Friday 2 May 2008

Latest Left Election Results

Here are the latest election results for left wing parties ;

1) The Socialist Workers Party = 0

2) Respect = 0

3) Left List = 0

4) Communist Party of Great Britain = 0

5) Assorted Red Rabble and Pederasts Party = 0

Yep - that rights folks, as usual the Far Left get ZERO.

This once again goes to show the Lancaster Unity Losers, The UAF Pederasts, The Searchlight Scum and Profiteers that the British public regard you as low life filth with a zero political mandate.

It appears that as usual the real despised minority are the Far Left and their Fellow Travellers who couldnt bribe the British public to vote for them.

P.S. one of the great fun activities of mine is checking sites like Lancaser Unity and Stormfront to see how many fake names I am suppose to be posting on the sites under.

Denise Garside,

Heres the truth. I do not post on either Stormfront or Lancaster Unity EVER. This is because ;

1) I have a life

2) I do not wish to increase the psychosis of those who have become so delusional that they see me hiding behind every curtain, fridge and lampost

3) Your site is crap

4) I dont want to increase your hit rate as per posts

5) I dont have too - seeing as you appear to think that every other poster on your site and on stormfront is me in fake beard and glasses.

It seems that if anyone uses the word 'muppet' that means it is is me who has posted.

Blimey denise, have you ever thought of joining the police as with the superb forensic ability of your mind you would make a great detective (not).

I like to check the UAF and Stormfront site at least once a day as then I can see how the reds/nazis all post the same things, agree with the same things and indulge in the same hysterical 'scarlet pimpernel' complex.

Oh how I laugh at their idiocy.


Anonymous said...

Also makes me laugh how they use Stormfront to pen so called newsworthy articles from.

It's well known that Ostle who is Atreus of Norfolk Unity and Garside's puppet used to post on Stormfront.

Anonymous said...

Ostle? Would that be Jack Black's mate?

Anonymous said...

I see Garside's puppets on Lancaster Unity are counting up the Councillors elected.

Just as a matter of interest, how many Councillors has this shower of retards got and when have they ever put themselves up for election?

Anonymous said...

"Ostle? Would that be Jack Black's mate?"

I wouldn't have thought they were mates and if you mean what I think you mean more a case of miss-placed loyalties ie not releasing Ostle's name.

Anyway Ostle was caught out and didn't last too long.

Atreus obviously still hides behind a fake name, is known to be a liar and not a very good one at that.

Anonymous said...

Misplaced loyalties? You mean refusing to name a self-confessed red who was continuing to impersonate a nationalist on a so-called nationalist internet forum?

With enemies like that, who need friends?

Defender of Liberty said...

It appears that the homosexual who posts as Sea Vixen on stormfront, who is the leader of a gang of homosexual nazi fetishists on the site, is once again posting about me as per his endless sexual obsession.

It appears that not only are the lesbians on Lancaster Unity obsessed with me the nazi gays are o stormfront as well including Sea Vixens pilow biting bitch Raffles, in fact I suggest they form a gay fetish club where the lesbians can whip the nazis and the nazis can get the lesbians to dress in jack boots and lederhosen.

It is the perfect relationship.

Sea Vixen of course pretends to be heterosexual but Sean is in fact a known bisexual , who was removed from the BNP after making a pass at a male BNP member at the RWB a few years ago.

Sean, you are gay.

Get used to it.

Anonymous said...

"Misplaced loyalties? You mean refusing to name a self-confessed red who was continuing to impersonate a nationalist on a so-called nationalist internet forum?

With enemies like that, who need friends?"

Don't get me wrong bud, I'm annoyed as you are about what he did. Jack Black ought to take a look at Norfolk Unity and see what Atreus/Ostle is up to now with an apparent Nationalist and reconsider his take on the matter.

It seems Atreus doesn't stretch these same "loyalties" as far as Jack Black would.

Looks to me as if Atreus is trying to bribe or blackmail this guy in some small way.