Wednesday 17 September 2008

The New Guard

The New Guard.

When liberty lays naked and defiled,
Stripped of all her powers and reviled,
By the black hand of either friend or foe,
Who plot low treason in high places,
Conspiring to usurp the constitution of our nation,
Whose sacred words were so written,
With the blood of our forefathers,
Who fell to defend their rights hard won,
Through wars and glorious revolution,
Then all free men must rise,
And form from amidst their own ranks, A New Guard,
Sloughing from both limbs and mind,
The unseen chains of apathy and deference,
That allow tyrants and traitors to reign unopposed,
And with grim determination, unceasing strive,
To replace the rule of might with right,
And restore liberty to her eternal throne.

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