Wednesday 17 September 2008

The Economic Plan For British Nationalism

Below are the fundamental pillars of a Post-Globalist system and society that any Nationalist Party will have to impose in order for us to be a free and functioning nation again, and in order for us to smash the chains of global capitalism ;

1) LOCALISM (de-centralised local autonomy) and local currencies which allow the State to devolve power down to local communities to take charge of their own energy, food and water production and recycling systems and also for them to form their own local currencies to encourage localised trading systems.

2) Credit Unions as opposed to international banks and banking cartels that break the chains of international usury.

3) A National Bank Of Britain that controls, regulates and invests in the nation and its people instead of a Bank Of England that is a tool of the globalists.

4) A National Economy that acts as a protectionist force ensuring that national industry, manufacturing, agriculture etc etc are not damaged due to cheap imports

5) An Ethical Capitalism system that prevents imports from nations that exploit their environments, people or that are potential security threats to Britain.

6) A 100 % national energy independent system for Britain that ensures we control our own means of production, as opposed to our entire nation, economy and industrial and military systems being under the control of the Arabs that supply our oil and the Russians that supply our gas. The new technologies and systems of energy production we create and build will be the basis of our exports in the future.

We will export to other nations the renewable energy systems and networks we create.

At the same time the future global economic systems of the future will not be pegged on GDP, but on EDP (Energy Domestically Produced). THE PRESENT SYSTEM BASED ON MONEY WILL BE REPLACED BY ENERGY.

The future basis of exports in the future for the UK should be excess energy we produce and export to nations with an energy deficit - we will sell our excess and surplus energy to nations with an energy deficit in the post-peak oil era.

A nation with an EDP rating of 100 will be a nation that produces 100 % of its own energy needs - a nation with an EDP of 250 will be a nation capable of exporting that 150 units of excess energy to other nations for cash or for traded goods.

The pound will not be pegged on gold, wages, GDP or any facile indicator - the pound and all other global currencies must be pegged on the energy they produce and use.

Marx and Smith were both wrong - it is not capital, the number of workers or free markets that define the success of a nation and economy IT IS SIMPLY ENERGY.



For example the fall of the soviet union was due to a fall in the price of oil, the present Iraq War is an oil war, the first Iraq War was to protect the Kuwaiti oil fields and Saudi oil fields, the Falkland was an oil war, Hitler invaded Russia to get at the Russian Caspian oil fields, Vietnam was an oil war, Kosovo was an oil war, South Ossetia and Georgia was an oil war, Japan invaded the British Far East to get oil to sustain its industrialisation etc etc.

Since the fall of the era of kings, popes and emperors who went to war over religious doctrine, vanity and petty jealousies - almost all the major wars since WW1are wars are energy wars.

Energy is the life blood of civilisations and nations.

7) National Self Sufficiency, AUTARCHY, in as many fields as possible within the nation should be the fundamental dynamic principle of a nationalist system, from manufacturing to energy production to agriculture.

8) An end to SLAVE CAPITALISM which is the modern form of globalism which encourages and relies on cheap surplus labour from around the world coming to Britain to take our jobs and undercut our wages.

9) An entire new manufacturing and industrial system based on autarchy and HARD GOODS. Hard Goods are commodities from cars to fridges that are designed to be durable, long lasting, easily repaired and to be made to last for decades. Under Consumerism, which is the antithesis of Hard Goods, the products and commodities which are manufactured and which we use are designed to break, become redundant, to be thrown away and hard to repair in order within a very short space of time in order for the producers to be able to sell new replacements of those commodities at a cheaper rate then repairing the old one. This is a scandalous waste of natural resources and in the era of eco-conflicts, resource wars and resource scarcity we are about to enter then the old system of consumerism will become redundant.

Those nations that invest in the production of hard goods will become the manufacturing powerhouses of the future.

Hard good economies will be highly skilled workforces producing high quality goods with high quality materials where the products are designed to last a long time and where the manufacturers will work closely with the owners to sustain and maintain those goods.

In effect once the product is bought then the owner will and the manufacturer will work with each other to ensure that the product is manitained and keeps working for decades. This will break the chain of global consumerism, as the products made in china cannot be maintained in the UK, and will mean the manufacturer and the owner are in a long term relationship of mutual support.

For example - a family will buy a Hard Goods Car. It will be more expensive than a normal car (though the purchase costs could be spread over a long period of time ) but it will be designed to last longer and be more energy efficient than normal cars. The manufacturer will have a legal duty to maintain that car for a period of say twenty years - and in that time all repairs, MOT's and work on the car will be the responsibility of the manufacturer ( if not the fault of the owner through deliberate negligence).

This will mean that the manufacturer will have to employ staff to produce those cars, to maintain those cars and repair those cars. Those cars will be made in Britain, sold in Britain and repaired in Britain.

This will create a whole new car manufacturing system and its associated repairs structure overnight - and because the entire system is based on a long term relationship between the owner / investor, the manufacturer / investor and the tradespeople that repair the cars we have created a stable system of industrial growth.

This will be applied to fridges, cars, trains, boats, TV's, computers etc etc - in fact all commodities can be produced in such a system.

As all those goods are produced in the UK we can also closely monitor the materials that make those goods to ensure they are not environmentally destructive or produced from environmentally destructive means.

This idea is a revolution - and in a stroke will free us from globalism and lay the ground for the future industrial revolution that will follow the collapse of globalism after Peak Oil hits and eco-conflicts begin.

10) Energy Infrastructure - The BNP must re-open the coal mines but at the same time that coal mustonly be used not for domestic usage but in the most modern, clean, coal fired power refineries and power stations located next to those mines. The mines will produce the coal, the coal will be gassified on site and then used to power the power stations built next to the mines and the by products of that process will be transported , stored and sequestered in the old oil fields of the North Sea.

This is the creation of a whole new industrial and energy system in the UK.


The heavy plant and equipment used in those mines must be produced by British companies following the principles of Hard Goods and therefore hundreds of thousands of new jobs will be created in the UK.

The power stations built next to the mines will employ hundreds of local staff and technicians and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.

The infrastructure of the coal mines, the railways and the rest of the initial start up labour will be done by prisoners so as to save the nation billions in labour costs and once the infrastructure work is in place then those newly trained prisoners once they leave prison can get work in those in industries they built.

Local people will be employed to work in the mines, to work in the power stations and to work on the transport systems.

This would be a revolution in the renewal of the British energy systems and transport infrastructure not seen since the Victorian era when the present systems were built.

Canals will be re-opened, renewable energy systems of local wind, wave, water, solar units will be fitted across the country and hooked up into a renewable energy network for domestic energy use whilst the coal and nuclear plants will be our systems for powering industry and transportation.

These are what is needed when we get into power if we are to become a nation again.

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blahme said...

Sounds like a really well thought out plan to me. Seems you have done your homework. Can we supply ourselves with materials for the hard goods or do you think we will have to rely on good partners in other Countries for that?

I've just signed up for blogger, so I'm just trying to learn the ropes. I am a BNP supporter by the way although not yet a member.

Great post, thanks for your hard work in producing it.