Sunday 18 May 2008

The Eco-Nationalist Model

I have been asked to define a bit more clearly some of the points I made in the article about Eco-Nationalism, and so I will be posting up over the next few days a series of articloes I have written that I have been waiting for th right time to publish ;

There are three primary motivating principles of Eco-Nationalism ;

1) The preservation and promotion of the interests of the indigenous peoples of the British Isles

2) The preservation and promotion of the indigenous cultures of the British Isles

3) The preservation and protection of the British natural environment in a sustainable manner so that future generations of British citizens may have access to resources, natural beauty and an environment that may sustain them and future generations of our people.

These principles apply to all nations, all indigenous peoples and all cultures around the world.

I define them in the terms of Britain and Europe as I am British, but the model applies to similar Trading Zones around the world including an African Trading Zone, An Eastern Trading Zone and also an Americas Trading Zone.

Each will regulate themselves according the principles of Eco-Nationalism and once they have created their own environmental trading zones, then other trading zones around the world may trade with them.

These three principles are the inner principles around which all politicial, economic, social, and industrial decisions taken by governments must be based upon.

Any politicial decision taken by a government that infringes or breaks one of these three principles can thereby be revealed as based on factors which are not motivated for the interests of our people, culture, land and heritage.

The primary motivating principles of Eco-Nationalism are the preservation and protection of our native Land and People.

Allied with those principles is the recognition amongst eco-nationalists that political and state power comes only from the people and that power therefore should always be as localised as possible and also that state power should only be applied at the level of the individual, the community and the nation by the government either in pursuit of the primary motivating principles of eco-nationalism or in the interests of National Security to ensure the survival of the land and people.

Eco-Nationalism as political concept asserts that both the individual and the national community are unified within the social and national organism and that the local and national environment must be maintained and preserved in order to sustain future generations of the people.

The problem is that most of the nationalist governments in history have at some time undertaken military, political, social, economic or industrial activities which have conflicted with the primary principles of nationalism leading to xenophobia, resource competition and eco-conflict, war, industrial and economic over development and environmental over exploitation. They have gone from being Nationalist to Hyper-Nationalist.

This has primarily been due to over population and the need for new living space leading to wars and imperialism, over exploitation of the national enviroment and national resources leading to a commodity surplus which requires economic expansion into new markets in order to sell those surplus goods or simply corruption and greed.

What is now required is a new form of Environmental Nationalism based on the Bottom Up theory of power. This is the creation of an Eco-Nationalism of the People rather than the Top Down Nationalism of State Nationalism. Power must be devolved from the national state complex to local people so that local communities can be empowered to create sustainable social, economic, agricultural, energy and water systems in their own local environments.

A nation that is not self sufficient is not an independent nation.

Environmental sustainability and national self sufficiency are fundamental aspects of National Security. The environment is not an economic issue, it is the foundation of our very existence.

A nation dependent upon foreign oil for its social complexity and development, is a hostage to the demands of those foreign nations.

Ensuring Energy Security and National Security are both essential aspects of the Eco-Nationalist critique.

Globalisation is a process in direct contradiction with the goals of Environmental Nationalism. With the trans-national corporate takeover of the British economy, the transfer of sovereignty by successive British governments to supra-national bodies such as the EU, WTO and UN, White Flight emigration and the increasing arrival of immigrants and environmental refugees into Britain driven by climate change and the economic effects of globalisation, this means that new national economic and industrial models must be developed that allow Britain to restore its lost sovereignty and also to adopt national environmental protectionist policies that destroy globalisation but that do not lead to the associated problems of aggressive Hyper-Nationalism.

We must never again let the Liberal appeasers, the global Capitalists, International Socialists, the EU and Hyper-Nationalists lead us into another European Brothers War or into a future of endless Eco-Conflicts.

