Saturday 27 September 2008

I Am The Raven

I Am The Raven.

I am the raven that atop my high peak,
Watches the world burn as you sleep,
From my rocky crag I see the cruel mists,
The murk of your crimes that never lifts,
The doom of the forests and oceans.
I am the witness to all you have done,
I saw the earth die and smoke blacken the sun.

I am the raven whose sharp beak seeks,
Not lambs to kill nor mutton to eat,
For I feast only on the sweetest meats,
Wisdom not blood and knowledge not flesh,
I feed on truth, whilst you gorge on death.
I am the Father and I am the Son,
I am the spirit of what you begun.

I am the raven that you are taught to despise,
The mocking bird that reveals all your lies,
The souls of my kin that you have killed,
Are restless ghosts that will never be still,
Beside me they wait, one is hope the other hate.
I am the dawn that will rise again,
I am the judgement about to begin.

I am the raven, ancient and wise,
Who sees the far future with open eyes,
Whilst you are slaves in the land of the blind,
Following false gods the whole of your lives,
You make liberty a death camp, morality a whore.
I am the raven that sings to the storm,
I am the vengeance about to be born.

I am the raven that patiently waits,
For all you sinners at the graveyard gates,
You think yourselves free but are captives still,
Yoked like cattle for your masters you till,
The dying earth and your dying dreams.
I am the darkness about to be born,
I am the trickster, but you are the fool.

I am the raven who haunts the war zones,
Who sees all your soldiers turned into bones,
I mock all the crimes your leaders plan,
Waging dirt wars against their fellow man,
Craving gold and oil, as the world they despoil.
I am the raven that will rule as king,
I am the raven that the revolution will bring.

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