Saturday 23 October 2010

Who is to Blame

When white children fail at school the Guardian and the Daily Mail blame their parents, when black kids fail at school the Guardian blames racism and the daily mail their parents.

The answer is - blame the teachers and blame the teaching syllabus of successive governments.

UK is worst in the West at giving lessons in 3Rs

By Daniel Martin
Last updated at 3:58 AM on 23rd October 2010

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english pupils

British pupils aged 12 to 14 spend fewer hours on English lessons than any other industrialised nation. (Picture posed by models)

Pupils in England spend less time learning the 3Rs than almost anywhere in the Western world, an international league table has revealed.

Children aged between 12 and 14 spend fewer hours on English lessons than any other industrialised nation - leading to a situation where one in five teenagers leaves school functionally illiterate.

Despite the billions poured in by Labour to improve literacy, they actually spend less time on it now than they did when Tony Blair entered Downing Street.

The report also shows that secondary schoolchildren in England spend much less time learning about mathematics than in most other European countries.

The revelation that England still treats basic educational attainment in core subjects as such a low priority were seized upon last night by critics of Labour's 13-year stint in charge of schools.

They blame the party for making headteachers fill timetables with subjects such as citizenship and sex education, rather than getting the basics right.

The league table was compiled by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, which represents industrialised nations, as part of its Education at a Glance report published earlier this month.

No data was collected for Scotland and Wales.
How we fare.jpg

It shows that in 2008, English 12-to 14-year-olds spent just 11 per cent of their time on reading, writing and literature, down from 12 per cent a decade before.

The 2008 figure compares with 16 per cent in France and 28 per cent in Ireland, and is the lowest across the entire OECD, below countries such as Mexico and Hungary.

England's pupils fare little better on maths, spending just 12 per cent of their school time studying the subject, one of the lowest levels in the OECD.


* The first teacher banned for life for being useless
* One in four employers say exam system doesn't prepare students for work

Last night Tory backbencher Philip Davies said: 'Our children are so busy learning about community cohesion, climate change, healthy eating and sex education that they don't have time to learn how to read and write.

'This information shows why a fifth of our school leavers are functionally illiterate. No wonder our economy is falling behind our neighbours.'

One in four employers believe the national examinations system should be reformed, according to a study by exams watchdog Ofqual.

They lack confidence in the reliability of GCSEs and A-levels and are increasingly bringing in their own tests to measure applicants' ability.

The findings come as this year's A-level results saw the number of pupils gaining straight As fall for the first time, following the introduction of more challenging questions.

About 89 per cent of teachers felt their pupils got the grades they deserved, compared with only 17 per cent of students.

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Ade said...

All by design as you know Lee, the British Govt, in fact all Western Governments are at war with their own people, sick, degenerate, divided, uneducated and impoverished people are much easier to control than healthy, well educated, unified people.

That about sums up their battle strategy, that tells you why we have such degenerate programmes on TV like 16 and Pregnant, Jeremy kyle, x factor, big brother.

You'd think military psyops would know what is going on, if so, why haven't they kicked the door in on no 10.

The British Govt is at war with us and they are going to use food and water as a weapon, think about it, it's exactly what Stalin did to the Kulaks, peasant farmers, because being farmers, they could be independent of the State.
Look who owns the corner shops now, can you eat freshwater fish, yes, every single species of freshwater fish in this country is edible, are we allowed to, no.
How much would it cost for Govt to set up a fish farm and ensure our rivers are stocked with fresh water trout, salmon etc that people could catch, what are we talking here £5 million per year, a few vans travelling the country 24/7 rerstocking our rivers, lakes and canals.
Look at our Parks and streets, often with trees and bushes, well, why not make those fruit trees and bushes.
Was the Mixi outbreak in Rabbits really a natural event.

The Govt doesn't want us to be able to feed ourselves and our family, Food is a means of control.

Start stocking up, don't expect there to be gas and electricity, if you have a freezer, use up any available space to freeze water, it will help keep food fresh WHEN they turn off the power.
Of the Two, food or Water, they will target the water supplies because you can survive weeks without food, only days without water.
They will use water.

Learn to forage, dandelions, nettles, hawthorn, leaves and berries can be eaten, as well as hundreds of other wild plants.

Ade said...

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Ade said...

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