Wednesday 3 September 2008

The Banksters and Fat Cat Capitalism

When we as private individuals get into debt we are put onto a credit blacklist, our homes are repossessed and we cannot borrow money from the banks.

When a private bank goes into debt it can borrow money in secret from the Bank of England, and then it passes that debt back onto the bank customers to repay by putting up the interest rates on their mortgage repayments.

The banks borrow cash at a low base rate from the Bank Of England and then pass on the debt straight back to the customers of the bank, and this means the baks make a profit from incompetence, greed and profligacy and then further indebt their own customers to pay back that money !

This is scandalous.

This means banks set out to go into debt as they know that by indebting their banks, the government will bail them out with taxpayers cash and that they can service that debt by passing the debt straight back onto their customers - who when faced with higher mortgage rate rises either pay that money or lose their homes.

This is nothing more Gangsterism, this is Fat Cat Capitalism run by Banksters.

The more that the banks indebt themselves, the more money they make from the taxpayers and their customers - the debt is never paid by the scum bankers that caused the debts through incompetence or greed in the first place.

When families are forced into debt by mortgage rate rises and lose their homes - the directors of those banks still claim massive bonuses and never lose their homes.

Bank directors allowed their banks to use failed business models leading to the credit crunch for their customers (no credit crunch ever affects the banksters - as those pigs are always rolling in shit and money )yet they still claim their bonuses whilst millions of families face repossession and debt and poverty.

This is criminal, this is scandal of epic proportions and a crime against both our people and nation.

13 billion pounds have been paid out in bonuses for banksters and directors of banks over the past year - whilst British families are thrown onto the streets the pig scum banksters grow ever richer.

What we need is a revolution - we need to see some of these banksters evicted from their homes, their assets removed and them forced into poverty.

We dont need a tinkering of the system - we need a revolution to sweep this entire system and the parasites at the top of the pig pile away.

The banksters get away with their gangsterism as the government needs to keep confidence in the banking system - as we no longer as a nation produce things to sell, instead we merely move money around for the rich in our financial services economy, then banking is the only major source of income for the governments that have destroyed our national manufacturing and industrial base in order to profit from offshoring and globalisation.

The FSA that runs the banking system is a corrupt parasite, a joke bought and paid for and subsidised by the banksters themselves.

The FSA is like handing the control of the police to Al Capone - the regulation of the banking system is run by the banksters themselves.

Financial stability must be imposed and here is how ;

1) Banks are no longer to be allowed to borrow more than they have in reserves - debt must be balanced by reserves.

2) Bonuses for bankers and directors of banks to be related solely to profits - and this definition of profits includes how many of the banks customers are forced by mortgage repayment rises into debts and repossessions. No bonuses are to be paid to bankers that run banks where thousands of people are losing their homes.

3) Bnakers to be made personally liable for the debts of their banks and their assets to be removed to pay for banks debts.

4) No more public money for private banks.

5) Credit Unions to be financed and subsidised by windfall taxes on energy companies and banks.

6) Repossessions of homes to be prohibited by law when children live in that house.

7) The UK to enforce strict rules on the transfer of money out of the UK that is being used to invest in offshore industries.

8) Bankers to be prosecuted for corporate incomptence and negligence when situations such as the credit crisis occurs in the future.

9) Banks to be forced to reveal to the public how much money they have borrowed from the government and at what rate of interest that money is being loaned at.

10) The banks to be overseen by an independent organisation that represents the interests of customers and homeowners, not the FSA and its lapdog puppets of the banksters.

The time has come for a revolution in this country - the destruction of fat cat capitalism and the entire criminal system the bankers and politicians have constructed

We must re-nationalise the Bank Of England and if required nationalise the banks or close down the banks that have exploited us and our people.

The banksters are as much scum as the gangsters, yet at least the gangsters have the integrity to not pretend they are nothing but criminals.

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Anonymous said...

Like it Lee and totally agree that we need a revolution. Problem is the British people are now dumb sheep who meekly allow themselves to be exploited. And not just by the banks and the politicians.

Here's a good webpage about how the banking scam works:

I Want The Earth Plus 5%

These leeches make me sick to my stomch.