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Skaldskaparmál and the CERN Experiments

A few years ago a superb book was written by Laird Scranton called " Hidden Meanings: A Study of the Founding Symbols of Civilization " in which he explores the mythologies of the Dogon tribe and of Ancient Egypt and reveals how underlying their symbolism is an encoded message that reveals they were in possession of highly advanced scientific knowledge.

It appears that one of the features of many diverse civilisations and cultures is an ability to access information that science is now only just beginning to 'prove' as being the basis of the universe.

I suspect that in the past some human beings were capable of accessing via the unconscious information related to the nature of the universe.

This of course makes sense as Man is himself a creation of the universe, and therefore the human mind and the universe are linked.

I suspect that this latent ability lingered longest in those people who lived in areas of the world where animist traditions were unmolested by organised religions such as Judaism, christianity and islam.

In the West we see for ourselves how mystics and shamn in the past were considered as mad or heretics, and either killed or imprisoned, for daring to articulate ideas about the universe that contradicted scripture or verses.

It may be that one of the aims of such organised religions was to 'breed' out of the population those with an ability to percieve the universe in such a way, as by so doing the religious authorities were ensuring that only their own brand of science and faith was transmitted to the populations.

Witches, wizards, shaman, heretics, lunatics, etc etc may have been labels pinned upon those who were capable of accessing such information and thereby demonising them as the path to their extermination.

This is why today so few people in the West have the capacity to experience such numinous and transcendental moments lof higher consciousness.

It may be that people such as Swedenborg, Irish and Celtic mystics and Anglo-Saxon lore may be the last remnant of such people and wisdom, for they were the last to be conquered by christianity and the last to have sufered the weeding out of such genes from the population via religious pogroms.

If so it would explain people such as William Blake, whose visions allowed him glimpses into the universe - he inherited one the few ancient gene lines still able to access such information.

That such a change in the nature of the population of the west has taken place can be confirmed with the degredation of the human race since ancient times.

A few years ago scientists estimated that in order for the ancient Greeks to have undertaken a boat journey as stated in one of the Greek epics the rowers on the boat would have had to have a lung capacity almost twice as large as an olympic rower of today.

It appears that one of the side effects of civilisation is that it preserves the weakest and winnows out the strongest.

In our time we can see how over a million of our strongest and fittest gene lines were destroyed in two world wars.

So if civilisation can have an effect on fitness, it can also have an effect on other aspects of humanity.

I believe that our ancestors encoded in the Norse myths ideas ad warnings that we should take heed of.

In the Skaldskaparmál it recites the story of how Odin stole the mead of poetry from the giant Baugi - and it is this action of Odin which is the primary trigger of Ragnarok, for Ragnarok is the vengeance of the giants for Odins crime of stealing the mead from them ;

'Oðin sought lodgings for the night with Suttung's brother, a giant called Baugi. Baugi said that his affairs were in a bad way; he told him that nine of his serfs had been killed and said that he had no hope of finding any other labourers. Óðin, giving his name as Bölverk, offered to do the work of nine men for Baugi, and asked as wages one drink of Suttung's mead. Baugi told him that he had nothing to do with the mead, adding that Suttung was anxious to keep it under his sole control, but he professed himself willing to go along with Bölverk to try to get hold of it.

( Suttung is a Jotun, a giant who is from Jotunheim. Giants represent elemental forces at work in the universe. Baugi is a representation of the boundary of an atom. The Nine Serfs may represent 9 types of functions linked with the atom )

That summer Bölverk did the work of nine men for Baugi, and when winter came he asked Baugi for his wages. Then they both went to Suttung. Baugi told his brother Suttung of his bargain with Bölverk, but Suttung flatly refused them a single drop of mead. Then Bölverk said to Baugi that they must try to get hold of the mead by some kind of trick. Baugi said that that was a good idea.

(Odin asks for payment from Suttung who is the guardian of the inner structure of the atom and who represents the vast distance within the atom before you reach the inner core of the atom itself - Odin asks for the mead which represents knowledge of the inner structure of the atom itself. If Odin is a representation of a Proton, then as cosmic rays are mainly protons it would fit that the proton of a cosmic ray entering an atom is represented in the myth )

Bölverk then brought out the auger called Rati and said that if the auger would pierce it, Baugi was to bore a hole through the mountain. He did so. When Baugi said that the mountain had been pierced through, Bölverk blew into the hole left by the auger but chips flew up into his face.

( The mountain is the atom, and the drill has to bore through the skin of the atom and the vast distance within the atom untul it reaches the core of the atom. Odin drills into the heart of the atom, which represents Odin trying to peer into the heart of the atom. This may represent a proton of a cosmic ray smashing into an atom and the first attempt to enter the atom fails and fundamental particles explode into being due to the high energy impact. The structure of Proton is a triangle formed of three quarks and the symbol of Odin is a Triangle formed of three triangles ( The Valknut which could resemble the three triangles of three quarks linked together ) - and Odin in the myths has two brothers - Villi and Ve -thereby forming a trinity of triangles in the creation of the universe.

He realized then that Baugi wanted to cheat him, and told him to bore right through. Baugi bored again, and when Bölverk blew into the hole for the second time the chips were blown (all the way) through.

( The chips resemble the image of protons being smashed into anti-protons in a particle accelerator and the various fragments of sub-atomic particles that result - they resemble chips being smashed into peices)

Then Bölverk changed himself into a serpent and crawled into the auger-hole.

( This represents Odin assuming a serpent shape - which is of course a classic image of the Wave - as a proton wave he enters the heart of the atom through the hole drilled into the atom )

Baugi stabbed at him with the auger but missed him.

( This represents a leakage of energy from the atom which results from the drill boring into the atom itself )

Bölverk came to where Gunrlöð was, and slept with her for three nights, and then she promised him three drinks of the mead. At his first drink he drank up all that was in Óðrörir, at his second, Són, and at his third, Boðn - and then he had finished all the mead.

( This represents Odin reaching the core of the atom itself - and the three drinks of mead equals knowledge of the Proton, Neutron and Electrons within the atom)

Then he changed himself into an eagle and flew away at top-speed. When Suttung saw the eagle in flight, however, he also took on eagle shape and flew after him.

( Suttung forming an eagle shape is a representation of atomic energy being released from the atom )

Now when the Æsir saw where Óðin was flying, they put their crocks out in the courtyard, and when Óóin came inside Asgarð he spat the mead into the crocks. It was such a close shave that Suttung did not catch him, however, that he let some fall, but no one bothered about that. Anyone who wanted could have it; we call it the poetasters' share. Óðin gave Suttung's mead to the Æsir and those men who can compose poetry. So we call poetry Oðin's catch, Óðin's discovery, his drink and his gift, and the drink of the Æsir.'

(The poet tasters share is the ability of Man to understand the nature of the inner structure of the atom itself)

What is alarming is that the experiments at the CERN particle accelerator research centre mimic exactly what Odin did in order to steal the mead of poetry.

It was Odins actions that earned the hatred of the Jotuns and which are the basis of Ragnarok itself - for Odins actions triggered the vengeance that will be un leashed at Ragnarok.

The trigger for Ragnarok therefore has to be Man undertaking an action that equates to the symbolic action of Odin entering the heart of the atom, and thereby Man unleashes the power of the Jotuns and triggers Ragnarok itself.

This is what will occur next wednesday - some scientists believe that the lab will create a black hole that will destroy the universe, others that it will create a slow imbalance that will lead to elemental forces gradually destroying the earth.

Either way - whether Ragnarok is slow or fast - the threat remains that the actions of the scientists at CERN will trigger some sort of event that will trigger Ragnarok itself.

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