Another problem that will relate to Hyper-Nationalist states in a post peak Oil world will relate to our National and European security. A Hyper-Nationalist state experiencing resource problems would be willing to sell its military technology to nations who could represent a threat to our nation and Europe as well. In a post Peak Oil world nations such as China that have depleted its own environment and natural resources will either implode or adopt aggressive imperialist expansionist policies and be forced to seek new resources outside its own borders. This will be done either via invasion, mass emigration of the Chinese population into our nations or into nations such as Africa (which is happening now) leading to wars and mass emigration into the UK and Europe, and as a result this will accelerate our own internal social breakdown due to this influx of new immigrants. Resultant famine, wars and social chaos in Africa or the Chinese state will accelerate the global econ-conflict crisis. At the moment China is creating vassal states in Africa that are being stripped of their resources in order feed its internal economy in return for military and social aid, but this will merely ensure that at some point Africa will experience its own immigration and resource wars.

As a result of this Chinese expansion nationalist states in a post-EU Europe voted into power by angry populations may become Hyper-Nationalist in the post Peak Oil era.

This is why nationalism as an expression of the anger of indigenous peoples aroud the world in the Peak Oil era must be directed into the channel of Eco-Nationalism, as that way we cn avoid the endless wars that will arise if Hyper-Nationalism rises again.

During this Post Peak oil era the one advantage that Europe has over China and other nations is its military technological advantage.

This advantage must be retained.

Only by being strong will we manage to repel the desperate.

Our enemies must fear our wrath if we are to avoid a global nuclear war with those nations driven to desperate means by the post-Peak Oil nightmare.

Therefore any European nation that supplies the enemies of our nations with military technology that damages our strategic interests and national security should be regarded as a pariah state. In fact the European Trading Zone I sketch out below should be used in such a way so that such pariah nations that betray us become economically and politically isolated within Europe.

Nations such as France who have supplied China with military equipment should be banned from being allowed to do so. Both nations that are involved in such activities, importer and exporter, will be denied access to the European Trading Zone. In the European Trading Zone economic restrictions, sanctions, seizure of state and corporate assets, currency controls, an economic blockade and the suspension of their right to transport goods outside Europe and into their nations via the use of European transportation infrastructure within the European Trading Zone should be imposed on such rogue states.

Such nations should not be allowed to function as sponsors of terrorism or possible enemies and be allowed to stay within the European Trading Zone. Neither should they be allowed to threaten the national security of our nations or the security of Europe itself. It will be the job of the European Trading Zone to ensure such states are subject to restrictions that prevent such actions.

Liberal appeaser nation States governed by weak liberal elites will not resist either military invasion or mass immigration. Therefore they can never be trusted with National Security.

The Eco-Nationalist State is not state that is shackled by the shibboleths of political correctness or liberalism, as both PC and Liberalism are cultural artefacts of the pre-peak oil 20th Century, and as such have no meaning or relevance in the 21st century or in the Peak Oil era.

The Eco-Nationalist state is a Guardian State, one that acts in defence of the fundamental principles, not one that places esoteric idealism and nonsensical ideolgical internationalist utopian visions before those principles.

International Socialist States and Global Capitalist States regard the environment simply as a supply base for economic and industrial development. The long term interests of the land and people and the interests of National Security and Energy Security are not even regarded as issues to be taken into account.

The problem with all previous political models, both national, pan-European and international is that the interests of the national, European and global environment and the necessity of securing our National and European security have never been regarded as fundamental to the operation of the ideology. Global Environmental Security has never been a feature of any of those previous ideologies, and the recent 'green' debate on climate change has merely been another excuse to create more supra-national institutions based on the International Corporate Fascist Model of globalism that will merely accelerate globalism as a process, and hence accelerate the destruction of the national and global environments.

Each of the previous economic ideologies in human history have regarded the environment as just an aspect of providing the essential resources for industrial and economic development. National Security, Energy Security, National Environmental Security and Global Environmental Security have never featured in any of the previous economic models.

