Saturday 20 September 2008

Well Done Lads

Well done chaps.

The politically controlled Crown Prosecutions Service brought and persisted in trying to convict Cumbrian Press Officer Clive Jefferson of driving the BNP tannoy car - "Without being in proper control of the vehicle" - during the May elections, earlier this year in Carlisle.

The case hinged on the accusation that Clive was driving while using a hand held microphone, an accusation made - incredibly - by someone looking out of his bedroom window, up his large front garden and over the road! Not a police officer, not another driver or even a concerned pedestrian, no but someone looking out of a first story window. No other complaints, at all, were made during the six hours of tannoying that day. It gets even more bizarre as it unfolds - the whiteness rang the police to complain and this caused every CCTV camera in the city to be alerted and track the BNP tannoy car around the city culminating in a riot van and "back up", being directed by CCTV operators into intercept positions where they stopped the car with full sirens and flashing lights.

The "case" came to its conclusion today, on its third airing, when the witness told the court that the driver - had a beard, the car was green, the numberplate was GEMINI and there was a roof rack on the car - ALL TOTALLY WRONG and that he wasn't actually concerned about the driving on the day in question but thought it might be worth mentioning to the police about the incident. A hour of CCTV footage was then scrutinised by the full court and the first defense witness, BNP Cllr Tony Carvell, was called to give evidence that he was the person talking on the tannoy.

The magistrates then stopped the trail, saying there was no need to have the other defence witnesses give evidence as there was no case to answer.

The press were at court throughout the trail and asked Mr Jefferson for a quote afterwards. Clive told them - "A crime was committed today, not by me but by the CPS for bringing and pursuing this case when clearly I had done nothing wrong. Its political persecution of the worst order and has cost the tax payers thousands, if not tens of thousands of pounds. In a time when young girls are being raped in a string of attacks in West Cumbria , using police, CCTV, courts and resources on un winnable political witch hunts is literally criminal.!"

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Brilliant outcome to a sorry state of affairs.

Great quote by Mr Jefferson too.

Our time is coming and they are pissing their pants.

An a different note, have you seen this magnificent speech by Geert Wilders Lee?

Wilders Speech To Dutch Parliament

Deserves a huge audience Lee, I think it is up there in importance with Enoch Powell's "rivers of blood" speech.



P.S. GoV reporting that the anarchists have taken over the streets of Cologne and are causing havoc - with Police collusion.