society, to suit immigrants.

All immigrants must become British - Britain will not become colonised.

All those of all races and religions who are British citizens and who are proud to be British and who respect British culture are welcome to join our party.

The aim of the BFP is to counteract the poison of cultural relativism which means immigrants are allowed to settle in our country and then live lives in colonies where they are radicalised and then become terrorists who threaten our society.

At the same time the Liberals, globalists, civic nationalists and others who surrender our nations culture and traditions in order to allow the colonisation of our country will be confronted and opposed by us.

The BFP rejects the Racial Nationalism of the BNP and the NF which regards fully integrated and culturally integrated British citizens who are not white as non-citizens.

If you are a Nazi then join the National Front.

If you are racist then join the BNP.

If you are British Patriot and / or a British Nationalist then join the British Freedom Party.

The BFP aims to scrap public bodies like the Equality and Human Rights Commission and instead establish public bodies which enforce integration and empower British culture.

All those of all races and religions who refuse to integrate into our society and culture will be deported. The aim of the BFP is to create a Britain with a resurgent British culture, not to watch our country slowly colonised and our culture smothered by the culture of the United States or the laws of the European Union.

We will reverse the process of colonisation that has taken place under multi-culturalism and instead create a Britain with a British culture.

We believe that Britain has been damaged by Multi-culturalism and that the only way to create a cohesive and harmonious society is to end multi-culturalism, which is really a form of apartheid and separate development, and to enforce integration.

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Trev said...

Sounds a brilliant idea. Many black people support several of the ideals of the BNP. There people are very obviously our friends yet some in the BNP stop a good friendship from forming because of nothing but the colour of someones skin. This sounds a very common sense party worthy of support. However is it not an idea on the ground of UKIP anyway? Would it not be a better idea to thrash out a deal With UKIP where they will recieve an influx of talent to both sides benefit.

Anonymous said...

Am i a racist? I was a member of the BNP for 7 years. I know the answer is no but you say that racists should join the BNP?
Good article Lee

Anonymous said...

In principle very much like the English Democrats so why not join them?

Defender of Liberty said...

I wasnt a racist, I was a Racialist - someone who said that racial differences existed but that we are all equal as individuals.

A racist is a racial supremacist who hates other races.

The racialists are welcome in the BFP, the racists are not - they should stay in the BNP.

The english democrats are ENGLISH DEMOCRATS, we are BRITISH NATIONALISTS.

Anonymous said...

Why are you calling BNP members "racists"? They allow non-whites into the party so hardly anywhere like. I think that the correct word should have been if you are a "Griffin-supporter", not 'racist'. I mean, members of the BFP were BNP.

The NF is not a Nazi party and it is doing brilliant under Tom Linden, Chris Jackson, Eddy Morrison and Ian Edward since they have got rid of those skinhead bootboys and those old cranks like Tom Holmes. The NF has picked up a lot of publicity in Ulster unlike the BNP and is progressing a lot in Aberdeen unlike the BNP. Plus, the NF is very democratic, it is run as a national directorate and its chairman is not as authoritarian like that of the BNP.

If you are a Nazi, join Watmough's BPP (British People's Party) though I am certain that the BPP is a setup by MI5 as it is a group of former C18 members, knowing that Watmough was an active member in the 1990s after being thrown out of the BNP by Tyndall.

Most of all, the NF is not in favour of repatriating Jews nor abolishing the monarchy unlike the BPP.

Anonymous said...

Like many nationalists you dont have to agree with everything any party states. The BNP were obviously flawed with its anti semetic history, holocaust denial and Griffins fear of democracy within the party. Where it succeeded largely was attracting working class votes. Ukip to which I am also a member but dont agree with everything have a big flaw in that they deny global warming thereby positioning themselves as far right. Avoid this policy and accept the majority scientic view or you not only allienate interlectuals but also be guilty of arrogance. Overall a party I will be joining and long over due.
Chris Cambridge

Anglo said...

What does the BFP propose to do about Scottish Nationalists? I'm English and I'm sick to death of Salmond and the SNP holding the UK government to ransom.