Economics has been ideological in design but Darwinian in action. This has resulted into the creation of political, economic and social mechanisms which are against the fundamentals of human and environmental survival. Therefore we have the worst of all possible worlds. We have economic Darwinism (globalism and consumerism) as the engine of economic and industrial development as the dictates of Political Correctness being imposed, via taxation of business and individuals, at the social level through the political structures of the national state, the EU and international institutions.

This is because all economic or industrial models are just theoretical ideological thought forms, they have no clear natural or organic basis for their validity or existence. Economics is not a science. Economics is politics. Each political party in Britain has its own unique economic, social and industrial model for society. No clear political, intellectual or academic consensus exists as to the objective validity of any political model as being the most efficient primary engine of progress, for if it did then all nations would already be utilising it.

Economic progress is measured simply as a product of increasing GDP, even if this increase in GDP is going to ensure the death of the national environment, the globl environment and future generations of our people.

Those who created the past economic and industrial systems of the planet are all guilty of the eco-cide of the national environment and the planet. Their logic has led to the environmental crisis that the planet is facing today.

The European Union is not a trading mechanism, it is a political mechanism for the dismantling of national state sovereignty and the creation of a Pan-European political union designed to place absolute executive, legislative and judicial power in the hands of a politicised class of administrative elites who act in the interests of globalisation. The European Union was designed to be the preliminary stepping stone to the creation of a global world government. Its takeover was to be gradualist as opposed to revolutionary.

The EU is just a mechanism for the process of accelerating globalisation.

Jean Monnet, regarded as the founding father of the EU was also named the Deputy Secretary General of the League of Nations in 1919 by the French Premiere Clemenceau and by the British statesman Balfour, architect of the Balfour Declaration that created a Jewish homeland in Palestine. Monnet also inspired the alliance between Churchill and De Gaulle during the Second World War and also acted as an adviser to President Roosevelt. In 1941 Monnet created the Victory Plan that brought the United States into the Second World War.

During a meeting in Algiers on the 5th August 1943 with the exiled French government Monnet said “ There will be no peace in Europe if the states are reconstituted on the basis of national sovereignty…. The countries of Europe are too small to guarantee their peoples the necessary prosperity and social development. The European states must compose themselves into a federation. “ On the 9th May 1950 with the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer and French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Robert Schuman signed a declaration integrating the German coal and steel industries. The foundation of the present European Union The European Steel and Coal Community was then born. In 1958 the Common Market was formed by the Treaty of Rome, in 1967 the European Commission was formed, Britain joined in 1973, then came the European Monetary System and European Parliament in 1979.

Therefore the roots of the EU are poisoned and the entire European Union must be dismantled.

The entire political, social, industrial and economic models it operates are pernicious to the people of the nation states that are members of its institutions and the national, European and global environment.

In its place must be established a European Trading Council, staffed with nominated national delegates that regulate a specific territorially defined European Trading Zone. The European Trading Council will pass regulations and legislation that will be binding across the entire European Trading Zone. The decisions of the European Trading Council will based on utilising the best independent scientific advice available to protect the National, European and Global Environments.

The European Trading Zone must be run on the principles of Environmental sustainability, creating and securing the operation and functions of an European Trading Zone based on Fair Trade principles and Environmental Protectionism requiring the creation of an managed internal market mechanism based on fair and free competition between nation states and corporations operating to the highest environmental standards in order to secure both the national and European for the benefit of future generations of Britons and Europeans.

The protection of our national and the Global Environment can only be secured by nations states forming regional trading Zones that can then trade with other similarly regulated trading blocs.

The function of the World Trade Organisation must also be revised in order to secure as its fundamental goal the principle of national global environmental sustainability. Its operations and decisions as between disputes in the regional trading Zones must be based solely on securing that fundamental goal of ensuring national and global environmental sustainability.

The Kyoto Treaty is predicated primarily on the basis that economic and industrial development are goals that are of an equivalence to environmental sustainability. As a treaty to prevent any more climate damage it will not work. It creates an international framework for increasing global inter-dependency instead of ensuring nationally sustainable energy regimes based on nations taking care of their own environments.

