Friday 2 May 2008

What a Day !

The Labour Party thrashed, the Tories losing seats to the Lib Dems, UKIP trashed and the BNP getting 17 + new councillors.

This is (I think) the largest amount of new councillors ever elected in one night in the history of the BNP.

The idea this is some sort of 'loss' for the BNP is the sort of nonsense that only the transexual Denise Garside and her yapping leftist whippets could whine.

I also expect that Richard will get elected and possibly two other BNP candidates as well.



The last few weeks and months politically have been delicious - No more gravy train for bent ethnic gangsters as Lee Jasper is sacked and under police investigation and Peter Hain resigned in disgrace so no more 'Mr.Anti-Nazi League' in the Cabinet.

Add this to last years when David' I run the cops' Blunkett sacked and no longer running the police, then all the old left scum are discredited and despised.

Only the old race relation parasite and profiteer Trevor Phillips, is left to bore us with their Bollinger Bolshevik Socialism, and he is about as popular as Gordon Brown.

The Old Regime Is Falling !

Once Boris the Bonker has revealed himself to be a total plonker more interested in throwing his leg over the secretaries at the GLA and revealing he is a total idiot, then the Tories will lose any credibility that is left.

The more that Cameron moved the Tories onto the centre ground, the more the old tory right will shift to supporting the BNP either directly or as a protest vote against Cameronism.

The Working Class have abandoned New Labour and they will never vote Tory - that means they will vote for us.

Every trend in British politics is our way.

P.S. This weeks delusional award goes to ....... TULIP !

Heres her posting on Lancaster Unity ;

"Still lets be gracious hes on the loosing side, a party which is probably now bankrupt, next month Griffin will face a challenge which he will loose and the likes of Barnes will have to find something else to do. "

1) The 'loosing side' (I think she means losing side) - well dearie with a regular 10% of the vote nationwide if thats a 'looss' than then you really need to read up on politics.

2) BANKRUPT !!!! ha ha ha ha

3) Griffin lose a challenge - HA HA HA HA HA HA

Dear delusional tulip, you little flower, stick to looking pretty and leave the politics and prognostication to those people who have a brain. Now pop an E, put on some Boards of Canada and wave your arms around and pretend that you are a weal wadical ok babe.


Anonymous said...


Re being savaged by a wet sock.

Pretty much sums up Garside's sex life.

Is Tulip her gay lover?

Defender of Liberty said...

I think she spanks herself with the wet sock whilst screaming out in ecstacy ' Take me you big bad sexy BNP boys, I only pretend to like the carpet as I want to be seen as a proper lefty dyke but in reality I want to be ravished by the BNP '

Yes, denise we know you are obsessed with us hetero-sexual tyrannosaurus sexus BNP love machines.

Anonymous said...

Tulip is Gable, that's why he's so fucked up and looks after Denise.

Anonymous said...

Gobshite Garside's gang are like the proverbial frog that gets slowly boiled alive.

'The fascists haven't done as well as they said they would' the Lancaster Losers gloatingly croak.

And meanwhile the BNP are steadily growing...