Monday 8 September 2008

The Red Pigs and the Blue Pigs

In his blog on The Daily Telegraph, Daniel Hannan writes the excerpts below.

He confirms what we have known all along - THAT THE IDEA WE LIVE IN A DEMOCRACY IS A FICTION.

We are in fact a pig farm where the red pigs and the blue pigs take turns to stick their greedy fat snouts in the trough of the public purse generation after generation.

If you call this country a democracy then you are either an idiot or a pig.

Whoever you vote for the quangos, the judges, the public servants and the rest of the Servile State parasites stay in their jobs.

Whilst Tweedledee party of Brown and Tweedledumb partry of Cameron swop seats in the monkey house of Parliament, the entire apparauts and its lackeys of the system and its mechanisms of the State stay in the same hands.

This is because the corrupt bastards in the labour and tories know that they cannot get rid of all the corrupt scumbags in their cushy jobs in the servile state as when they each swop seats in the monkey house, then they and their friends retain their positions and incomes in the servile state.

The only way you can get radical change is to vote into a power a political party whose snout is not already in the trough of the system.

The BNP will sack the liberal judges, shut down the quangos, close down the race relations industry, withdraw us from the EU, withdraw us from the UN treaties, boot out all the illegals and bogus asylum seekers and immigrant spongers - and remove our nation from the pernicious matrix of internationalism and globalism that makes our nation the hemarroid hanging from Americas arse.

Only when the entire establishment is purged of all its parasites, when the liberal judges are retired and the public purse no longer squandered on the race relations industry idiots, only then will a true PEOPLES NATIONAL DEMOCRACY arise in our country.

A vote for the established parties is a vote for the pigs to keep their snouts in the trough.

The red pigs replace the blue pigs, but the pigs all keep gettng fatter and fatter and always with their fat snouts in the trough at all times.

Opposition to mass immigration is now mainstream - respectable, even. Witness the creation of the first cross-party group on the subject, co-chaired by Nick Soames and Frank Field, and supported by such hoary-headed bigwigs as Lord Skidelsky, Lord Ahmed, Lord Carey (the former Archbishop of Canterbury), Lord Jordan (the former trade union boss) and Field Marshal Lord Inge KG, GCB, PC, DL.

In their first paper, these broad-bottomed grandees observe that the current level of settlement has several deleterious consequences. Britain is poised to become the most crowded country in Europe, and will admit a further 7 million people by 2031. To accommodate so many newcomers, we shall have to build a new house every six minutes for the next 20 years. The group suggests, broadly speaking, a one-in-one-out policy, which would slow (though by no means halt) this increase.

The trouble is that there is not the slightest chance of anything of the kind happening. The entire system is loaded against such reforms. In order to secure these aims, our politicians would have to renounce the European Convention on Human Rights, abrogate the 1951 UN Convention on refugees, withdraw from the EU's Dublin Convention (and very possibly alter the entire basis of Britain's relationship with the EU), overhaul the Immigration Service, reverse the shift towards domestic judicial activism and, perhaps most implausibly of all, make the Home Office fit for purpose.

Do our Establishment worthies have the stomach for such battles? And, even if they do, will it make any difference? We are again cruelly reminded that Britain is run by a standing apparat of quangoes, Whitehall functionaries, human rights judges and Eurocrats. They, not the elected politicians, decree immigration policy. Successive Home Secretaries can and do announce crackdowns on an almost weekly basis. But they are tugging at levers that have worked loose, jabbing at buttons long since disconnected. Until Parliament is put in charge, nothing will change. Nothing can change.

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alanorei said...

Thanks Lee,

Homing in on the state documents of the written British Constitution* will also be strategic.

It will provide a legal basis, I think, for ejecting 5th columnists from both the Lords and the Commons, e.g. Lords Ahmed, Ali, Darzi, Desai etc. from the former.

*I believe that the BNP pledged itself by an overwhelming majority to uphold these documents of state, Magna Carta 1215 and the 1688-1701 documents at its first-ever national conference. I'd be grateful if you could confirm this for me. Folk may think that these items are obsolete, dating back centuries as they do but they are still in force and an extremely powerful weapon. I believe that they are indispensable to the Party's way forward, e.g. declaring Britain's EU membership as illegal, Islam as a subversive force and bringing to book the traitors now in government.

Anonymous said...


The illusion of poltical choice continues, the media matrix is impenetrable to those who cannot see.

For all of my life I have enthusiastically voted for people who have wanted to destroy me and my country - I am now awake and more enlightened, in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king.

It's World War III.

Anonymous said...

any comments on Hannan's brilliant destruction of Brown in the European "Parliament" today?