In effect the Kyoto Treaty removes all sovereign national control from nations over their own environmental and industrial development and hands it over to the United Nations. It is the first real process of the UN that imposes direct control over the internal political structures of nation states. Carbon trading under the Kyoto Treaty merely allows the rich corporations to buy off developing nations and carry on polluting. The treaty will not work and therefore should be abandoned. The Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto treaty allows industrialised nations to invest in schemes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing nations whilst they continue to accelerate their own industrial development. This is just globalist nonsense. The complexity of the scheme and monitoring it is so vast it can never work.

Examples of the EU trying to get in on the environmental protection racket have been disastrous both for the environment and British business. The EU Emissions Trading Scheme has been since 2005 operating Phase 1 of the scheme has led to British businesses paying an extra 500 million pounds per year for their permits than their European competitors including a rise of 25 % in wholesale energy prices in the UK since phase 1 began. Phase 2 of the scheme is about to begin in 2008 with expected rises in energy prices for UK based businesses and also the off shoring of many industries from the EU to nations such as China which will merely exacerbate climate change. The fact that China is planning 560 new coal fired power stations by 2012, and is currently building a new coal fired station per week, will merely make off shoring of industry and manufacturing from the EU to China more appealing to those companies that put profits before their duty to our own people.

As long as the UK and the EU still buy and import in those products made in China, India and other nations that exploit their, and other nations national environments, then the farsical rules as per Kyoto and other bogus treaties, will change nothing.

This is why Environmental Protectionism must be imposed on all nations, so that no products or commodities produced anywhere in the world via environmentall damaging means may be imported into our nations.

The Fair Trade rules in the European Trading Zones will be designed to protect British workers, farmers and national agriculture production and ensure that the nations of Europe can work together to protect our common European environment. Environmental Protectionism is to be used in order to ensure that foreign imports into the European Trading Zone are not from environmentally damaging or un-ethical sources eg Chinese coal supplies, sweat shop and child labour produced Indian clothing, Brazilian rain forest timber, Brazilian beef produced from slaves and rain forest cattle, GM engineered Chinese soya and rice.

Efficiency and environmental sustainability, and not just the deadly fetishes of either selfish profit motive or the desire for perpetual economic development, must become the primary motivating factors for both the Nation state and private corporations.

Business and industries registered in the UK and whose owners re British citizens either resident in the UK or outside it will be prohibited from moving capital out of the UK that is then invested in manufacturing in nations such as China which are in breach of the Environmental Sustainability rules.

The situation where UK citizens can close down profitable companies in the UK and the European Trading Zones and export them to China whilst throwing our workers onto the scrapheap will end. Such activities will be prohibited within the UK and the European Trading Zone.

Those that do not wish to agree to these laws can always surrender their UK passports and reside elsewhere with whatever residual wealth we allow them to export out of the country with them.

Article 59 of the EC treaty already provides for the adoption of measures for six months at a time as voted for by a majority of EU finance ministers, with no veto right for the UK, to restrict the flow of capital into and out of the EU if the stability of the Euro is threatened.

Article 111-22 of the Maastricht Treaty also gives the EU the right to determine exchange rate policies.

Therefore such policies are already recognised as legal rights essential for the protection of the EU, and will also form an essential part of the operations of the European Trading Zone in order to restrict corporations from exploiting British and European workers, the British and European environment and also to prevent the exploitation of those workers and the natural environment outside the European trading Zone.

If the Chinese state cannot sell those goods to foreign markets that it creates using environmentally damaging means, then it will not create those goods. At the same time if the Chinese state, and other states who adopt similar environmentally destructive economic and industrial models, are unable to import the raw resources they require to create those goods then they will not be able to produce those goods.

This will of course create a starving lion, and this is why the Eco-Nationalist state must be a strong state militarily. The creation of a new military model for the British Military is required - I have written on this before and the neccesity for a British National Defence Model and also the need for a new Fourth Wing of the British military, an integrated Assymetric Warfare unit with a 24 / 7 global reach and strike action capacity to target not just conventional threats but also terrorist threats to the UK. The UK must create an independent military model capable of aggression defence action. Those nations in the era of Peak Oil and Eco-Conflict that will seek to threaten the UK once the oil runs out, will think twice once we have created the British National Defence Model.

