Saturday 17 May 2008

The Dutch Surrender to Dhimmitude

More evidence of the death wish, cowardice and treason of the European elite that have chosen to surrender to evil rather than fight it and confront it.

Remember that those who do not confront evil, assist evil.

One day these collaborators will have to be held account for their crimes against our democracies, rights and liberties.

Guests abide by our house rules - colonists dictate what we should do.

Colonists are not welcome - guests are.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A Dutch political cartoonist was arrested this week on suspicion of insulting people because of their race or religion through his work, authorities said Friday.

The cartoonist, who works under the pseudonym Gregorius Nekschot, was arrested Tuesday on suspicion of violating hate speech laws and held overnight before being released, a spokeswoman for his publisher Uitgeverij Xtra said.

"He was arrested with a great show of force, by around 10 policemen," the spokeswoman said.

She asked that her name not be used, and declined to give Nekschot's real name, because the cartoonist and publisher have both received death threats.

Nekschot is known primarily for cartoons mocking Muslims and leftists, though the spokeswoman said he is a satirist who targets "any strong ideology."

Amsterdam public prosecutor spokeswoman Sanne van Meteren said Nekschot remains a suspect in a criminal investigation.

"We suspect him of insulting people on the basis of their race or belief, and possibly also of inciting hate," she said.

Each is a crime punishable by up to a year in prison under Dutch hate speech laws — or two years for multiple offenses.

Police seize computer, sketches
Nekschot publishes primarily on several Web sites, including his own, but has also been featured on the Web site of Theo van Gogh, the filmmaker who was murdered by a Muslim radical in November 2004.

The cartoonist also works for HP/De Tijd, a major Dutch language weekly news magazine, and he has published two books.

One recent cartoon on his Web site caricatured a Christian fundamentalist and Muslim fundamentalist as zombies who met at an anti-gay rally and now wished to marry.

Van Meteren said prosecutors were investigating a complaint that dated from 2005. They are now focusing on eight or nine published cartoons, she said, but prosecutors are not disclosing which ones.

Nekschot did not answer police questions during his arrest, she said, appealing to his right to remain silent to avoid self-incrimination.

The spokeswoman for Xtra said police had seized Nekschot's computer, sketches, CDs, DVDs and telephone at the time of his arrest.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely disgraceful. Make no mistake: this is tyranny and is how the EU wil rule us soon unless we wake up.

This is an affront to the men who fought and died at Arnhem and on D-Day, who made sacrifices to ensure the Dutch remained a free people.

Look at what their sacrifice now means to these dispicable cowards. Shame on the lot of them, shame on the entire Dutch nation.

Perhaps the Dutch should now change their once proud orange to a more appropriate dhimmi-yellow?

I hope we British possess more courage, I really do.


Rebecca Smith said...

Holland shows all the sign's of a country that has been over run by the wicked and vicious. Foreign religions multiplied by political correctness now have the Netherlands on her knee's. Is there any fight left in the old girl? Ding ding, round 10.