Wednesday 10 September 2008

The BIG LIE - dumb journalists and CERN

For weeks we have had idiot journalists telling us all that we were fools to think that todays switch on of the CERN particle accelerator would usher in doomsday.

No doubt the papers will be full of mocking stories and letters ridiculing the people who are worried tomorrow as the world did not end today as a result of the experiment starting.

But all this is a BIG LIE.

One of the problems of science is that in order for ideas to filter down to the masses they have to go through idiot journalists first, who most of the time do not even understand what they are writing.

Takes todays switch on of the CERN machine.

All that has happened today is that they have put the plug in and turned the machine on.

They have not started a single experiment and nor will they until february 2009 when the dangerous experiments with high speed proton collisions will occur.

All that happened today is that they all stood around and cheered when the plug was turned on and the machine did not blow up due to crap engineering.

The next phase will be low speed proton collisions around December 2008 to test the machine at low speeds and thereby at that point they will merely be replicating what previous particle accelerators have done so in the past so as too compare the results from this machine with other machines and then test the machine against established data - and then the machine will be turned off until february 2009 until the spring when the experiments will start again.

The dangerous experiments that threaten to spiral out of control will not take place until at least February / March 2009.

At that point the proton collisons will be in an order of TEN TIMES the power and speed of previous particle accelerator collisions - and for these experiments the scientists know BUGGER ALL about the results of those experiments.

The very aim of the CERN experiment is to allow theoretical particle phycists TO TRY AND UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY AT THE MOMENT KNOW NOTHING ABOUT - and therefore the big lie being spun by phycists that the experiments are safe is pure bullshit AS THEY KNOW NOTHING ABOUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN APART FROM THEIR DODGY THEORIES BASED SOLELY ON CONJECTURE AND DODGY MATHS.

These are the facts the scientists dont want you to know ;

1) They have no idea what will happen when they begin the new experiments which are ten times more powerful than any previous man made collisions

2) They have no idea what will happen if a Higgs Boson actually manifests in the collision

3) They have no idea whether the manifestation of a Higgs Boson could destabilise the energy / matter balance and spiral out of control

4) They have no idea whether the effects of the experiments will create dangerous black holes

5) They have no idea what the universe is made of, how it fits together and what will happen when particles not present in the universe since the first few moments of the early universe are brought into being.

The public have been lied too by the scientists and the media idiots have assisted them - the scientists who are worried about the experiments WHEN THEY ACTUALLY TAKE PLACE will now be mocked and the public think they are safe - when in reality the actual experiments which threaten us all have not been taking place and will not take place for months to come.

This is how the big lie works - it relies on idiot journalists being hoddwinked by clever scientists, and those journalists then tell their idiot stories to the idiot public - who are so conditioned to believe what they are told by the media that they just believe what they are told.

Welcome to the world of the Sheeple.

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