The principle of Environmental Localism as a political mechanism necessitates the devolution of National State power to local community organisations that can operate to the highest environmental standards within the nation state and the European Trading Zone. Water, energy production, agricultural production and the manufacturing of products must be as localised as possible. Community farms, local recycling plants, local energy production units and local resource use must be localised. Efficiency and environmental sustainability must become the driving motives of Environmental Localism.

Wherever the economies of scale and efficiency demand a specific national mechanism in order to ensure the fulfilment of the imperatives of the fundamental principles then the National State structure will become involved to ensure that the most fitting economic mechanism and social systems are able to do that job.

If private industry and business cannot create or operate any specific process for profit that is required in an Environmental Nationalist State, then the State will assist local community groups and individuals to do the job for individual and community profit and if individuals and community groups are unable to operate the process for profit then the Nation State will take on the job of ensuring the function of the process itself and thereby ensure that the required process operates via the mechanism of the State itself.

For example we require the canal network re-opened, the railways re-opened and expanded, trams to replace cars and buses in towns and cities, a new energy efficient national energy grid to gather surplus national energy produced by local energy networks and put it into the national grid.

We require British industries to create and build new renewable energy systems and the integrated infra-structure required to operate it.

We require a new Green Industrial Revolution. Only when we are able to produce 100 % of our own national energy needs from our own national renewable energy sources then can we say we are an independent nation.

The renewable energy systems we will create to ensure our national energy needs we can then give or sell to developing nations so they can solve their own energy needs, and this will stop the problem of mass emigration from those nations due to social breakdown becoming our problem of mass immigration causing social breakdown in our nation.

All previous ideological based solutions to securing the efficient functions of the internal economic and industrial mechanisms essential to ensuring the long term National Security, energy security and environmental interests of the People, Nation and State must be abandoned in favour only of the purest utilitarian pragmatism, and therefore form must follow function.

Rules and regulations will be established by the European Trading Council that are designed to ensure that no individual nations or corporations in the Trading Zone are able to exploit their own national environments in order to gain an unfair market competitive advantage in the Trading Zone.

Resource production, manufacturing, transportation and consumer mechanisms are all to be regulated in order to ensure the requirements of the driving motives of environmental sustainability are fulfilled.

The regulations will also ensure that no nations or private corporations are able to import in raw resources from outside the Trading Zone that also distort the internal market mechanisms of the Trading Zone.

In all nations within the European Trading Zone, National Environmental Courts will be established and also Environmental Investigation Agencies tasked with the authority to investigate any alleged breaches of the rules and regulations of the European Trading Council and any abuses of the national environment by national governments or corporations in the jurisdiction of the court.

The regulations will only permit imports foreign imports that are in line with strict environmental standards set by the Trading Council scientific advisory boards, and National Environmental Courts will have the authority to investigate any breaches of the import regulations by either corporations or the national state structures themselves.

If the Environmental Court finds the nation state or corporations guilty of serious breaches of any of the environmental regulations then the European Trading Council can impose financial and trade sanctions against the companies and nation states guilty of any breaches of the law.

The National Environmental Courts will apply laws based on the strictest environmental standards as agreed in the European Trading Council scientific advisory boards based on independent scientific evidence as agreed by an internal environmental auditing system comprised of independent scientific advisers from all nations within the Trading Zone. They will sit and act and give advice solely in the interests of national, european and global environmental sustainability. Their recommendations will form the environmental regulations and laws that the Environmental Courts will follow and apply.

Cases involving individuals, corporations and the British state will all face investigation by the Environmental Courts. If found guilty then remedies available to the courts would include fines, environmental restitution orders, imprisonment and recommendations for trade sanctions to be applied against individual states. Recommendations for trade sanctions against any nation state in the event of non-compliance with a court order can be passed up to the European Trading Council for a majority vote and sanctions be imposed inclusing a trade embargo on that nation if it ignores the orders of the environmental court and the European Trading Council.

