Sunday 14 September 2008

The Little Man ( For Charlie )

The Little Man ( For Charlie )

Take a little man,
A mystical man,
A trickster who stole away your FEAR,
From the box where it was buried,
Hidden deep in the dark earth,
Of all your inner denials,
A Joker Man, a Toker Man,
who forged from that fear,
a cursed gold crown,
To wear as a King for a day,
Crucified upon a simple cross,
So that you may be reborn,
Alive, like him.

Take that little man,
That angry seer,
The leader of a Lost Tribe of laughing children,
Your children,
Who became a little people,
A lost people,
Living on wild honey in the desert of EXILE,
Feasting on the manna,
Of visions and dreams,
Whose every deeds are the sum of your fears,
Condemned as devils,
Despised as fools,
Forbidden and imprisoned,
By those so blind they will never see,
That you were his power,
And his whole control.

Take that little man,
That hissing serpent,
That mocking fool who dared to laugh,
At all your war machines and tanks and guns,
That unceasing kill from year to year,
And which you mockingly call peace,
Then take him in chains to a place of execution,
And place his head upon a chopping block,
So that everyone may feel safe,
Then judge him with all those laws,
You impose upon yourselves in the name of ORDER,
Then find him guilty of all your crimes,
And carve a curse for him to wear,
So that you may fool yourselves into feeling free,
Whilst trapped within your captivity.

Take that little man,
That Preacher Man,
And swaddle him in the rusted chains,
That you call your SYSTEM,
Bind his thin limbs and gag his foul mouth,
So that he may never speak or inspire,
Others to dare think for themselves,
Then lock that prophet and all his words,
In a small concrete box,
Deep in the earth in a dark solitary cell,
Without a window and far from the light,
Day after day, night after night,
Surrounded by guns and slaves,
Under orders to kill,
War after war, life after life.

Take that little man,
That simple man,
Bolt the door and block out the sun,
Then take away all the tinsel,
That you need to survive,
And keep him hidden in the UNDERWORLD,
Mocking your own humanity,
Until one day he awakens,
No longer just a little man,
A lost and found man,
Now illuminated and liberated,
For in his isolation he found his freedom,
Where there are no distractions or illusions,
That empty place,
That sacred space,
Where nothing else exists but the self,
and its secret key to the cage,
That only the few ever discover.

Now the little man is a wise man,
A man whose gaze sees the future,
for he has found out what you never knew,
That your sanity is a little box,
The size and shape of a coffin,
Whilst his insanity is now your reality,
And now he is out and you are in,
For there is only the ONE,
The Inner World,
And where you end,
He begins,
For you made him wise when you turned him mad,
Now as pale as he is,
He will lead the Black Parade,
Wind, Rain, Earth and Life are the sacred cycle,
That he foretold,
For when he felt the lightning,
You only heard the thunder,
Rumbling in the distance.

Now the little man understands it all,
That this world is about to end,
Choking, Thirst, Cold and Hunger,
Are the prisons you have built for yourselves,
Out of the wreckage of nature,
Raped and profaned before your very eyes,
When you chose to live in sin,
Air, Trees, Water and Animals are all dying,
So that you may live your tiny little lives,
Of greed and hate and hollow LIES,
And all the fear he stole,
That you thought you had reclaimed,
He alone now truly owns,
For everything he ever said,
Is now coming true,
Right before your very eyes.

You made that little man your monster,
A myth to frighten children,
When everything he ever said,
Was simply your reflection,
You scorched this earth not him,
You waged the wars, you carried the Flag,
You culled and killed,
And slashed and burnt,
Not him, not the little man,
For he was buried deep in your tomb,
But he is the one that you will come to know,
When it is too late for you to be saved,
For now you are all the LITTLE MEN,
In your big cities and cars,
With your careers and suburbs,
And his prison walls are your Hells Gate,
Slowly opening to usher you in.

You took a little man,
And with all your hate,
Turned him into a giant,
As you became NOTHING.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"You took a little man,
And with all your hate,
Turned him into a giant,
As you became NOTHING."

Excellent conclusion there, if I understand it correctly.