Wednesday 10 September 2008

CERN - The Idiot Journalists List

Here they go already - heres just some of the idiot journalists saying ' the world didnt end today so we are all safe ';

Its all just so sad and predictable - the world is run by morons.

This is ny John Walsh in the Independent - Dickhead Number 1 ;

Heres Micheal Moran in The Times - Dickhead Number 2 ;

Heres The Daily Mail - unfortunately this dickehad did not leave a name ;

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Anonymous said...

Actually all they did today was send a beam in one direction. They're going to test it by sending it in either direction. There won't actually be any collisions until a few months.

Here's some videos from CERN that explains a bit the LHC. I don't think there are any cause for concerns, the energy it creates isn't nearly as powerful as the big bang, just similar in nature. And i wouldn't worry about black holes and strangelets, particle collisions occurs all the time and such phenomenons have yet to happen.

Anonymous said...

None of this adds up - what's their real agenda? They don't spend billions just to see what happens if....