Those nations that refused to abide by the Court decisions and that after a specified period of time would suffer sanctions and then expulsion from the European Trading Council and the European Trading Zone.

All nations therefore would retain their right of national sovereignty and the ability to exercise national autonomy.

If they did not want to be in the European Trading Zone they can leave at any time they wish.

Other European Trading Council members would then be required not to trade with the self removed ex-member state, as to allow members states to continue to trade with the self removed state would be to distort the internal market system of the Trading Zone itself.

If any nation wanted total national self sufficiency and to be an independent nation then its status as an independent nation would be guaranteed by the rest of the European Trading Council.

The final phase of the Eco-Nationalist Model would be such that the neccesity for the European Trading Zone would itself become redundant. Once all nations on the planet had adopted the principles of Eco-Nationalism and each lived and worked within its own sustainable environmental limits, then the need for such regulatory bodies would wither away.

The model of Eco-Nationalism is a model for all nations. It is the only way each of the nations of the planet, the peoples of the planet and the planet itself will survive.

The success of the Eco-Nationalist Model will be when all nations of the world live in accord with the three principles of Eco-Nationalism.

The indices of a progressive society are not defined solely by an increase in GDP or increased economic or industrial activity. Environmental sustainability and an improvement in the quality of life as a regards health, housing, clean water, less energy use, healthier food production and consumption, animal welfare and the preservation of bio-diversity are also factors to be taken into account as regards Environmental Nationalism.

What is the point of life in a world devoid of natural beauty.

If future generations will be born that will never hear see a tiger in the wild, never swim with dolphins or never hear the song of a nightingale then that is a crime against humanity.

In the 21st Century as the break down of the global environment accelerates due to climate change, resource competition and over population then the flaws in the present political supra-national and nationalist paradigms will become clearer.

This model seeks to offer a solution before the crisis hits.


Anonymous said...

Really good stuff Lee, your recent essays have made excellent, thought-provoking reading.

The only concern I have is a focus on Climate Change and Pollution, so-called AGW. This is nothing more than a marxist tactic to heap guilt upon the west, a guilt the west must then pay for. The UN IPCC is being heavily criticised for its flawed, indeed biased, approach to AGW.

Here is a very good page about why AGW is a hoax. As well as criticising the bad science of the IPCC it also shows how evidence has been doctored and how people like Gore have deliberately lied to con people. It also shows that the reality of what is going on with our planet is vastly different than what the IPCC are stating and shows why CO2 cannot be a pollutant.

AGW Fact or Hoax?

There is a summary at the end along with a declaration from 500 climate scientists urging governments to abandon taxes and regulations on CO2 emmissions immediately.

Perhaps this could mean we revert to "King Coal" to power the national grid?

Food for thought!


Anonymous said...

Like the Marxist model of capitalism and indeed within the very essence of Communism itself, the internal contradictions of the system are already becoming evident within globalism and its offs0hoot, "daisy-cutting capitalism".

Nationalism needs to evolve and evolve organically, without it it will die as changes reveal certain flaws within its paradigm.

This Eco-Nationalist blueprint offers the best solution for a civilisation and world in crisis.

However, I would disagree with the term Darwinian in the context of your statement, "We have economic Darwinism (globalism and consumerism) as the engine of economic and industrial development". This is using the term Darwinian in an incorrect fashion as Darwinism really rtefers to the "survival of the fittest", in the sense of "best fitting in" (within the envoronmental niche. It does not mean survivial of the fittest in terms of the srongest, those who have the means to dominate the weaker species (or whatever).

Therefore, I consider that your Eco-Nationalist blueprint embodies the elements of the highest form of Darwinian economic and environmental systems for human society. It is designed to work with Gaia, the planet and its eco-sysytems, rather than against it.

Anonymous said...

