Tuesday 16 September 2008

The Idiots and the Tax Cut / Public Services Con

The Lib Dems promise tax cuts, the Tories promise to keep public services and the Labour party promises tax cuts and the retention of public services - but each of these idiots will still retain the Servile State.

Each of them will ensure that hundreds of billions of pounds a year will go from government into subsidising the ever growing Servile State and its legions of tax parasites.

Only one party can truly offer tax cuts and also be able to improve public services and that is the BNP and that is because we are going to smash and grind down into toxic dust the entire Servile State and all its profligacy, its regulatory burdens on business, its compensation culture, its legal and judicial activism and its hundreds of millions spent on the race relations industry.

All the tens of billions of pounds we will save by destroying the Servile State will then go on tax cuts for business and on improving public services like the NHS.

The Tories, Labour and the Lib Dems will all retain the Servile State and its army of parasites growing rich on public taxes, only we will destroy the Servile State and sack its army of spongers and tax dependents.

We will enact a social and economic revolution in this country that will wipe away the entire edifice of the Servile State, and in so doing liberate both our people and businesses from the yokes placed around their necks.

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