Tuesday 2 September 2008

How To Solve The Credit Crunch and Economic Crisis

1) Stop The Wars - return all British troops from Iraq and Afghanistan immediately. The war against Islamist terror we need to fight is in the streets of Britain, not in the streets of Iraq and the hills of Afghanistan. We must secure the home front, not fight a phoney war.

As long as we are spending billions and billions of pounds on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we will not be able to divert public spending into schemes to get the economy going again.

British troops to be returned to the UK and redeployed to seal the UK borders and also units set up to remove illegal immigrants and deport all convicted foreign criminals from the country.

2) Stop families losing their homes by allowing them to offset an agreed percentage of their monthly mortgage payments to be repaid to the mortgage companies when they can or when they sell their houses or when they die and pass those houses on to their families.

3) Utility bill of people on benefits to be pegged to income and the bills to be deducted straight from their benefits - eg a person on an income of £ 200 a fortnight from benefits will have fifty pounds deducted to cover their water bills, electric bills, gas bills, council tax and this money will be paid for by the government out of a pool of money to the utility companies etc etc.

4) Abolish stamp duty for first time buyers

5) Reform the banking system - the directors of banks are to be held personally liable for the debts of their banks. No more public money to banks. A National Bank of Britain to be set up to invest in the new energy economy and the massive public works schemes to ensure Britain is energy independent.

6) Business Tax to be reformed - the more staff in the UK a company employs the less corporation tax they pay. Offshore companies to be hit hard with tax. Directors profits from offshore business to be taxed at 90 %. A 90 % tax on the export of capital from the UK to set up offshore ventures.

A small British company that employs UK staff will pay less tax than a massive corporation that employs thousands of workers abroad.

Directors of companies that seek to evade tax will lose their British passports or be fined, their companies confiscated and them imprisoned.

7) A national energy revolution - our goal should be 100 % national energy independence. Massive public investment in new renewable energy systems and energy saving schemes. New national energy infrastructure and transport systems created eg the canals renovated and renewed and green transportation subsidised by government.

The coal mines to be re-opened and equipped only with British made heavy plant and British produced industrial plant and technology.

The new industries will be based in Britain and therefore generate hundreds of thousands of new jobs and apprenticeships in industry etc etc for young people.

8) Low risk prisoners to work on public work schemes. They will be tagged and made to dig canals and do the heavy work on the new national energy and transportation infrastructure. At the same time they will receive a small wage that will either go to their families or their victims.

They will get real training on the job so they can get work when they leave prison.

9) Land Service, Welfare Service or National Service for all 18 year olds. They will either work on the land and do agricultural work, work in hospitals as hygiene specialists and cleaners or as logistics support for UK based army, navy, air force projects whilst the British troops secure and patrol our national borders.

10) Credit Unions to be massively expanded. A windfall tax on energy companies and banks profits will be used to create new credit unions and money reserves for credit unions to help the poor. Money spent on third world aid will be diverted to the credit unions to help the poorest in the UK.

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alanorei said...

Thanks, Lee

I agree especially about coal-fired power stations. Manmade CO2 as a significant factor in 'climate-change-for-the-worse' is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Your reform of the banking system needs to go much farther. It would take too long to explain in a comment so I'd ask you to watch the video called 'The Money Masters - How Bankers Gained Control Of America'. As the title suggests it's mainly about America but England and Europe is fundamentally involved. It will certainly open your eyes and you'll be left in no doubt that there is NO 'credit crunch'. It's more Elite/Illuminati/Masonic/NWO manipulation.

For some reason, although I copied the link in my browser when I reclick on it it loads a different video. The one you need to see is in the list on the left. It says it's 215 min long and was loaded on July 10th 2008.

It's a long film but you won't regret watching. So much that has and is happening will become all the clearer.