"The final phase of the Eco-Nationalist Model would be such that the neccesity for the European Trading Zone would itself become redundant. Once all nations on the planet had adopted the principles of Eco-Nationalism and each lived and worked within its own sustainable environmental limits, then the need for such regulatory bodies would wither away."

This statement is rather like the Marxist-Leninist claims that after the perfect Communist state had beeen created then the state itself would "wither away" and the people would have no need for the state apparatus and utopia would arrive on earth.

We all know that these Marxist-Leninist mantras served to sustain anti-human dictatorships and kept tyrannical regimes going for at least 80 years on the European mainland.

I am dubious about any kind of power structure that claims it would become redundant after such and such has been achieved.

I know of few governments or political systems that have voluntarily voted themselves out of power or a job. Maybe the 1688 "Glorious Revolution" when the British government acceded power when the Protestant King William of Orange took power, but history has covered up the fact that it was actually an invasion by superior military force.

Who will control and vote for the representatives of the Zone, an d the machinery required to operate the vast regulatory systems essential to make the Plan work?

Will individual European countries strive to get the most out of the system to maintain their own economies and to keep their own governments or ruling elites in power?

We have already seen how the EU is essentially corrupt and open to abuse by member states who use it for their own ends. can we be sure the same won't happen with this Plan?

How much of a nations; soverignity and integrity would have to be given over to a higher trans-national authority?

I would provisionally suggest that certain decisions would best be made by non-governmental bodies, like scientists and environmentalists who would be answerable to an independent body and paid for by the body,a nd whose remit would be science and the best way foward for European societies and the environment, and who are not open to pressure from any corporation or national or governmental interest.

The only way forward for ther plan is to ensure that where corruption or potential corrution or conflicts of interest can be identifed then solutions must be found and utilised to ensure that the "fittest" method is used,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the AGW Hoax article Chris.

For a more fuller and scientific look into the Global Warming Hoax and the more viable reasons as to why the earth is warmig up take a look at 'The Chilling Stars - A New Theory of Climate Change' by Svensmark and Calder.It shows that the global warmig effect is driven by cosmic rays and the sun and shaped by the cloud cover around the earth.

Well-written by competent and qualified scientists with their hands on the facts and figures of the phenomenon.

The AGW is hoax and is being perpetuated by the globalisers and trans-national corporations in league with goverments. Tne reason?

1) To make money from higher taxes and government grants for research and sponsorship
2) To encourage and promote a more globalised community with an emphasis on regulation and standardisation, in effect, greater centralised control by an elite.

The anti-global warming movement is also a con.

As Lenin would say, the liberals, do-gooders, leftist environmentalists, anarchists, the chatteriti, academics, businessmen, teachers and politicians who believe in this hype and attack the perceived notion that global warming is caused entirely by man - are useful idiots.

They may think they're cool and "concerned" and socially aware but they have been co-opted, unwittingly, into an insidious conspiracy that denies that climate change is largely driven by nature and is to a large degree unstoppable. It is a natural part of Gaia's cycle.

The AGW brigade fulfill the globaliser's agenda, the more protest, research papers and media reports the better. That means more taxes and regulations, which in turn move the world inexocraby nearer towards a globalised government.

This suits the born-again Communists who having failed in politics have taken over the envoronmental movement, bringing with them their baggage of marxist agenda of taxation and regulation.

So we have a perverse situation that needs publicising and addressing.

The Cold War may be over with the defeat of Communism, but now we have a "Hot War" in a sense where the old USSR has been replaced by an external threat so we need more "security" to keep mankind in check.

Marxism and Global Capitalism = Both sides of the same coin.

Green is the New Red!

The only green can only be Green Nationalism.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read Lee.

Regarding Peak Oil, have you seen this video on Algae based bio-oil?

It looks like the most realistic way of becoming energy independent with Algae-oil driven power stations and the capacity to produce nearly all the by-products from Algae oil that can be made from Petro-oil, and best of all requires no middle-eastern involvement!!!


Green Fox.